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Jul 26 4:26AM

they texted my girlfriend from this number we both want to know who it is.

Jul 26 4:19AM

They have been texting and calling me. They think they know me and I have tried to tell them they're wrong. It's somebody mad that their daughters are sleeping with someone. They have called me names. I do not have parents anymore. And have not met a...

Jul 26 4:10AM

this # call me at 403 8192080 i like this person to call me at 403 968 6006 i change my cell

Jul 26 3:03AM

It was like a collect phone call then they ask me for my credit card number I want to call the police and report it I'm gonna give my phone company a call in the morning & see if they can track this if you can't help me so I can report this who ever ...

Jul 26 2:44AM

Has called twice, late at night - this time 1am. Leaves silent voicemail, this time over 3 mins long.

Jul 26 12:44AM

Beware and do not be intimidate by the caller. Clearly a scam. Claiming to be a police officer with important and urgent legal matter to settle immediately. I had the police calling them, magically the conversation dropped and after that the same voi...

Jul 26 12:30AM

this number is from a scammer. they hacked my fathers facebook and created another just like it to get people to fill out an online form to get free grant money then they text you and wont leave you alone if you tell them that you aren't interested.

Jul 26 12:26AM

I received a text from this number and would like to know more information about who contacted me for a personal assistant job.

Jul 26 12:15AM

He called at my work saying he is a lawyer. I block all calls not in my contact

Jul 25 11:40PM

is it intarnational no..if yes then I am very excited to know from where?
pls reply

Jul 25 11:23PM

This number 269-312-4580 text my phone asking what my name is. I said you have the wrong number. They asked if I was a female and said they were male, Then he asked me if I wanted to hear him ***. Then I said gotta go. He said why? Please, Hey. Pl...

Jul 25 10:59PM



Jul 25 10:53PM

This is a rip off! They have obtain your personal information. They arecalling and sending out emails regarding, Cash Advancing please tell everyone.

Jul 25 10:47PM

I received a text saying to "open the gate please" and I texted "wrong number" and the reply was "I know" and I then asked "who is this" and received no reply.

Jul 25 10:35PM

Reporting this to NoMoRobo and to Youmail to blacklist this number.

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Jul 25 10:29PM

Asked a if i u was going to easy thier sexual need. Then asked if i was ignoring them

Jul 25 10:20PM

I 100000% agree with the comment from Heidi. THIS IS A SCAM! This person will pretend to send you money thru Paypal. This person will most likely say that their email address is

Jul 25 10:09PM

I just received a text from, I didn't understand the text which is:
Call to claim your 100%-free trip (786)-605-0053.

Jul 25 9:54PM

Appears to be a collection agency. . Left message wanting info on ex husband

Jul 25 9:52PM

This number called yesterday and today and hung up without speaking. The caller ID said Delivery Notice.

Jul 25 9:46PM

Same here, calls several times every day. QVD shows up on caller I.D. Never leaves a message and we don`t answer. This has been going on for probably a month now. Very annoying and wish they would give up.