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Latest Comments

Jul 7 6:59AM

Caller from this number sounds like a meth-head tweeker, whom is phishing for personal info and credit card numbers

Jul 7 3:57AM

I experienced alot of losses on Binary Platforms for over a 3 years and 4 months period that I dont even want to mention or even discuss in this post, But this Insurance company went way above beyond to follow through on my claim and also recover my ...

Jul 7 3:22AM

Says his name is Dante Nark, primal from Turkey. Contractor Engineer currently working in Patis. But says lives in Georgie. But info on profile says Kentucky. But when I looked up number it's a landline number from MD. So been asking how does he tex...

Jul 7 3:13AM

Crazy calls. Some guy who sounds drunk/mental and mumbles, curses, and says weird dementited stuff.

Jul 7 3:09AM

someone is crank calling from this number.
Shows in Woodland Hills, Californis
landline or VOIP using Sprint.
Also sent text message, only Hello!

Jul 7 2:26AM

Immigration been called and dss they illegal living at 4916 grand canyon rd Concord and coral works at shoe warehouse under different name Mexicans that don't take of their blood or care

Jul 7 1:37AM

I have a Craigslist add and he told me he will pay through via usps then he will have an agent get the bike for him. I replied with who is this then he said F U

Jul 7 1:21AM

Yes, text offering job accounting clerk, $18 hr. Of course youust pay for the materials and will be training 1 week onlinr at your own home!!! Lol..

Jul 7 1:11AM

somehow I keep getting voicemails but no call on cell. threating felony charges if I don't call back but afraid to call back because I don't know who it is and I have a common name.

Jul 7 1:10AM

this person is harassing scam artist, who likes to send you to websites to verify her model ranking using a credit card. Then they will have your CC information and destroy your credit

Jul 7 12:17AM

Its a scam indeed. All they're after is an ill gotten bank fee, which varies, some up to $1000 or more, most range from $195 to $600. Once they have this fee, they wont return your calls or emails. Beware!

Jul 7 12:09AM

This asshat called my mom. I've warned her before, so she called me to see if it was legit. Told her prolly not. And it isn't.

Jul 7 12:00AM

Called our business line and started playing some kind of Spanish guitar medley over the phone. No voice, just guitar...which was fine because I like Spanish guitar, but a little confusing.

Jul 6 11:54PM

I received a call from the same number.. Voicemail was left at 1ish in the afternoon but reviewing my call log there was no call that came in on my phone at this time!!! It was from " process server McDaniel... What is up with this?

Jul 6 11:49PM

I received the same call. Said the IRS was filing a lawsuit. Said to call their "internal number". It was a bot voice. Ive only had my number for two weeks. No one has it.

Jul 6 11:08PM

Never called back IRS if needs something will send you a letter. Do not worry. I just called and there is no Menu option go straight to a voice mail saying that the person is not available with the same Indian accent. Which Government department woul...

Jul 6 10:33PM

And to rent a home in Leonardtown, MD - rent was too good to be real.
It was from Rev WRIGHT, BRADLEY T
The same home was listed on Zillow under the correct property manager...

Jul 6 9:16PM

i called this number back today at 915 pm july 6th,its from tru green they do my lawn but i hav the other number that alerts me of my upcomming servive and it comes up trugrn but this had just the number,they wer trying to upsell me on my lawn servic...

Jul 6 9:09PM

I received a call from this number too. Didnt answer at it was a different state than where I live. They didn't leave a message. Was thinking of calling back but not sure as they didn't leave a message.

Jul 6 8:45PM

missed the call , but when i tried to call it back "your call cannot be completed at this time"...scam?

Jul 6 8:40PM

Didn't know if it was a scam but it sure looks like it now. He said he was calling from his cell phone and now I see it's a landline that never left Calif. So sad and he seemed like a really nice guy

Jul 6 8:33PM

This person texted me and knows who I am. Be careful there are crazy weirdos out there people.

Jul 6 8:29PM

Do not pick up this call. Pretended that they were from my credit card company and asked if I bought a disgusting product.

Jul 6 8:28PM

Received a call from this number twice today. Since I was waiting for a call from a business which, in the past, has called with a bunch of numbers as their id, and this number has a long bunch of numbers for their id, I picked up on the second call...

Jul 6 8:17PM

Did not receive the call from this number, but it was left as a return number. Caller identified himself as Michael Lawson with the Process of Summons Division for our county. He gave a docket number for a summons or complaint and that we must eithe...

Jul 6 8:14PM

Scam scam scam!!

Hi again, the quad is in Aurora, Missouri because I am a newly divorce.

I figured a fresh start would do me good, so I packed up and moved to my home town,with my job, and took the quad with me. I have clean title in hand and ...

Jul 6 7:47PM

I received a call on 7/6/15 I answered, and no one spoke, the line was mute. I live in California.

Jul 6 7:44PM

I have no idea how they got my number but said they were working with my insurance company. They asked me to set an appointment for a free chiropractic consultation.