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Oct 9 5:43AM

If your man/woman has this number on his/her call history, be concerned he/she is cheating.

Oct 9 5:35AM

They use this number to scam people with dogs. Claiming they are selling them and taking money to ship the dog that doesn't exist.

Oct 9 5:22AM

Yep, This individual is in the process of trying to get money from me. They just gave me their phone number, so I checked it immediately. So, thanks for posting the truth about this individual. Apparently, they're using dating websites to target peop...

Oct 9 2:17AM

I don't know who this loser is, but they keep calling and texting me all hours of the night. Probably a wrong number but they seem too stupid to get that.

Oct 8 10:53PM

this person is pretending to be a federal agent and i get the name calvin smith and chris brown lets file a class action

Oct 8 10:52PM

No clue what or who this is. They said they're from a bank, I think. Any info?

Oct 8 10:50PM

I also got the following harassing call
This message is intended for ####. This is Sarah Wilson from the Federal Investigation Department. This message is to inform you that there is a legal case filed against you and there is a warrant issued for y...

Oct 8 10:12PM

Company Name: Royal Restoration & Remodel, LLC
Address: 1715 5Th St, Rio Rancho, NM, 87124
Phone: 505-417-1869
Royal Restoration & Remodel LLC offers a full rage of services at you're disposal. We offer 24 hr emergency services for board up should...

Oct 8 9:48PM

I have started receiving text from this number in the last of couple of days. Multiple of times. There is no text just the phone number.

Oct 8 9:12PM

Caller claims person who answers their phone is their neighbor, but they never identified who they are or where they live. They claim "I" live across the street and am a peeping Tom, a "sicko", watched his wife undress and has daughter. It turns out ...

Oct 8 9:01PM

they called me n when I answered the phone n said hello 3 times they did not answer me they just hung up how rude is that

Oct 8 8:46PM

Same thing as above. They either hang up after two rings or don't say anything when I do catch them and answer. I've gotten 3 calls in the last week from this number. I called back and got a recording that said univeem or univien, or something like t...

Oct 8 8:26PM

Someone has called from this number several times this week, but never leaves a message.

Oct 8 8:23PM

It's some university. .. they won't stop calling. I don't know how they have my information.

Oct 8 8:04PM

Called several nights in a row. Number not available when redialed. Uses first names when machine picks up.

Oct 8 8:02PM

I answered twice only to hear no response, and when called back I was prompted to enter my account number - a voice mail from a harassed woman. This number is now automatically rejected by my system. I believe this is a scam originating from a landl...

Oct 8 7:33PM

I received a message saying Federal Internal Revenue this is a final attempt to contact you to appear in court for federal criminal offense please call federal agent.
When I called back and told them, that this is a spam call and I'll report to FBI,...

Oct 8 7:18PM

sends out unsolicited faxes for roofing and sealcoating, wasting my paper and ink.

Oct 8 7:04PM

It's the Internet hosting company Fat Cow with a recording in renewing your service.

Oct 8 7:02PM

Wow this is a new phone called for the week I dont understand where these spammers get people numbers from so annoying

Oct 8 7:00PM

There was a message on our home machine today saying that the IRS is filing suit against us. This cannot be true so it must be a total scam.