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Sep 4 1:01AM

Hij komt bij mij in Skype binnen onder de naam van mijn baas maar het is niet van hem

Sep 4 1:00AM

Hij komt bij mij in Skype binnen onder de naam van mijn baas maar het is niet van hem

Sep 4 12:37AM

Hey CB your boyfriend TS has been cheating on you since before your Mexico Trip 2014!

Sep 3 11:45PM

This same thing happened to me today. She had a 2010 Jeep Liberty and gave me the same spill about being moved to Alaska. Asked me to give her my email so she could tell me more about it. The number they used this time is (551)800-1253.

Sep 3 11:37PM

This creep keeps calling me on my cell phone for the last few days. I had to go to Verizon and have him blocked. I am almost up to 20 calls being blocked with this type of 985-276-number. Enough is enough. What does he want? This creep started howlin...

Sep 3 11:08PM

He texted me with the same arrangement. I don't know what his end game is.

Sep 3 10:52PM

A woman on zoosk give me this number and want me to text her I think is a scam

Sep 3 10:24PM

A message was left this evening from this phone number. However, it was the sound of someone breathing and then a hang-up.

Sep 3 9:52PM

Scam. They buy old debts and try to scam u into paying what has passed the statues. Illegal way of trying to scare you. Call the cops when this number calls u

Sep 3 9:46PM

My experience is identical to that of Belinda G. This has got to be a scam.

Sep 3 9:43PM

this number was used in an attempt to scam my father and i out of a $2750 motorcycle we are selling on craigslist. They sent their email address and had me reply to it and asked if they could pay with paypal and send a courier without them even seein...

Sep 3 9:29PM

Received call from this number today. The guy had a thick accent, could barely understand him. All I could make out was something about a computer and Windows 7. I told him he had the wrong number and he asked me "Why?". I just gave up and said, ...

Sep 3 9:12PM

got text about wanting a contractor to do work local to my location in New York. not Cleveland Ohio

Sep 3 8:39PM

I received a call two days ago from this number, saying everything that everyone previously said. So I instantly looked up the number and found this page. He should get punish for this.

Sep 3 8:39PM

Received a call from this number. No one answered and whoever it was hung up immediately.

Sep 3 8:35PM

I don't know who keeps texting me from this number. But he says his mame is Johnny. Please help me know who this person is?

Sep 3 8:21PM

called about my dog on kijiji asking how much I wanted for him and if he came with a recipe! companys coming from bejing they said. I asked if this was for real and they seemed confused. I hung up and damned if they didnt call back. i blocked the num...

Sep 3 8:04PM

I have been gettting a letter in the mail claiming that i owe 23,000 in debt and if i call this number they will accept my payment of 345.00 for 36 months .....Just new something was wrong I dont owe anyone anything.... what a scam

Sep 3 7:48PM

Received 5 missed calls from this number. picked up once, was directed to agent who refused to tell me who was calling. Asked if they could record the message and I said no and hung up. This is a Scam.

Sep 3 7:37PM

Since I forgot to turn my fax/land line auto answer back to "off", my XFINITY land line converts all voice mails to an email, too...hence...""House and before you get arrested. Kindly call us back. Call back. The number to reach me at is 203-738-1549...

Sep 3 7:35PM

I believe these people maybe tied to a terrorist group trying to solicit fund for terrorist active

Sep 3 7:31PM

Same deal. CID shows HLTH TX PROVIDE. I get a lot of faxes for the local CVS pharmacy, but my exch is 938, not 935. Ever get them back, I'll ask what happens if I start handing out personal info on their clients!

Sep 3 7:29PM

Received a call from a man stating that since I have had the same cell carrier for so many years I wold a discount on a Samsung tablet through Fed- EX. Well Fed Ex delivered, but no one was home so I got a notification from Fed Ex. As I go to Fed EX,...