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Jan 31 7:59AM

Same thing for me. FCU card deactivated. Called number and an automated response asked for my account number. I did NOT provide this.

Jan 31 7:13AM


This number send sms taking
THE cell number on Kijiji .
Doing Phishing. Be carefull

Jan 31 5:28AM

Stop hacking into my craigslist account and erasing my number on what I posted and replaced it with ur # .I already notified craigslist
Curious to know what u did with the money u were suppose to use for an education because it is grossly obvious y...

Jan 31 5:21AM

Almost was a victim of this scam artist. He tends to say his phone dies anywhere from 4-6. Has a really strong African accent. Andrew rice says he lives in Virginia an is a counselor of UNESCO. Which is not true. Do not fall for his scams.

Jan 31 4:56AM

Called me at 430 am and woke me up. Really. No one on other end of line. Jack...s

Jan 31 3:38AM

it is extremely late and i don't know why they would call me but i am worried it is a friend and they need help

Jan 31 1:55AM

I think this person Melissa Lewis, aka Mel Bittner is a scam artist that preys on victims in need.

Jan 31 1:24AM

They called and ask for me and wouldn't talk to the one that answered the call said they would call tomorrow

Jan 31 1:22AM

he puts his number on youtube channels a lot. with the same message... "call me girl"

Jan 31 1:19AM

Yes.Left me a message saying I was being prosecuted in my count for a bill or something

Jan 31 1:10AM

Fraud! People come to your house leaving sorry I kissed you and to call and recover a non existent package! Beware!!!

Jan 31 12:57AM

Just got a text - my VISA check card was deactivated. Don't have one. Came @ 1AM. Why is the world so weird?

Jan 31 12:16AM

When I first moved to the Northwest Suburbs from Chicago 3 years ago I was given an "847" area code number. A while after getting this "new" number I started getting calls from the 498-3787 number. When I would answer the call, saying "Hello?", the...

Jan 31 12:16AM

I got a call from 503-442-2896 and the jerk said "I got a call from this phone number and I was returning the call." I said "No you didn't," and hung up!

This is happening more and more these days. I'm not sure what the scam is, but it's out the...

Jan 30 11:56PM

Also received an email saying that they tried to charge 2900 dollars to my paypal account. they can't even spell follow right and then looked up the number and it is from Bangladish routed through Oklahoma

Jan 30 11:30PM

Cam girl, fairly suspicious. Goes by the name Patricia in DFW area. Exhibit extreme caution

Jan 30 11:28PM


Jan 30 11:25PM

Somebody called from this number , but when i answer , they just listen ...

Jan 30 11:24PM

This person contacted my business for services via email. It sounds similar to this person who texted me asking unusual questions and more or less demanding a quote (not that I mind but the way it was phrased was strange). This guy says he has been t...

Jan 30 11:23PM

From this number they call me but dont leave a chance to talk they Gang up

Jan 30 11:01PM

you should find better things to do than call cell phones..your company is third party company trying to scam money on a closed account..!!!!!!!!

Jan 30 10:59PM

stop calling cell phones and home phones on old debt, on people in fl and indian.. its been written off you are third part scam artist. company , so go call some one else

Jan 30 10:56PM

I received a phone call from 0114414800. May I get to know from where is the call?

Jan 30 10:49PM

Random call. 10:40 pm EST to my PST Oregon number. No voicemail left by the user.