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Nov 24 2:40PM

Scam call saying they are from the energy company from what I found online

Nov 24 2:31PM

If you don't answer they won't leave a message but they keep calling. AAARGGH!!!

Nov 24 2:28PM

this was the fifth Third Treasury Department returning my call per my request to set up direct deposit for my company. They did leave a message.

Nov 24 2:25PM

Just got a voice mail message from someone saying that I have won $900,000. and a car from their company. Never mentions the company. He said I needed to call them back to schedule delivery time. Knew it was a scam but wanted to see if anyone else ...

Nov 24 2:22PM

This people is been calling over and over, I called back and voice machine said that is a Magic Jack number and is unable to answer

Nov 24 2:19PM

Yes there sendng me threat messages i want to know eho number this is thats made

Nov 24 2:16PM

On voice-mail, the caller identified himself as Ron Lyons, calling from the IRS and asked that I return his call before a warrant was issued for my arrest. Caller spoke in a foreign accent (eastern European?), and spoke haltingly and without emotiona...

Nov 24 2:16PM

This is a con man by the name of COREY LAJOHN RAY or he also goes by.
Corey Ray
Cory Lopez
Core Lopez Ray
Corey Lopez

He is id thief and is extremely dangerous. He has gone to prison for multiple crimes in his life.

Nov 24 2:10PM

I was contacted by someone saying they were from the IRS and it was an emergency. I was to call back for Frank Murphy.

When he got on the phone I was told I was going to jail if I did not talk to one of his lawyers.

I explained that I am on dis...

Nov 24 2:07PM

Very thick accent, claimed to be with Dept of Legal Affairs of the US Treasury. Left a message, did not say who they were trying to reach about this matter. But after trying to intimidate into calling them back, left me with a "God bless you".

Nov 24 2:05PM

They are a 100% verified opportunist criminal scam network. Mostly black muslims ( ex convicts) running a scam funding operation for terrorism. Because they are running it out of their homes/boiler rooms in a group network you can track them down.

Nov 24 2:02PM

Scam. Wal Mart gift card if you pay a processing fee. i imagine you dint get anything for your money.

Nov 24 1:57PM

caller ID showed Thomas E Spence, guy on the phone said he was with Microsoft about a problem I was having. Never reported a problem and he spoke with a very heavy Indian accent. Told him to take me off his list.

Nov 24 1:55PM

Received a call back from Auto Rescuer regarding horrible customer service I received from a driver.

Nov 24 1:53PM

exactly the same message as Alan... tech fraud on my name and to have my attorney call them back or local authorities and release this case against me.

Nov 24 1:49PM

Received text from this number... total scam.... responded to it asking who it was. Person said Guess Who? I replied back. I have no idea who this is. Please tell me. They replied: "let's play a game and claimed they were from my high school." ...

Nov 24 1:49PM

I just got a call frm this number stating it was a survey for Sprint and only 3 questions and I'd get 20.00 off my bill. I answered the questions then he asked for the last 4 digits of my ss #. I gave it to him but felt funny about it's validity. T...

Nov 24 1:38PM

Yes i am receiving continuous missef call from this number...i feel like someone is playing game..

Nov 24 1:30PM

DITTO !!! Angry threatening sounding recorded message - designed to instill fear in the recipient. I did not call as I thought it was a hoax.

Nov 24 1:26PM

Keeps texting and calling me with the same comment "Yooo. Are u coming over?
It is not a wrong number because it would have stopped already. This happened regularly (sometimes multiple times/day) for about 3 months. Now, the idiot is back again. I n...

Nov 24 1:24PM

Left no message... called them back.
"The number you have dialed is not in service, please check the number and dial again."


Nov 24 1:18PM

Same as noted above. I too looked up the name and responded to Dr. Fleming. I am pretty sure this scared him off.

Nov 24 1:14PM

Just got call claiming to sell farm products & were following up on info request. Baloney!!!!!! We did NOT request info! Asked them to send info in mail to us-claimed they were unable to mail. Another line of baloney. Another SCAMMER! Said Maine call...

Nov 24 1:10PM

Just received a phone call from this number and when I called it back I received a message that it was no longer in service.

Nov 24 1:09PM

Every day I receive phone calls from this phone number. A recording says that they will take legal action against someone named Tiffany Taylor. I explained repeatedly that I do not know her and my cell phone number is not her phone number. However,...

Nov 24 1:00PM

I received a video from this number. I don't know who it is, so I have not opened the video. If I find it is from someone I know, I will open it, but otherwise it will be deleted without opening it.

Nov 24 12:56PM

This call was from credit one bank. It is a bill collector for a credit card.

Nov 24 12:55PM

I also just got a call saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me. Assume this is a Hoax