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Jul 24 11:20AM

I had received a call from above number...i want to know who owns this number and from where the call has come.

Jul 24 11:18AM

Have gotten al call from this company claiming to want to include me in litigation for surgeries/practices I have not had or meds not taken. When I ask to be removed from their calling list another number for the same company asking the same question...

Jul 24 11:09AM

Ron's Lawn Service. Scammers. They take your money then do not finish the work. Bad ratings on Angie's List and also investigated by Fairfax County.

Jul 24 11:09AM

The people using this number are running an internet scam and will drain your bank account

Jul 24 11:06AM

Does anyone know who this is? They call and state you have summonses and then if you state tell them it you are not the person they are looking for then they try to get your name. Anyone Knows them?

Jul 24 11:05AM

They claim they are "Tax Audit Office IRS" and that I owe money. This is a scam. They call from a number for which caller ID says "Blocked Call". The recorded message says to call 866-634-0911.

Jul 24 11:00AM

This number was left on my voice mail from an unknown caller called them asked to send me proof to my email that they are a legit company and refused told them to contact my lawyer the refused to contact her

Jul 24 10:59AM

This phone number always calls me every morning it's about Don Francisco products I told then to erase my number from there system and the said no and hang up I think this is a scam scam scam

Jul 24 10:58AM

beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep *click

Jul 24 10:58AM

I want to know who is sending messages to my phone but will not tell me who they are

Jul 24 10:53AM

i was texting a friend and suddenly there phone number changed to this number. very weird and has never happened to me in my life.

i am from philly. pa

Jul 24 10:47AM

I keep getting several calls a day from this number. No voice mail is left.

Jul 24 10:34AM

I think this a payphone or landline at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, CT.

Jul 24 10:31AM

Calls to and from my teenage daughter. When I try to call, I get "not available" and then a message in Spanish. Finally, some 3-digit code by male / auto voice.

Very recent behavior issues with my daughter, so I am checking into everyone she co...

Jul 24 10:30AM

Got a call from them this morning telling me I was in big trouble with the IRS and if I didn't go to court with an attorney they were coming to get me. CAlling the IRS was useless, push button hell.

Jul 24 10:28AM

When I called this # I got the business called AMS or Asia Manufacturing Solutions located at:

2013 Rue Cunard
Laval, QC H7S 2N1


Jul 24 10:27AM

Multiple calls that are dropped before I can answer them. When I call back, it ends after one ring with a "beep."

Jul 24 10:12AM

I dont know how this company or person got my number. It is a recording of a lady speaking spanish and idk what she is saying. This is the 2nd number that I have blocked with the same recording.its annoying!!!

Jul 24 10:11AM

It is free to look up... Just not free to get information. As usual, it's all about making money.

Jul 24 10:11AM

I just want to know who is this person that keeps calling me. I want to know their first and last name

Jul 24 10:10AM

I just want to know who is this person that keeps calling me. I want to know their first and last name

Jul 24 10:10AM

My husband just received the same call. DO NOT call back these are scammers.

Jul 24 10:10AM

I get calls at my business from this number. The caller ID displays "Green Tree." Upon answering there is silence as if this is an automated dialing sequence that should transfer to a call center if a connection is completed. REALLY annoying and inte...

Jul 24 10:06AM

Got an unsolicited txt wanting to know if I wanted to talk to customer support. Did not return call, nor do I know who it is.

Jul 24 10:01AM

Keep getting calls from this number on my cell phone. I don't give my cell number out so I don't know how they hell they got it. I don't answer and they don't leave a message. You'd think they would get the hint and quit calling.

Jul 24 9:49AM

Called us at 7:30 am with a recorded message about a loan. Line busy when I tried to call back to tell them not to call again.

Jul 24 9:41AM

I got the same call from this Mrs. Chan. I have no idea what she was italking about; her accusing me with, "criminal intent to defraud a financial institution"! She also inturn stated that she would be attaching this to my drivers license number and ...

Jul 24 9:21AM

Yes i did. They called my Job also. About a loan in Columbia county. Check n go loan on November2, 2012. In the amount of 1,871.14$