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Jul 28 4:28PM

I need to know who owns this number because they have been texting me and harassing me. Fmpd won't do anything until I have a name.

Jul 28 4:27PM

I've received several calls from 914-662-9893. Since I did not recognize the number, I did not answer. They did not left a message on my voice mail. When I called back, there was a recording saying the number dialed is not in service.

Jul 28 4:27PM

Robocalls selling a scam, will NOT take you off the no-call list no matter how many times you ask

Jul 28 4:25PM

I have received a few texts from this number...Funny though, it says it's a landline on here..HMMMMM

Jul 28 4:25PM

Individual says they are from the Navarro County (Corsicana Texas) and confirming when we will be in the office to be served papers for a civil matter.

Jul 28 4:23PM

Someone (claim to be from IRS) asking to resolve tax issue and a law suit from the state of CA.
and wants to collect money.

with an Indian accent

Jul 28 4:23PM

me llamaron a Costa Rica, San Jose.

no atendi la llamada pero averiguando este es el lugar del telefono que recibi la llamada.


Jul 28 4:17PM

They have called my number about five times today in approximately three hours. I refuse to answer it!

Jul 28 4:01PM

receiving annoying texts from this number telling me about property for sale and listing the #1800-511-2430

Jul 28 3:58PM

Ha! Thought so I would not give him info, he got testy & said I could represent myself at the courthouse!

Jul 28 3:52PM

This is a total scam. Chatted online asking about a charge to my account and the "Rep" said they required my card #, email, full name, address and zip code to look it up. Also said they are an outsourcing company for health and beauty products, but w...

Jul 28 3:52PM

Called looking for my sister in law who has NEVER lived here.
Said she would be served with court paper's and I told them no one here would accept them and they said we would be committing a Federal Offense. .
They wanted my name, number& SS#. When...

Jul 28 3:45PM

This number called my phone. Did not leave a message. have had too many scammers from mobile numbers in India and reported them to the phone company. I am on the Do Not Call list. Reported them there and to the Better Business Bureau also. Really 5 ...

Jul 28 3:40PM

Just rec'd a call fm 805-408-8326. I answered & no one said anything so I hung up. Then immediately I called that number back & was told it was disconnected!

Jul 28 3:40PM

My husband receives at least 1 - 2 phone calls from this number everyday. He did answer once, and the person said they were collecting on a debt from Priority Health.

Jul 28 3:40PM

Called and apparently didn't hear the message stating no one is available, because the guy asked for me by name but did not leave a message.

Jul 28 3:35PM

Received a text saying I won first place in their contest and to call 4708099117. I haven't entered any contests.

Jul 28 3:33PM

I have received several calls from this number. The calls are very disturbing and obviously made by someone who is not mentally stable.
If they continue, I will call the police in NS to check into this matter.

Jul 28 3:29PM

someone called from this number and when I called back it said disconnected..

Jul 28 3:27PM

Yeah, FRAUD Vista publishing Shawn McGuire, Premier Publishing, Elite Media Golflifeonline, Gold Coast Publishing... Out to scam you customer beware... Call Federal Trade Commission to report Fraud if you have been taken by these thieves

Jul 28 3:16PM

I dont have an account with this compagnie and i dont want to receive another call from this compagnie.

Jul 28 3:13PM

Ils ont pas arrĂȘter de m'appeler sur mon cell.Ils sont vraiment fatigant.

Jul 28 3:13PM

ik werd opgebeld door dit nummer , resultaat = enkele euro weg van mijn belkrediet!!!

Jul 28 3:10PM

"American Cronic Pain Association" calling to offer me a pain relief cream. "press one to verify your shipping information"... press five to notify your health care provider you have denied this product". SCAM!!! My health care provider would not ...

Jul 28 3:08PM

Received call from U.S. government claiming I was selected by demographics to receive $10,000.00. All I have to do is call
202-241-0834 and give the person on the other end my personal I.D.
(GJ994)number to collect my money via Western Union.


Jul 28 3:06PM

I recieved a call from a 911 and was quoted to call this 7869559945 satiny I should call Tony Linda right away to settle a warrant for my arrest I don't have a warrant for my arrest never done nothing.

Ethel Wilkins

Jul 28 3:01PM

I got a text message from this number from somebody claiming to be Nichole and who said they were my server, whatever that's supposed to mean.

Jul 28 2:59PM

Phone call and voice message - Person claims to be Officer Mark (or Mike) Davis, from the Federal Tax Investigation Department. Notifies the call recipient that "you must return my call immediately to take care of the case file and that if you fail ...

Jul 28 2:55PM

I keep getting calls from this number and they address me by first name and she say maman and when I tell her no wrong number she says I am trying to call this number (my number) and she uses different name. eg. my name is Christian and when I say wr...

Jul 28 2:55PM

It's a student outreach program... Not sure if they are a bill collector... They have called my house 3-4 times a day looking for Amanda. No Amanda here, and the number they are calling has been my number for over 20 yrs.