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Mar 31 5:38AM

Our charity received an email from them too, their email is poorly written, however their website seems very well designed and written.

Checking white pages on the organizations name revealed no results = suspicious.

However, I have some time ...

Mar 31 5:26AM

I received an unwarranted text from this number. Please do not contact me ever again!

Mar 31 3:26AM

I received a call from this number, but couldnt attend it and hoping that it might be my interview call..Please help me by giving details of that number

Mar 31 3:23AM

They called me on Skype, left no message - likely a marketing call ... very annoying.

Mar 31 2:41AM

I keep getting herassing text messages from this number i do not know who this is they have started calling but i wont answer. This person is stalking me knowing where i am then texting letting me know they know. Please help asap. Thank you

Mar 31 2:04AM

am Mary i received a call from this number,4133420315 his name was David as well i meet him face to face his such a handsome man im in love with him right now so stay a way you fools

Mar 31 1:38AM

This is a fake number.I got a call from this no. and the person was asking for my bank details like Bank name and debit card details saying that my Debit card has been blocked and if i need to continue I have to provide these details. Please don't pr...

Mar 31 1:00AM

My daughter texted from this number saying she was on the way home and has not yet

Mar 31 12:44AM

This caller tried to use a CON on item I had for sale. Tried to use the "I send you check for $2900 for $900 item, you cash check and hold out your $900 and give balance to the pick-up person when they pick-up item."

Mar 31 12:17AM

Seems to be a couple of giggly girls who enjoy trying to wake people up in the middle of the night. Silly of them to do such things in the age of caller I.D., isn't it. Between caller I.D. and Spokeo it's a cake walk to find out who they are. Wond...

Mar 31 12:12AM

Ok im almost positive this is program/computer its gathering txt data to learn how to conversate like peoples
Next time if txting back time it
It will take 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 minutes
If you want to leave you alone say you are deiving and it will rep...

Mar 31 12:06AM

Got a text telling me to call 1 267 368 4794 if i was single. I didnt respond

Mar 30 11:43PM

Told me they were yahoo and for 199.00 they could fix my computer but I shut them down and ran virus and malware scan and restarted computer

Mar 30 11:38PM

Rude female calls me and asks who's this and gets indignant when you won't answer who you are first

Mar 30 11:37PM

Just texted with this message. (message me back if your single) Don't know who it is, probable a spammer

Mar 30 10:31PM

This number is being used for a scam. Calling themselves pretrial processing. If they call get a name and note the phone number they are calling from. Report to police..

Mar 30 10:24PM

Be prepared to do WU for first time payment but he's 100% legit. Good hook we do cash now

Mar 30 10:22PM

just picked up a 100 pack for less than I pay for 60 of em. Finally a dude thats not sketchy

Mar 30 10:21PM


Mar 30 10:19PM