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Aug 21 4:51AM

Having a text conversation about Burning Man tickets that are being offered for sale

Aug 21 4:28AM

some one call text me to call me and this no is no:+6745590625
who is this pls help me ?

Aug 21 3:26AM

Nice try Dyllon, but no such thing happened. This is a scam and all involved should be prosecuted. They're threats to collect on a nonexistent debt won't work on me.

Aug 21 2:31AM

A young male voice. Called and said hello and then who is this, which was essentially mimicking what I said. I said my name and they said they were CJ. I asked if it was a prank phone call and they said no. He asked my phone number and after givi...

Aug 21 2:12AM

I received a recorded message 8/20/2014 stating it eas the IRS and to call them before legal action.

Aug 21 1:24AM

Winter Haven, Fl
USPS support my use this Fax: number to call back to a person who has requested info about products and services offered by the US Post Office.

Aug 21 1:11AM

I got 6 voicemails from some officer saying I'm in trouble with the IRS...I can't even understand most of what he was saying. Thank goodness for this site -- I know I'm not alone.

Aug 21 12:58AM

This person is sending threatening text messages to my cell phone. I've requested that they stop, because they obviously have the wrong number, yet "he" insists. The signature on the text says "Steve James"

Aug 21 12:40AM

Received a text for craigslist ad offering to send us bank check and arrange shipping later. Seems like a scam.

Aug 21 12:22AM

Sounded like some kids doing prank phone calls. When I hung up they called back & left a message on voice mail. Then they called back again as an "unknown" number. Annoying.

Aug 21 12:11AM

Got the same email for Boston area about my lost phone...wanted my serial number and full ID info. Gave her description of phone but that's it. What a joke

Aug 20 11:55PM

This guy is a very dishonest lying crook. You are crazy to deal with is person.

Aug 20 11:49PM

this is the owner of 8312145299 saying that if i call or text you random gibberish, sorry :P