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Dec 19 11:23PM

This is a scam number and he tried to get me I print checks and send them to people calling them payroll. Thank god for this site or I would have thought it was a real job. I hope this helps out other people and tht this doesn't happen to them. I jus...

Dec 19 11:22PM

Don't answer #s I don't know, but that # has been blowing up my phone for the past 3 days, unbelievable!

Dec 19 11:13PM

This a number used to do a publishers clearing house scam. Do not talk to these people!

Dec 19 11:11PM

Calls repeatedly and never leaves a message. If I answer, nothing happens. Really annoying.

Dec 19 10:41PM

They called and said I ate too much at their Chinese buffet 😂😂😂😂

Dec 19 10:20PM


Dec 19 10:11PM

Called but left no message. Mamma always said don't answer unknown numbers.

Dec 19 10:04PM

I received a call from this number from someone claiming they are from "windows" saying my computer had been hacked/compromised.

Dec 19 9:59PM

The number 646-490-2938 called MY house at 9:05p.m. and demanded to speak with my elderly mom who is 80 and invalid! I asked what the call was in reference to and a very RUDE and OBNOXIOUS uneducated, classless ape claimed that it is a "Democrat Vote...

Dec 19 9:44PM

it is a recorded survey saying you have been entered into a $5000 jackpot drawing. It asks some questions then says you have won a $25 Walmart card and then tells you to receive it you must pay a S&H fee. I do not know but feel it is a scam so I di...

Dec 19 9:38PM

The same guy called my work and gave the same story. Mike Stackhouse said he was a 7' tall pilot and had owned property across the street. Daughter needed 190 for landlord. Then he gave another guy Scott my work number and Scott called and said he wo...

Dec 19 9:35PM

This just happen to me! Got a call at my business said someone was on the way to shut off my power in 15 minutes. I needed to get to a circle k and make an immediate Payment. It sounded so fishy to me, kids crying in the background, weird hold mu...

Dec 19 9:26PM

Just received call on my cell phone from this number. Hung up before I could answer. No message left.

Dec 19 9:17PM

This person called me and started spreading rounders about my relationship with my noyfriend

Dec 19 8:52PM

A person named Cheryl left a message a package had been delivered to her home by mistake. Please call 216-265-8523

Dec 19 8:30PM

I received the threats phone calls three times from this number. This is fraud not IRS.

Dec 19 8:27PM

received call from 720-207-2421 at my cell #, didn't recognize # so didn't accept call. no VM left, so no idea of caller. Called back from google voice and got no answer....

Dec 19 8:22PM

recording left on voicemail but diconnectd errer when calling back to find out who called

Dec 19 8:15PM

I received this scam phone call and all the time just threaten me that police will arrest me in 30 mints and take me to the jail for not paying the correct tax amount. IRS doesn't call people directly without Mailing the bill and they don't do this ...

Dec 19 8:13PM

I received a call from 1~800~829~1040, which is an actual IRS phone number. When I called that number back, I was connected to an automated IRS income tax information helpline. All the button navigation worked correctly, and sent me to the pages that...

Dec 19 7:57PM

This is a scam. They tell you that they need a deposit to look for an apartment. It is a lie.

Dec 19 7:55PM

I get several calls a day from this number. When I pick the phone up there is dead silence. When I call the number back I get a recording that that number is not in service. Very Annoying!!!