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Jul 29 2:46PM

My Husband just received a call from Tony Diaz stating he took out a payday loan for $500 in January 2013. This person was rude, and vile; much like the puke he was trying to pull. He stated the license would be suspended. Please note***RECOVERY A...

Jul 29 2:45PM

showed up as local a credit card scam in my opinion. Said they were calling about a credit card rate.

Jul 29 2:43PM

This is a media company that has HI JACKED our business number!!! for 24 hrs is has been a complete hell for us and this 855 number calls random people all over the country and when they call it back is rings to OUR BUSINESS!!! I've been cussed out, ...

Jul 29 2:42PM

Automated recording - something about business brokers. Hung up immediately.

Jul 29 2:41PM

I got the same message today on my answering machine leaving 888-369-7516 as the number to call to check the claim against me before the warrant issues.

Jul 29 2:40PM

I have received about 10 calls in the past week. This is a debt collector called URG according to the BBB this is a scam they say they are collecting a debt owed on a invalid payday loans. Be sure to report these idiots!

Jul 29 2:39PM

This person keeps sending harassing text message with inappropriate language. I told the person they have the wrong number and to stop texting me, but they continue to cuss and threaten me.

Jul 29 2:36PM

Yes, I live in Jeffersonville, Indiana and Jennifer Wallace
asked to book a group for hearing impaired and ask us to send
ofver $3,600 to a cab driver western union. I did make the first
transaction but declined adding to the group and sending mo...

Jul 29 2:35PM

Caller called and didn't leave a message. No clue who it may be or what they wanted.

Jul 29 2:34PM

Just rings and comes up on ID as "LAW ENF EDU PRO" THEN HANGS UP AFTER THREE RINGS.

Jul 29 2:34PM

Missed a call from this number and called back but it didn't even ring. it just said the number i was trying to reach was temporarily unavailable if i believe i reached this recording in error check number and try again

Jul 29 2:32PM

Strange and angry person insisting that I had called them. Then very aggressive.

Jul 29 2:28PM

One Gay named "Precious Thrower", he offer this telphone No and buy one mobile from our store, and open one case, we can't dail through this telphone, i think he is cheater.

Jul 29 2:26PM

The same here, received three calls with in three days. I am in Phoenix AZ
Electronic voice says that a law suit is being filed at the local courthouse against you, please call 202-558-4582 to discuss this matter.

Jul 29 2:25PM

Wannabe Car Dealer troll, trolling Craigslist and making ridiculous lowball offers on cars. Then he insults you about your very fair price.

Jul 29 2:25PM

keeps calling for the last few days, even twice a day claiming
to be from IRS

Jul 29 2:24PM

called and left no message.
unknown person in 502 area code. I don't know anyone there

Jul 29 2:21PM

Got two calls in two days from this number, around the same time. Missed the first called. When I picked up for the second, there was no voice, the line went dead when they hung up.

Jul 29 2:21PM

Kept receiving calls from this number, the caller ID said "Habibo Ibrahim" who claimed to have the wrong number when I picked up, but I know that's not true because he's called multiple times and hung up before then. When I interrogated I asked what ...

Jul 29 2:20PM


Jul 29 2:17PM

text me after 10 p.m.. My ad for massage therapy is Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. To 9 p.m.. My ad says no texting.he did not bother me after I said call back during normal business hours.

Jul 29 2:13PM

I certainly do NOT want to receive a phone call/text/fax from these people.

Jul 29 2:11PM

I received a phone call today 7/29/14 at 9:05am from this number: 202-599-9525. He had a very strong accent and was very wordy and rude in his voice mail. He said his name was Officer Brian John. He states in the voice mail:

"This call is from...

Jul 29 2:04PM

A woman caller began by asking me who I was. I simply said "Eddie", since she gave me no information about herself. She claimed I have to return a battery, which she gave no information about. She then said she was going to call the police (instea...

Jul 29 2:04PM

This phone number has been calling and harassing my mother who's number is similar 952-432-6035. The caller is leaving vulgar messages and insisting that they're receiving calls from my mother's phone number which she is absolutely not true.

Jul 29 2:04PM

Man with accent named Charlie(?)says he is with the tax audit Internal Revenue. Says they received petitions against my name for tax fraud and will issue a warrant for my arrest. For further details call him back at the Federal Claims Court at 888-36...

Jul 29 2:02PM

I received a text from this number but have no idea who it is...could be someone that I was friends with and don't talk to anymore. Not harassing me or anything just don't have this person in my contacts anymore...kind of embarrassed to ask who it is...

Jul 29 2:00PM

This phone number was left on a note next to my lamp post Sunday morning, July 27,2014 admitting to hitting the post and said they would pay for damage done. Light pole has been repaired for $ 359.00! I have contacted this number 3 times with no resp...

Jul 29 1:58PM

I have received 4-6 calls a day from this number along with another number (360) 6339382 they call from stating they are from Windows and that my computer has been hacked. They sound like they are calling from a call center, the callers sound like th...

Jul 29 1:44PM

Got a phone call from this number, no message was left and I returned the call to hear "this phone number is not in service"