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Mar 5 10:38PM

They said they were a road service company and stole 610.oo dollars from me and never answered again

Mar 5 10:20PM

너 게맞을줄 알아라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Mar 5 10:15PM

I have a bill from HomeServe on my Discover card.
I have no idea what the billing is for!

Mar 5 9:56PM

Just picked up a bunch of percs from him. Was skeptical at first but he came through

Mar 5 9:54PM

she's a goofy lady..lonely..wants to rent out her rooms just for company really.

Mar 5 9:45PM

They said something abut the Treasury and I would go to jail if I ignore this message and didn't call back

Mar 5 9:37PM

Called & didn't leave message. I called back and got a tone. Let it go & it sounded like someone picked up and then hung up on me when I talked.

Mar 5 9:10PM

I misread this phone number so I answered back when they said howdy but I don't know who it belongs too. Is this a scam of some sort?

Mar 5 9:08PM

Fake profile on POF says shes from San Jose but obviously Google is my friend

Mar 5 9:02PM

I also received a call from the 'fraud division' with a comment 'if you don't call back... GOOD LUCK'.

Mar 5 8:59PM

Weird call--heard music being shut off, then what sounded like a machine voice saying 'hello' 2x.

Mar 5 8:54PM

Received several calls the past 2 weeks, when I answer no one is there, robo-calls are getting out of hand and costly when they leave a msg.

Mar 5 8:43PM

C Reedreported 240-221-1132 as a Scammer/Fraudster

Mar 5th 2015
Do NOT take calls from this phone number. It is a SCAM. He uses the name Solomon Reed and asks for funds to be sent to him in Nigeria. It is a very elaborate scam. Do not be taken i...

Mar 5 8:39PM


Mar 5 8:32PM

I have received numerous calls every day from this numer, they never leave a message.

Mar 5 8:29PM

Called my land line twice the other day but I didn't answer it. It called back again today and it was a silent call and then went dead. I called back and it said that it was disconnected

Mar 5 8:27PM

thank you so much, this is a very delightful phone number, love the number sequence!!!

Mar 5 8:27PM

wife just received a call from this number. Tried messaging and no contact. Tired of this bs.

Mar 5 8:25PM

Calls early evening -pain in ass!
Request made to place on do not call list.

Mar 5 8:15PM

How nice you make a truthful comment and they delete your post. Do Not fall for this. Micro Soft knows nothing about these people and wouldnt charge for a problem with error messages. Hang up on these people and block the number. This is a big sca...

Mar 5 8:10PM

i get at least 2 or 3 calls per day. they leave no message it is getting frustrating