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Latest Comments

Oct 31 2:31AM

Is this a company called Office of Recovery Solutions? I believe this is a scam.

Oct 31 2:21AM

Scam for a $100 Walmart gift card. They try to make you pay "shipping and handling" for this card that you "won." We got them by mistake trying to call B of A. B of A's number is 866-692-9374 - called these guys by mistake and the scamming started. :...

Oct 31 1:35AM

Random bothersome and disturbing messages from this number. I have a feeling I might know who it is, but this person refuses to tell me his/her/its name

Oct 31 1:11AM

Called and asked me if I know how to cook pumpkin seeds. When I said no, he asked if I wanted a free lap dance from a person dressed like a teddy bear. I have no idea who this person is.

Oct 31 1:08AM

This is a scam as everyone stated. Encountered the same thing, said they wanted me to ship my phone to their son in Africa for an extra $200 & pay me $50 more than I was asking.

Oct 31 1:01AM

This is a scam as listed in the comment above. The man hung up when I refused to give him some of my personal information. Remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is....

Oct 31 12:20AM

They call every day and never leave a message. I don't answer because I know its a scam. They started calling about a week ago and sometimes very early in morning. I don't have call block on my home phone so can't stop them. Low life has nothing bett...

Oct 30 11:43PM

My fiance was contacted from this number. He was all happy but I told him to doodler thee number before he did anything and this was the first thing that popped up. We won't be contacting them back. Thanks for the info.

Oct 30 11:20PM

asked for me I said I was working, asked when was a better time, but did not say who or why they were calling. ID said unavailable.

Oct 30 11:03PM

Someone called me three times today with this bogus number. I tried calling this number and I got a message saying this number is not in service

Oct 30 10:54PM

Yep. Same story here but my father-in-law decided to call the number to fish for information. It went nowhere fast and ended with the guy on the other end of the call saying that local police would arrive to arrest me within 15 minutes. Funny and cre...

Oct 30 10:51PM

Called me today October 30, 2014. No message. Called the number back and "number you have called is not in service". SPAM call.

Oct 30 10:27PM

This scammer emailed us about a house listing asking for security depsoit in return for keys. The listing was way below market price in a nice area. Seemed fishy from the start. Beware beware.

Oct 30 10:22PM

Yes. I have. Is there a way to find out what this person looks like with this phone number?

Oct 30 10:14PM

They claimed to be the department of legal affairs and if I did not
call back I would be in big trouble
Can hardly speak English it should at least sound professional right

Oct 30 10:11PM

these are scammers trying offers prizes with $4.95 and $5.95 shipping costs. They are no way affiliated with Netflix. Netflix's # is 1-866-579-7172. These scammers also have a "customer service" # if you have questions about your billing: 1-877-87...

Oct 30 10:11PM

I received a call from my step son Charles Bulluck from this number. I am not able to accept collect calls with my service but am happy to know he is alive. If this is a fax number as it sounds send this message. he must contact me by mail at po b...

Oct 30 9:39PM

Do not accept phone calls or text messages. This company is out of Switzerland wanting to set up interviews using Yahoo Messenger.

Oct 30 9:38PM

Received a text from this number in response to a Craigslist add.
Number only wanted my address. Craigslist add was posted in tn far from tn origins

Oct 30 9:38PM

I got the same text. But it's more creeper because it was my real first name they said. They said my nickname that only the people that are closest to me.

Oct 30 9:33PM

Yeah some guy who can't speak English wont stop calling me asking for his job back when I don't even own company go figure

Oct 30 9:26PM

My girlfriend applied for a job on Craigslist and got a reply from Dina who gave her this number to contact her with a personal assistant position.

Oct 30 9:20PM

I received a contact for someone called Olivia @ +674 559 0625‬ via Whatsapp. The number was sent by an Indian mobile +91 88 82 506308. I assume it's spam.

Oct 30 9:19PM

Called and said they were calling from a radio station. They didn't ask for any personal info tho but very random