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Oct 25 10:26AM

No idea. Caller id said OCC Philipines. As far as I know there is no Orange County Choppers division in the Philipines. The message on the maching was a short dialtone followed by the same female voice on the phone system for comcast, DirecTV and ...

Oct 25 10:25AM

Me and my family all received a text from this number saying "new season"

Oct 25 10:09AM

Just received the following text. They've gotta be kidding:

"Hello how are you doing? I'm Alex Smith my Birthday is coming up and i will like 5 of my guest to come over to your shop for body massage on the 13th of November."

Has anyone reporte...

Oct 25 9:58AM

"you've won a trip to the Bahamas!" Geez There had got to be a way to shut down these unwanted calls.

Oct 25 9:46AM

I get a call every day from this number or 502-7298. They never leave a message.

Oct 25 8:22AM

Called 8:00AM Saturday,I answered, no one spoke. Woke most in the household.

Oct 25 8:19AM

I picked up the phone from this caller....rude woman wanting details on a property that I have on the market. Told her to go through my realtor. She wouldn't tell me how she got my unlisted phone number. The property isnt even listed under my cur...

Oct 25 8:05AM

I put an add in craigslist,Alady says she lives in parma hts,1st call was private at next call ws at from 715am same lady,requesting lawn services herreason calling so early she is having a FUNERAL at her home and needs someone asap! I told her ...

Oct 25 4:06AM

Lots of people are randomly receiving calls from this number recently. If you google the number, results show the number associated with two people in Tampa, Fl: Nakia Rumph and Kathyrn Reeve. I seriously doubt that either of these people are calling...

Oct 25 3:38AM

they have called about 9 or 10 times in a row and it is 3:30 in the morning...

Oct 25 1:13AM

calls *** begging for services for less than rates($30)and even offers to give unsafe favors if u will see him. when you refuse him he becomes irate and gets very disrespectful i would advise u to stay far away.

Oct 25 12:59AM

Kathy Miller. 2007 Toyota Tundra. $2500. We didn't send her a dime!! Same crap, in the military, transferring from Nebraska to Alaska. What a shame to drag the military into this stuff!

Oct 25 12:02AM

Yep. Actually had a short convo. Still don't know who it is. Just curious. # seems familiar. Don't they all!?

Oct 24 11:50PM

Scam. Paid solicitor for a supposed charity that may get a small portion of of the funds raised if any. They have called twice to a phone on the DO NOT CALL list. They are fund raisers that take 90% or more of the money raised and only a token amount...