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Oct 26 12:40AM

Same scam. Said they were from Tacoma Public Utilities, threatened to turn off the power.

Oct 25 11:33PM

I got a message from a person who's name I won't mention just in case this is a mistake that read My condolence to your family. Shirley told me about your Mother-in-Law. My mother-in-law has been dead for 13 years now so I think this was sent to the ...

Oct 25 11:31PM

odd, I just got a text from someone I know and it says that number? Maybe it is one of those services that disguises where the person is actually calling from?

Oct 25 10:59PM

This is a minors phone number. You must be confused.Lao carrier and city is wrong. This site is bs.

Oct 25 10:53PM

Please don't trust this # if you get a text. Is a total scam. Asked me if my item was still for sale at Craig's list and offered me $40.00 more to keep it on his favor. I didn't fall for it. So watch out for this scam guys. This is the most recent sc...

Oct 25 10:53PM

Yes. Just now on Craigslist. So glad I goggled them. There number was 918-550-4332.

Oct 25 10:43PM

Someone from this number is using my name and my personal info for fraud. If anyone knows who is behind this please contact the authorities!

Oct 25 10:15PM

This number is used by phone scammers...Windows customer Support or Windows technical Support

Oct 25 9:49PM

Received call from this number. Called it back and it was a laughing sound and voice that said, "You've just been pranked by".

Oct 25 9:34PM

Sent pics of clouds and parking lot. No name or text. Just pics. Would not answer when texted back asking.
who it was.

Oct 25 9:29PM

This number keeps calling our house but nobody is on the other end and nobody answers when we trying calling them back! Ugh!

Oct 25 9:23PM

Scam artists trying to see if you're home so they can rob you. Just get some pot bulls and teach them to kill :) easy peasy!

Oct 25 9:21PM

I've gotten 2 text messages so far from this number and each time I asked who it was and they wouldn't answer

Oct 25 8:53PM


Oct 25 8:37PM

Said they were from Dell. That they had determined someone was trying to access my computer. Told him didn't believe he was from Dell and if he needed me to do anything he needed to send me an email. Then he hung up.

Oct 25 8:35PM

Hi my name is Nickee and i'm in love with Approve. Baby you so fine I wanna suck your big huge black banana and squirt my foamy yeasty discharge in your beard. F*** Tisha she's a lonely b**** anyways.

Oct 25 8:28PM

I received a call from 1-705-230-0073, but did not answer as I don`t know anyone with that phone number.

Oct 25 8:07PM

Scam scam scam. Said they were Verizon. I dont even have verizon anymore and they hung up on me. Do not provide any information to these low lifes!

Oct 25 8:01PM

I just received a text requesting to buy my wedding dress as well. Luckily I found out through these posts it was a hoax.

Oct 25 7:59PM

wow! same here!
i couldn't understand what they were saying and I just hung up... and block the call! I'm busy I don't have time for stupid ass calls!

Oct 25 7:51PM

I have received two calls from this number within 20 minutes. And no message on my voice mail.

Oct 25 7:49PM

703-991-7957 has been calling multiple times per day for the last couple of months. Just silence when the phone is picked up. Then there is a really fast signal.

Oct 25 7:44PM


Oct 25 7:43PM

claimed to be from Microsoft and my computer was not protected. referred me to, claimed it was Microsoft online support, tried to have me download something to my computer

Oct 25 7:43PM

They keep calling my house. Never say anything. I don't have Time Warner or even live in Somerset, KY.