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Oct 21 2:10PM

It's a scam outfit saying "we have detected problems with your Windows system ..." I hung up after a few choice observations.

Oct 21 2:08PM

This number belong to Scott TerHarr in Belleville.
He is low-down dirty creep who works as an insurance salesman.
He calls, and calls, and calls and calls, and texts.
He won't leave me alone!

Oct 21 2:07PM

They are calling me and said that my computer is broken and they are from tech support. I called Microsoft and they said it is definitely not them. I tried to call the number and it is disconnected.

Oct 21 2:05PM

This number has been calling my home phone more than once a day for several weeks now. Calls and hangs up. It is harassment. I wish they would stop.

Oct 21 2:04PM

The man said his name was Jim and that my Father -in-law had been awarded 8,300.00 in Us Government grants. and that he would not have to pay this money back...

Oct 21 1:50PM

Democratic party call for Elise Stefanik. Many calls, only one message today and I'm not a democrat.

Oct 21 1:43PM

Hi hariganesh, this is Manikandan (indus) where are you in CA, I am working San Jose.


Oct 21 1:40PM

This number has been calling me off and on for a few months now and I have no idea why. I've left a few messages for them not to call my personal cell phone back but it keeps calling and at all hours including almost 9pm at night. Somebody needs to d...

Oct 21 1:33PM

Spammers using fake Verizon Wireless phone #'s to solicit trips - I told them get lost...

Oct 21 1:33PM

There is no such thing as free things in this world. The free things come from monthly charges from them using your phone number.

Oct 21 1:31PM

I had voicemail from this number, connecting it to I don't now if it's legit or not but the number that was on my missed calls list was: 812-699-6173. 812 makes it a local number but when I called that number it said that number was ...

Oct 21 1:30PM

Received a call from this number today about my home for sale in NC. Left no company name. Very suspicious.

Oct 21 1:26PM

I have received an email from this person, which thankfully ended up in my spam box. Giving the telephone number above. If I put it in a search in Facebook it does connect to a name. Picture of a female in the email, Man on facebook. Female named Bel...

Oct 21 1:25PM

They keep calling and hanging up then when I call back it goes to a system where you are not able to leave a message

Oct 21 1:23PM

I received a call from this number asking for a name I couldn't even understand also if I would be home between 9-5...uh sorry I don't give out that type of information and hope that any person wouldn't.

Oct 21 1:21PM

This call back number is being used to respond to a craigs list add for furniture for sale. They are asking for Pay Pal info. I do not trust the method nor message

Oct 21 1:17PM

Received a text from this number and I responded with a: "who's this?" but haven't received a response from the unknown sender...

Oct 21 1:15PM

BSKN8882945420 DANELLE@METHO CA 79.97

Oct 21 1:14PM

Same damn message as everyone else. I was thinking of ignoring it and now after seeing these messages above I am definitely going to ignore it. Any place to report these guys, before they get someone to fall for this?

Oct 21 1:13PM

Just got a call, it was a voice recording saying I had a hearing pending and to hold for an investigator. Then I get a recording saying everyone is busy.It's all B.S. from these same terrorists that call and either offer a payday loan or have me arre...

Oct 21 1:13PM

It's a scam. They used to call from a different number. They claim to be from Windows and tell you that your computer has been sending a high number of malicious messages or whatever and clogging up the servers. Yeah, right. If you try to question th...

Oct 21 1:10PM

Received text message from this number claiming to be from a beneficial bank credit card. Stated they upgraded their software and need it reactivation to be done. Had a second and different phone number link included.Want to me to follow stepswhich i...

Oct 21 1:09PM

I got this same scam from my Craigslist post. Says his name is John and wants my Paypal info so he can send an agent to pick up the vehicle as a surprise for his step-dad

Oct 21 1:07PM

Received a late night call from this number, they were soliciting sat radio. I know the person is trying to make a living but if I wanted it I would call the company.