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Jul 23 10:05PM

Received 5 messages on my answer machine today. It's a scam, and last year I received similar ones.
Just wondering how to catch these criminals, and make them pay.

Jul 23 10:03PM

Yes, this woman is tormenting a dead girls mother!!! If anyone has any information on who this phone number belongs to, please provide the name! God Bless

Jul 23 10:03PM

Someone is pretending to be my friend and is texting people from this number, who is it?

Jul 23 9:53PM

My wife received this text as well. Never call a number texted to you if you do not know it. I, nor my wife banks at BOA, but if we did, we would call then bank's number on our card.

Jul 23 9:53PM

Received the following text from this number: "Hi Phillip it's Rose I have not heard from you in a while. Are u back in town?" My name isn't Phillip and I haven't been out of town for a while

Jul 23 9:42PM

Claiming to be AAA (American Automobile Association), which I have no business with. They wanted to confirm my renewal of a membership. When I called to complain that I've never been a AAA member and am on a do not call list they apologized… said ...

Jul 23 9:36PM

I'm not sure whose calling. There's an automated system that comes on in Spanish. I'm receiving calls all night and voicemails.

Jul 23 9:35PM

Its is my own pgone, i wanted to know if you can actually find out who i am... –Mr.Taco

Jul 23 9:29PM

Goes by CMSgt Daniel Moyers, USAF, just transferred to Alaska from Omaha, and doesn't need a 2003 Harley FLHTCU, so is selling for $4200. Same ebay invoice scam, and the male that called from ebay sounded like from India. When I told him I was a re...

Jul 23 9:23PM

I don't know who's number this is, but he totally left me a text about having sex with him.

Jul 23 9:16PM

Claimed they were taking a "survey", so they can skirt telemarketing regulations.

Jul 23 9:12PM

Same with me, I've had 2 missed calls and answered 2 times and no one answers

Jul 23 9:03PM

Received a call from 734-419-1898 saying I won a prize package. The voice was mechanical sounding. I listened to the pitch but was disconnected from the call. beware

Jul 23 8:59PM

Yes for our boat. Same message as above : Is your listed Boat on autotrader still up for sale? If yes get back to me on my email: for further correspondence. His email response was sketchy also.

Jul 23 8:57PM

Asking for info regarding auto accident, said they were calling for hospital

Jul 23 8:39PM

I've gotten a couple of calls from here,but no message..this is the 3rd one lately after giving my # to Chrysler warranty insurance.Really ticks me off because I bet they sold my number.I"m blocking all 3 numbers.

Jul 23 8:26PM

They asked me to fill up a form for refund of merchant transactions of american express card. They asked me for banking information. When I called at their given number. The girl name shows that she is from india and the voice message on the phone n...

Jul 23 8:19PM

Tri-County Collection Bureau
24901 Northwstrn Hwy 30, Ste 300
Southfield, MI,

Jul 23 8:16PM

A fraudulent call from "Diedra" with "CDR" implying I owed money and they were seeking to help me resolve it voluntarily.

Jul 23 8:12PM

This is another number that Daniel Cruz , or Melvin somebody is using as IRS agents
Stating that you will be arrested for tax fraud. When he leaves message, he does not identify whom he is looking for. And if you call back the number, they will as...

Jul 23 8:03PM

I was called by this number on July 18th as well and again today. It says the same thing about not being in service.

Jul 23 8:00PM

I had 3 missed calls from this number the last one leaving a voice to text message saying ''You're gay _____ Yeah''

Jul 23 7:50PM

Same as DY they had heavy Indian accent and they worked for the IRS Fraud Dept. and a warrant will be issued for my arrest this evening. They also said I had wired money to Greece fraudulantly without paying taxes. Don't know what these Idiots are up...

Jul 23 7:47PM

My husband has received 3 or 4 calls from this number. Each time he has answered it, except the 1st time, the caller hung up. When he answered the phone, no one would speak up.

Jul 23 7:43PM

Got like 15 calls yesterday and 6 today from this number so I answered. This was for student loans, they told me right away I qualified for the student loan forgiveness program. Transferred me to some ghetto person, I felt like it was a scam so I tol...

Jul 23 7:36PM

Googled Century Link Tech Support and got this number. I was told that I would lose my computer entirely if I did not get it fixed right away, and that only highly specialized people could do it. I was feeling uncomfortable, but also very stressed ...

Jul 23 7:32PM

Got a text with a link saying to click on it in order to see them. NOT happening.

Jul 23 7:24PM

It is a company called American document Preparation. They help prepare documents for mortgage related issues

Jul 23 7:24PM

SCAMMER! Requests Texts only. Send emails to join Mystery Shopping with his agency. Then, send a check for $2240.00 to my address requesting I deposit it then withdraw the money then "complete the job" by purchasing Several Money Pak credit cards and...