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Oct 6 8:08PM

texting about which merchant account our business uses. non-english grammar. Beware

Oct 6 8:01PM

Called at 7:32 and again at 7:56 pm on a Tuesday. Didn't leave any messages.

Oct 6 7:58PM

Got a call from a woman from this number asking me for my personal info. Hung up and blocked her number

Oct 6 7:50PM

some dumbass named Thomas Binks called me to say I owed money , and I have to pay or they will garnish may wages, and take me to court. same number as above, what a douche bag

Oct 6 7:43PM

I received a voicemail from this number, and they were claiming they were calling from the Sheriff's department in Colorado about fraudulent information I am sending out in their town (ironic!). The caller requested I call 970-498-5525 to discuss the...

Oct 6 7:33PM

Have received NUMEROUS calls from this number and other numbers similar to it ( -2815, -2881, -2828, etc), on a DAILY basis and they will never leave a message! They ALWYAS call in the evening so assume it's a telemarketing group!

Oct 6 7:33PM

A man with a mid east accent called from 'Government Grants' to tell me that my application was approved for Government money to use any way that I choose. Free money, he said. Since I had not applied for a grant of any kind I hung up and called back...

Oct 6 7:31PM

recording claims to be about winning a $ 999.00 credit with Air Canada - right.
Anyone else getting these calls ?
wwho owns the number ? No doubt some scammer has hijacked this phone number.

Oct 6 7:29PM

I received a phone call from this I didnt answer it so im trying to see who it is.

Oct 6 7:23PM

called this number after a fraudulent purchase was made from whatever company this is. they answer customer care dept. female Frances Diez claimed that we ordered something online last month when the charge went thru oct 2. refused to put anyone el...

Oct 6 7:15PM

They call me constantly and leave no message so I have no idea what they want.

Oct 6 7:08PM

I received a call from this number about a check advance that they say I done. The lady said that I would be arrested if I didn't pay. I really don't know how they receive my information but I really wish the phone calls would stop.

Oct 6 6:57PM

The guy at this number is looking to hook up with girls. Says his name is Joe. He uses dating sites to find women.

Oct 6 6:56PM

Some dude claiming to be a Pierce County Sheriff Sgt. is using this number to scam people out of money. The real Sheriff's are on this case!

Oct 6 6:46PM

gota ost call from this number anywone knows were cold be a don konw anybody from the area and fear it cold be an extorsion

Oct 6 6:37PM

Scam call. pretending to be from the IRS and using scare tactics to get personal information.

Oct 6 6:36PM

This is a final noice from the irs. A law suit will be filed against you. To avoid this action you must call 202 738 4251 as soon as possible." Didn't use my name or anything specific.

Oct 6 6:22PM

it was a woman calling saying about census survey to come out and ask questions. she said they track the same property for like three years to find out about the crime rate going up or down. which is funny cause no one here, has the names she was ask...

Oct 6 6:21PM

I message just popped up on my laptop saying my system has detected possible suspicious activity. And to call this number 888-727-1498. And that I need to talk to a certified Microsoft technicians.

Oct 6 5:59PM

Just recieved the call threathening a lawsuit from, supposedly, the IRS. I called it back and was patched through to an "IRS" agent. He knew where I worked , what kind of car I had etc,.. What really gave me a bit of concern was how the agent knew my...

Oct 6 5:47PM

Caller attempted to scare me by saying a claim had been filed against me and that i had not responded. All BS.

Oct 6 5:28PM

Telemarketer used this # and called me from it I said let me talk to your manager hung up

Oct 6 5:27PM

Caller with strong south asian accent claiming to be from Canadian Revenue Agency. Claimed he was calling about an outstanding warrant for tax evasion and that we must call back immediately or the file would be forwarded to local police to carry out...

Oct 6 5:21PM

Called and Indian or Asian male with heavy accent answered. Already knows your name when you call. Wants you to give all your info when I told him number was flagged as scam he cussed me out and hung up. He is a fraud.

Oct 6 5:16PM

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Oct 6 5:10PM

this dude is a ripp off. he will take your money and out for this dude aarron.

Oct 6 4:57PM

It's either a church calling to offer comfort and spread the Gospel - or it's a set-up to ask for money.

They call to read an uplifting biblical quote - and they do leave messages.

Oct 6 4:38PM

Pretend to be from IRS, will tell you "you owe money, pay though MoneyGram or you will be arrested within 72 hours..." Scammers.