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Nov 26 5:46PM

They have been calling consistently for the last two weeks never leaving a message. and their ID is not shown, just the #

Nov 26 5:46PM

This is the toll free line for COLEMAN TECHNOLOGIES, a manged service provider near Vancouver Canada.

Nov 26 5:29PM

I ignored 2 restricted calls back to back & this # right after. When I answered there was no one responding after 4-5 "hello?" Attempts

Nov 26 5:28PM

stephen from mi. i got the same call 11/26/14 at 4:51 pm. i called back and it said this caller is not takeing calls. same name and accented voice.

Nov 26 5:28PM

Got a call stating the same thing from someone named Sebastian. Reporting to local Barker New York authorities.

Nov 26 5:16PM

Tried to call yesterday at 8:30am. I only have a house phone downstairs and was still in bed. Machine picked up and all I could tell was someone was apparently leaving an awfully long message. Went downstairs to see what the heck it was and it was a ...

Nov 26 5:11PM

Also recieved 3 calls from this # today thankfully phone not working right rings in but no one on other end I need to call people back, if this is Steve Martin he called 3xs yestarday also, but yestarday (11/25) phone worked right and he called from...

Nov 26 5:10PM

Recevied text about craigslist item. Offerred to pay $80 for a $50 item via check or money order. Classis scam.

Nov 26 5:01PM

Same as above...Steve Martin called...I am going to report this to authorities, if I can

Nov 26 4:57PM

Don't call the number! They're only phishing for info, jackholes can't get off their as$es to make money the right way!!

Nov 26 4:55PM

This happened to me and I fell for it. When I told him that I didn't want their plan he locked me out of my computer. Put a password on it. I had to take it to Best Buy to get it back online!

Nov 26 4:54PM

This is some kind of fraud. telling you that your tax ID are under investigation, these people are from India with very heavy accent. Please dont believe them, they will try to threat you that the local police will show up at your door step once you ...

Nov 26 4:51PM

I received the ticket offer, too. But I missed the"reply no later than November 21 st, 2014" cutoff. I may have been tempted to call otherwise (not really--too sketchy looking)

Nov 26 4:47PM

I just got the same message at 2:55 pm on my voice mail, saying the samething! please do not answer it and or picked it up!! I have no clue !!

Nov 26 4:44PM

I got the text as well today. I didn't reply or call the number, I figured it was a scam.

Nov 26 4:40PM

I got heavily accented "Steve Martin" stumbled over the scripted message. Blocking this call.....

Nov 26 4:35PM

Disent faire partie de logirénov et écorénov ne crois pas ça. Je demande le numéro pour appeler et vérifier et on ne me le donne pas. On me dit "ha vous êtes sur la liste de non appel, on s'excuse". Je ne sais pas ce qu'ils voulaient...

Nov 26 4:31PM

Same thing. Evening dress for sale. Said alaxander Hemings . Said they would send check and carrier. Sent a fraudulent check. Reported to law enforcement.

Nov 26 4:27PM

I got A call exactly like that, thick accent could barely understand
him. saying" This is a second attempt to contact you about a federal case, if you don't call me right away you could go to court and face a jury". I did not call back either.

Nov 26 4:25PM

Same message, told him he should be in jail and he started calling me names and hung up.

Nov 26 4:25PM

This number called my husband's tele said he was entitled a 8k usd government due to low income. They knew all of his information already (which is scary)and had him call 206-855-6954 with a pass code and verification code to confirm. The fellow on t...

Nov 26 4:23PM

Supposedly a process server. Very rude and unprofessional. I was given a number from him to call about the papers inside an envelope. They of course wanted money on a prepaid card to settle an old debt so I don't get sued. SCAM/FRAUD

Nov 26 4:18PM

All they want is your social security number for verification of your wells fargo debit card. Haha. Ya, and I should also give you my DOB, mothers maiden name, address, and credit card numbers "just to make sure." Too bad this actually works enough...

Nov 26 4:17PM

I too got a call and he said he was a google employee and hung up immediately after I said I was the manager.

Nov 26 4:13PM

text message read:

If I could show you how to put $10,000 or more in your pocket in the next 10 to 14 days & $10,000 every 10-14 days after that

Reply: YES

{to remove type stop}

Nov 26 4:11PM

Call from this number at 1:06 PM on 11/26/14.
I answered and had dead air. Said Hello again and an automated woman's voice said Goodbye - connection lost.

Nov 26 4:10PM

I just received a call from this number, he knew my info and said he was gonna lick my hoohoo, and come to my house tonight, then I said I will call the cops and trace where this number is coming from, then he responded catch me if you can

Nov 26 4:10PM

Got a call twice today same msg from guy with think Indiana accent saying his name was steve Martin (really? Couldn't come up with something more believable???) Called the number back from work line and said to remove me from their list bc I most cer...

Nov 26 4:09PM

This caller is involved in computer fraud. He is involved in hijacking your computer documents and demanding a ransom payment to unlock the encrypted documents. If he finds you phone number in the documents he will call and pose as a Microsoft tech...

Nov 26 4:03PM

Answered call at 3:43 PM today 11/26/14. Was a recording, saying basically "Call us right away so we can help you deal with an impending federal charge." Heavy accented, named Steve Martin. I did not return the call.

Nov 26 4:02PM

Just got a call with an automated message from a heavily accented male regarding treasury department issues and 2nd and final attempt to contact before appearing before a judge or going to jail. Obvious scam