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Nov 22 10:55PM

Left a message on a dating site requesting that I text him at this number.

Nov 22 10:53PM

Left a message for me on a social media site requesting that I text him at this number.

Nov 22 10:50PM

this looks like spam, I bought something online from an indian seller through his website, they did not send me the item and immediately after that there were many unauthorized withdrawals from my credit card, my credit card company alerted me and I ...

Nov 22 10:47PM

Hola, tengo tu IPhone en República Dominicana llámame a mi número para darte más información 829-872-8194 es un IPhone 4s negro

Nov 22 10:45PM

Well I picked up when this person called me and they were talking blibberish!!!
They'd better not call me again!!

Nov 22 10:40PM

He also goes by the name "Jake Tuffly". Real name of Jeremy Tuffly who lives in Mesa, AZ and was found on video tape torturing a kitten to death. Lives at 6644 E Princess Dr, Mesa, AZ 85205 and 3114 S 81st St, Mesa, AZ 85212.

Nov 22 10:02PM

They are a scam. Trying to rent out houses on Craigslist. Says his name is Michael J. Hoff. I called the house listing and they told me he was fake!

Nov 22 9:36PM

I received a wonderful call with a great opportunity last week. If you receive a call from this nice lady make sure to listen good because of what is being offered I am having the chance to change my life and become financially free.

Nov 22 9:19PM

Called me a 715 pm stating fraudulent charges for a hotel room in Guatemala. Fake call

Nov 22 8:57PM

Called 6 times today. Left a message on the last call for a 14 dollar
offer of some kind. Appears to be some kind of scam.

Nov 22 8:41PM

I receive 30 calls from this number saying I have a computer virus. I told them I do not own a computer but still called me. I also said please pit me on the do not call number but still they have call. They also call me on another number. Its a scam...

Nov 22 8:28PM

"Maria" did the same thing to my wife. Stopped responding when we asked her for personal info.

Nov 22 8:24PM

This is the number to Tarrant Management Services, LLC and should show up on your caller ID as TMS, LLC.

Nov 22 8:11PM

This is Cody O'Neil, he is a scamer! 107B oak street Shiloh Illinois' is his address, not to be trusted!

Nov 22 7:56PM

Time wasting buyer.. Calls sets appointments but then does not show up..
Definitely unreliable.

Nov 22 7:50PM

A pervert trying to get laid extremely desperate gots money to pay for it if you refuse.

Nov 22 7:31PM

The ad is a scam on craigslist. It seems like anytime they say they got called out of town it is a scam. this is not the first time I have come across this sort of thing

Nov 22 7:21PM

Not sure who this person is but I will never access any call from an unknown number. Please identify yourself!

Nov 22 7:17PM

I am working on a class action lawsuit against them. They call 100 times a day leave a voicemail that is .02 seconds and fills up the mailbox. All because one time a payment didn't go through when I thought it did. I have been in collections for 12 y...

Nov 22 7:05PM

We received calls and text from this number and thy insult us please help determine the caller.
Thank u.

Nov 22 7:04PM

Recorded voice directed me to to "claim my $14." The address is a phishing site. AVOID.

Nov 22 7:01PM

This number is a scammer kept trying to push us into my signing up for a PayPal account

Nov 22 6:49PM

I get a phone call an were from three to four times a day.i pick up and the phone hangs up.

Nov 22 6:43PM

The phone number 425-791-8266 named as Jeff & Tami Surridge and they are in the House buying scam business.

Nov 22 6:37PM

The *** at this number is trying to run a Facebook scam... something about a random $90,000.00 prize....
They best hope the authorities find them before I do....