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Apr 25 2:07PM

Some foreign scammers, stating that redbox's lines are busy & giving you an $100 gift offer as a result thru walmart.

they just need your visa or mastercard info & make a payment of $5 bucks to start the shipping process.

I do not give info. l...

Apr 25 2:04PM

I have been getting calls from this number every few days and it is listed as UNASSIGNED.

Apr 25 1:40PM

Mislead me to believe that they were with the United States Treasury and going to award me 7800 dollars

Apr 25 1:35PM

This is a telemarketing number!!! Wish they would stop, I have please do not call the these calls are coming every day.

Apr 25 1:18PM

Text said:
SUBJ:Im Feeling Kinda Horny Tonight.

Apr 25 1:16PM

This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by failing to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, and still further by playing a ...

Apr 25 1:14PM

have been receiving calls from this number for days now, they leave no message.

Apr 25 1:06PM

Received a call from this number asking for a member of the household, whose name was not even pronounced correctly. When asked who was calling, the reply was "criminal investigations", & nothing further. When further questioned they hung up.

Apr 25 12:40PM

It's not a scam. This is the number that pops up when you receive a call from an inmate locked up in a prison. In order to talk to them, you must put at least $25 on your phone or they have to put money on their phone time with money that's sent to t...

Apr 25 12:40PM

They claim to be the IRS and they said it was final notice. The IRS would be filing a suit against me. I believe it is a scam.

Apr 25 12:28PM

just like both of the above post A man with a heavy indian accent identified himself as Alex Ferguson when he left a voice message threatening me, "Return his call or face a felony criminal action."

Apr 25 12:16PM

Unfortunately, I've got the same issue. I keep getting pop-ups that walk up my computer with that 1877 number. I just tried calling it, and they wanted access to my computer to check for some sort of detection for malware or antivirus issue. I hung u...

Apr 25 12:13PM

Didn't answer the call, called it back, it went to someone's voicemail that sounded like 'Thelma squar'.

Apr 25 12:08PM

I couldn't understand a word she said, so I just told her I wasn't interested and I hung up.

Apr 25 12:02PM

From Direct Buy, i suppedly submitted a coupon which I know is bs, I know they never stop Just told him I didn't, he was a liar, and never to call this # again, then hung up.

Apr 25 11:52AM

SUBJ:Im Feeling Kinda Horny Tonight.
How do I report this or block?? I text and called the number and told them to stop!!! That didn't work

Apr 25 11:46AM

I think that it is a college, I filled out and application online then as soon as I check the box to be called they called me but i didn't answer it and they didn't leave a message.

Apr 25 11:31AM

this is third day I am receiving these calls. I never answer and they never leave message.

Apr 25 11:20AM

SUBJ:want to watch my Bra disapear on my cam?
MSG:Reply Back

Apr 25 11:05AM

Had voicemail from this number (it was automated) stating it was Officer Nicki Johnson from the IRS and that I needed to call back before action was taken against me. I tried to return the call back and a man answered with a foreign accent and when ...

Apr 25 11:01AM

This is SPAM for some type of insurance plan. press (9) for their Do Not Call list. I'm already registered for Do Not Call how can they still call?

Apr 25 10:57AM

Call from (860) 592-8087
April 24, 2015 - Friday
Msg. left by telemarketer: "Hello, you have been specially selected to receive a valuable gift; please call us back immediately to claim your item.....

Apr 25 10:25AM

j ai recu un appel d eux et quand j ai voulu rappeler on m a dit que ce numéro n est pas en service quand ils ont téléphoné chez moi c était tout en anglais et on me demandait de faire le 1 j ai raccroché sans rien faire il y a aussi un aut...

Apr 25 9:16AM

Marxist-Lenonist propagandist anti-American group in MD. Tries to unite blacks against the USA. (American Party of Labor).
Funds and leads protests and demonstrations of blacks against police and government. Anything to disrupt business or paint USA...

Apr 25 8:20AM

Another scanner sending post cards claiming potential business compliance problems. Yeah an official notification from a government organization on post card. Right.

Apr 25 7:55AM

Caller said they were from legal services trying to locate someone I do not know.