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Oct 7 4:49AM

Received a weird voicemail from someone pretending to be my sister "in the ICU" at a local hospital.

Oct 7 3:56AM

I received whatapp messages from a person named corntney claim they live in walcal England. They claim they dont know how that got my number. I need to know who this is please

Oct 7 2:40AM

I was just notified by my job that a man named Curtis was looking for me because he had some forms I needed to sign. They informed my employer that they tried to deliver them to my house but I wasnt available. My mother received a call similar to tha...

Oct 7 1:52AM

The person with this number scammed us by selling fake ticketmaster tickets

Oct 6 11:29PM

If you receive a call from this number it is a scam they are extortionists. What they are telling you is a complete lie.

Oct 6 11:27PM

if you receive a call from this number it is a complete scam. they are trying to extort money from you. DO NOT PAY

Oct 6 11:24PM

Called my number then my girlfriends number 6 times each hour with no message left. Then on the 6th call finally a voice-mail. It was sprint, my account was five days late

Oct 6 11:02PM

I got a friend request of a friend on facebook. She was hacked. She told me to text a number and they would give me $70,000. I called the number but no one answered. The number did text me back and told me that I was going to get $40,000 from a gover...

Oct 6 10:40PM

They sent me a text for tickets to some club called Shakytown Comedy Club?

Oct 6 9:56PM


Received same text as Nate, Doug, and Lorraine from a Craigslist ad except it was for a car.

Text requested my Paypal account information.

Oct 6 9:52PM

Also left a message through my Mary Kay site. I should feel honored. 2 businesses and finally got a scammer 9_9

Oct 6 9:35PM

yep, same message about being from the IRS and that they were filing a lawsuit against me and to get more info to call the number. i'm not going to call it back but sure wish some one had more info about this type of scam.

Oct 6 9:32PM

Happened to me today too. They didn't leave a message but I saw these posts. I don't normally post but thought this would be helpful to someone else like me

Oct 6 9:25PM

If anyone has any information about this man please email me at, if anyone has any of his real pictures please send them as well.

Oct 6 9:16PM

Called and when I answered the phone they hung up. Wish I could reach through the phone line and get me a handful of somebody.

Oct 6 9:16PM

this is a scammer. robo voice says "welcome to the sweeps central sweepstakes entry line." the recorded voice then asks you to take their survey to win a prize. the questions they ask are like "have you or a loved one experienced pain in your shoulde...

Oct 6 9:15PM

Same number called for me and when I said he had the wrong number he asked, 'well who the f*** are you?' I requested to speak with his supervisor and he came back twice and said he was the supervisor and refused to let me speak with anyone else becau...

Oct 6 9:12PM

yes stating it is a legal matter. for me to call and there is a claim number. also that he would show up at my address or place of business and that I needed to show my ID

Oct 6 9:08PM


Oct 6 9:02PM

This person called a business to make a fake reservation. Find a better hobby and stop bothering and being rude!

Oct 6 9:01PM

I used to own this phone, I lost it. Now they are calling my other number that is on that cell phone. I would like to have it shut down for my safety. Please send comments to mark in comments "urgent cell"