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Apr 1 9:10PM

Man with terrible accent calls and says that Windows is receiving error messages from my computer and tells me to go turn on my computer for him. I told him not to bother calling anymore and hung up on him. He was incredibly rude.

Apr 1 9:04PM

This number has called our home at least four times within the past two hours. One pair of calls were minutes apart. The message left, sounding automated, was never more than one word.

Apr 1 8:59PM

This number shows up on caller ID sometimes just as the number and sometimes as New Haven, KY. An Indian accent guy named "Wilkens" yaks about federal grand juries calling me, possibly receiving a prison term, etc. Sounds like fun to me! These are a...

Apr 1 8:42PM

SCAMMER!!! First texted me from another phone number asking for me to do a business deal with him, he send me credit card information, i charge it then I'm supposed to give some of the money to someone else. Ya, ok. I had him on the line for a while,...

Apr 1 8:35PM

I received a recorded message saying it was the IRS, a final attempt to reach me because they were filing a lawsuit. Totally not legitimate.

Apr 1 8:33PM

Received the same call today, something about a legal action against my name. It went to my voicemail. Scammers.

Apr 1 8:30PM

They say they are windows tech support. Very unprofessional attitude on phone.

Apr 1 8:25PM

Claimed to be Expedia and offered $2600 in travel, electronic voice, sounded like a scam

Apr 1 8:22PM

they called cussing me out for hitting their car when I didn't because I have been home all day, then I handed my husband the phone because they were just yelling at me. Then my husband asked when this happened over and over again and they wouldn't a...

Apr 1 8:13PM

This number 800 111 0011 has been calling me for three days in row.No message was left.I will never answer this call and when n they get tired they will leave me alone.

Apr 1 8:12PM

Spoofed Number,
Scam offering deal on Marriot hotel stay get credit for $999.00 for your next stay in one of our five star hotels
Apr 1 2015

Apr 1 8:11PM

Some guy calling on behalf of RBC to protect you from identity theft and to try to verify your credit report...I called RBC and they have nothing to do with these people!! Hang up if you can!

Apr 1 8:07PM

I Want To Call Christopher Huie To Say Something
I Went To Park And I See Girls Play in The Park
And After That I Saw Nicole She Was Watching Me I Play Fruit Ninja Games
She Look Like Mad At Christopher Huie
I Don't Think Girls Don't Like Christo...

Apr 1 8:03PM

I've received calls from this number several times but since there's no caller ID, I don't answer it.

Apr 1 7:51PM

No clue who this is, no caller ID, keeps calling my cell, never leaves a message. I do not answer calls from numbers/companies who do not identify themselves

Apr 1 7:47PM

Message says calling about mandated reduction in electric bill. Sometimes call several times a day. Has nothing to do with our electric company!

Apr 1 7:45PM

Got a text from this number and I know this is a scam. Once I asked for name Address and phone number I never heard from them Again .

Apr 1 7:33PM

When you answer, they don't say anything ... then hang up. They've called twice so far.

Apr 1 7:32PM

I've had 3 abrupt, angry callers in the last 3 days. I've tried to simply know who's calling me! I kindly ask for their name, and the name of the company. Normal concerns.

I get a cold approach with out even a "Hellow" ...The first thing I hea...

Apr 1 7:30PM

Received csll but did not answer. Have been receiving calls from other unidentified numbers lately. If they don't use caller id I don't pick up.

Apr 1 7:24PM

Spam calls by some guy called Garfield Burnett reporting to be the Council on Renewable Energy - when informed that I was on the Do Not Call list he got very argumentative.

Asked for phone number to call back and was told he did not have it becau...

Apr 1 7:19PM

Called but never responded and hung up. A lot of background noise. Added to rejected list.

Apr 1 7:09PM


Apr 1 7:09PM

Yes they called trying to telle that I won 8,000 dollars from the government