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Jul 1 1:25AM

Had a missed call from this number and when I called back I received an automated message stating that they called for a patient satisfaction survey. Sorry but I don't answer calls from unknown numbers after 8 pm. Who calls for a survey at that time ...

Jul 1 1:02AM

I was texting my group of fellow church mates regarding an event. in my original text, I only texted 6 members. 2 hours after on the same group text, this number responded saying "I have a new phone and not all my contacts imported. Who is this?". Co...

Jul 1 1:00AM

Just received a call from a 12 yr old daughter moms threatening me to stop calling when I have not even in my life texted or called that number before.

Jul 1 12:23AM

txt messages received from them. talks spanish. mostly likely understands english. possibly female

Jun 30 11:35PM

some idiot keeps calling from this number. Today my wife answered it and they would not tell her who was calling or anything just kept asking for me by name and when my wife insisted they just hung up

Jun 30 11:35PM

Had a popup on computer. Windows Virus Warning. Looks like it is from Microsoft Security Essentials. "Contact emergency virus support now"

Jun 30 11:28PM

This number is a scam.whoever it is talking about they are.a mystery shopper but it's fake

Jun 30 11:18PM

I was contacted asking to pay with credit card. Very sketchy it's a scam for sure

Jun 30 10:34PM

Did not leave a message. Called back and got an error message saying a voice mail box was not configured. Probably a robo-dialer.

Jun 30 10:33PM

said his name is Harry claims its a cell phone. wants a relationship to last forever but avoids giving a last name

Jun 30 9:47PM

Yes. I have received phone calls from this phone number. 3603402905.just want to make sure this person is not a criminal.

Jun 30 9:43PM

We have had several calls from this number. There is never anyone there when we say hello. We have no idea who or why they are calling. They've never identified themselves. I've answered it because I have 2 kids who live in St. George and wonder ...

Jun 30 9:32PM

Also Think Craigslist Scammer. Text About My Car For Sale. Claims To Be From A Military Base.

Jun 30 9:21PM

I have had strange texts from this number as well. If you know a Woman named, Heidi, that lives in CO, it is either her or someone that knows her.

Jun 30 9:09PM

I received a voice mail from this number saying they are investigation department from revenue IRS and that someone has pressed serious charges against me,they urge me to call them back ASAP, I didn't, of course

Jun 30 8:24PM

I received a call also from this number with a thick Indian accent claiming to be from "Microsoft". When I asked if he was out of his mind and did anyone fall for his bulls..t he hung up. If you get a call like this one don't believe a word t...

Jun 30 7:58PM

Said they were from Iron Mountain and that we had a past due balance. Don't know who they are. Hsve not done business with anyone using that name.

Jun 30 7:37PM

Whoever it is they called twice in two hours, but never spoke. Not to an answered phone, or to voicemail.

Jun 30 7:34PM

This number has called me many times, I do not answer and they never leave me a message.

Jun 30 7:31PM

Keep receiving these calls.

They know my name and birth date.
How did they get it.

They are foreigners and cannot speak proper English.

Hang up when you ask why they are calling & how they got info.


Jun 30 7:17PM

Sold an item on Ebay to a guy named Ron Colli or Mike as it shows on Ebay, 9721 siegen lane Baton Rouge Louisiana, LA 70810 United States (888) 469-0009

This guy is a scammer!! Watch out for him!!

Jun 30 7:09PM

Yes i did today don't answer it cause it was someone speaking Spanish didn't understand what they were saying. I just hung up. So I did not give them my number thou so don't answer.