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May 27 5:47PM

They are trying to get you involved in a scam with Verizon and/or AT&T. Don't deal with them at all. You will end up with charges against YOU!!!

May 27 5:44PM

random stranger saying they found my number earlier and wants to know if we can "chat" says name is "Rick"

May 27 5:39PM

Woman called with an attitude, wanted to update and confirm our business information! Claiming to be from the Chamber of Commerce, yet she has horrible grammar and can not pronounce words correctly. Not very professional! We can't understand how sh...

May 27 5:38PM

They hung up on me before I could finish telling them it wasn't a good time to speak.

May 27 5:38PM

This number called me 5 times yesterday and once so far today. I haven't answered nor gave they left a message but it's driving me nuts.

May 27 5:30PM

Check Writing Scam please check your accounts for a check not made by you in the amount $29.95

May 27 5:24PM

Asked if I was still interested in furthering my education. When I said no they hung up.

May 27 5:22PM

This # keeps calling 24/7 sometimes 4 times a day.. please let me know who it is..

May 27 5:20PM

Veterans Awareness Center
they said they were from the Veterans Awareness Center and could not provide a website or organizational information. This is not a Veteran's Administration organization.

May 27 5:18PM

This was for modeling for my child that I had applied to about 6 months ago. They ARE located in GA.

May 27 5:18PM

This number is being used on some dating sites as a contact information for someone. it is a scam. The person asks for money to be sent in order to meet. The number is registered in the state of LA but claims to be from Washington.

May 27 5:07PM

I received a call telling me I have been picked to receive a free Medical Alert System. Press one to receive the free Medical Alert System. Press one to Opt Out.

This has SCAM written all over it...I would like to know who it is so I can report t...

May 27 5:04PM

Yes. I received a call from them. Don't know who it is tho as my number is new.

May 27 5:03PM

Talked to Mrs. Brown. I borrowed $350.00 and it was deposited to my bank account on 7/30/12. I need to pay $650.00 to avoid being served a summons at my home or work. It's a scam.

May 27 4:59PM

called the number back twice. both times no ring tone just beep and disconnect. sounds like a scammer.

May 27 4:53PM

This number keeps calling and told them not to call basically said this is a scan and then they procced to argue with me and told them to go **** themselves and all be said was shut up.

May 27 4:52PM

We We did receive a call from this cell phone. The company name is Outbound Engine from Austin, TX. The cell phone appears on your caller ID as local.

May 27 4:44PM

This number calls us every day. Attempting to call the number always results in a busy signal.

May 27 4:44PM

they call numbers on the do not call list they should be fined $1000.00 for each one they do .

May 27 4:42PM


May 27 4:29PM

Don't know this person, just started getting random image texts from them today. Opened one and it was an add for a "birthday party" wanted $28 cover charge... bet it's a scammer.

May 27 4:29PM

Foreigner I could barely understand her. All I did understand was that I had been fraudulent on a cash advance I never took out and that my name is in the system for the police to arrest me.

May 27 4:28PM

I received a call from this number today at 1:59 pm. I don't know anyone with this number, so I didn't answer it.

May 27 4:28PM

Refuses to leave name or company he's calling from. I consider this Spam. They are now blocked.

May 27 4:26PM

Great Services and support team, I got my issue fixed and technician was very patient. they have a paid services but still it worth it I recommend the services.

May 27 4:14PM

Scam alert. Woman with a thick accent going around the bushes until she asked for a $3 payment only to get Your bank account number.

May 27 4:11PM

Received a call from 202-580-8538, foreign female, did not use my name on the phone but said "this call is for you", also said it was "urgent" that I return her call or she couldn't help me and she wished me "good luck" and, she identified herself as...

May 27 4:10PM

Got a text telling me to call this number about my Wells Fargo account information. I don't have an account with Wells Fargo.

May 27 4:08PM

I got a call from there from a girl named Tina. She said she was from Noble and that she received my post card asking about there products and she wanted to know which products i was interested in hearing about. She then said she would send me a free...

May 27 4:08PM

Said her name was Sara Penny from Judical services. Calling about fraud through my financial institution..

May 27 3:59PM

Calls all the time. Won't leave A message. Will turn into attorney general office

May 27 3:59PM

I believe this number to be used in conjunction with an email collection scam on Craig's list. Waiting for the other shoe to drop now.