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Oct 21 12:35AM

Sent a text message with a hyperlink. Not in my contacts. Did not click it...

Oct 21 12:27AM

Some psychotic drunk called me calling me a piece of sh**. The woman was clearly drunk and made very little sense. She was irratic andcalling me a looser and that ill never see my child again. I hope whomever made this call gets help. The woman is in...

Oct 21 12:24AM

I received a text message on my cell after I posted an announce on KiJIJI ! The person wants me to go clean the house for 350 $$, the same day I received another text from a different number asking me for a similar service I find it's weird !!

Oct 21 12:20AM

Ya I had a women come up to me and say her mother was in the hospital in surprise , and she needed gas money to go see her. She then asked me after I agreed to give her 2 gallons if she could have some cash, i said no cause I don't have a lot of mone...

Oct 20 11:57PM

I have been getting the text message "Hi" from this number repeatedly. No other text, just "Hi." I find it rather creepy...

Oct 20 11:46PM

Received a call from this number threatening me with serving court papers on a Wednesday of this week. Curiosity made me call the number and, no big surprise, it was not in service.

Oct 20 11:41PM

I also got a phone call from 909-666-8128. The man left a message that he was from the "Legal Affairs Department" and mumbled some incomprehensible words in bad English, but I did catch "or legal action can be taken" or something like that. He said m...

Oct 20 11:30PM

Texting very inappropriate stuff but knew my information and whereabouts even knew my Facebook information!! This is highly concerning as they are also texting children. They would also text late at night I to all hours of the morning.

Oct 20 11:28PM

Got a call from this number. He is disturbing me. Please tell me who is using this number?

Oct 20 11:02PM

He uses the same email, but different numbers. He texted me with 323 438 6212. BEWARE!!

Oct 20 10:55PM

Mee xican speaking female when I answered she said arguing them hung up.
When I called back. A recording said number was not in service. Disconnected.

Oct 20 10:48PM

telemarketers of some sort. won't stop calling. bbb should be notified of their abuse.

Oct 20 10:27PM

fraud they will send you fake check ask you to cash in your account and send remaining amount back in cash to them then the check will bounce and your screwed. call FBI fraud hotline.

Oct 20 10:23PM

Exact same thing. Have a bike for sale on KSL and this number txted me insisting on going through paypal and his shipper will pick it up. I blocked his number to scam my for me.

Oct 20 10:22PM

Also, Susan Hoffman at the address provided on the invoice is a dead teenager.

Oct 20 10:22PM

Also, Susan Hoffman at the address provided on the invoice is a dead teenager.

Oct 20 10:19PM

Same message to me today after just posting my car on yesterday. Don't fall for it.

Oct 20 10:18PM

My girl is missing and she was supposedl with somone named jamie and I belive this is the number she called

Oct 20 10:17PM

Susan Hoffman. Air Force. Being transferred form Nebraska to Alaska. 2004 Jeep Liberty Limited. 1-877-825-9525.

Oct 20 10:05PM

Is this a site a fake company is using to try and make people to spend money and hack on their computer?

Oct 20 10:02PM

Someone with a thick foreign accent (Russian or Eastern European), who left a voicemail message having something to do with wine coolers. Either a wrong number or, more likely, a scam.

Oct 20 9:53PM

I called the number and gave them my name, email address, and birthday. I am not frightened for my information security.