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Oct 24 12:06PM

Just received a text from this guy wanting to mail me a check for furniture. Is this guy legit?

Oct 24 11:58AM

Yes I received a phone call from this number saying I won a million dollars

Oct 24 11:57AM

Yes, the caller said he was calling from the USA Federal Government. but the accent was middle eastern. I could barely understand him. I hung up after letting know I knew it was a scam without letting him talk.

Oct 24 11:56AM

5 calls a day!! No one there when I answer and a recording that says the number isn't in use when I call back immediately...annoying!!

Oct 24 11:56AM

I received a voicemail from this number stating that someone had filed a complaint on me. that I needed to either press 1 or call back with a reference number. What type of scam is this?

Oct 24 11:49AM

Called he sounded rushed said his name was Sam White wanted to speak to my Husband its personal I said let me see when he is available. He hung up.

Oct 24 11:47AM

This rude man said he was calling from Americans for Prosperity. Don't let the name fool you. They are a right wing group that are trying to give our individual rights to large, multinational corporations.

He kept talking over me and there was no...

Oct 24 11:42AM

I been getting a lot of calls showing up on my phone bill from this number i called the phone company and they said it a problem there aware of and trying to fix. Not sure who owns the number but ive called it several times and never got an answer. H...

Oct 24 11:39AM

Receiving calls from above number, do not know anyone in New Albany, Ohio. Stop these calls!!

Oct 24 11:36AM

Whats going on are these people scammers or not im not about to pay my money to no scammers theyre calling family members saying something about fraud

Oct 24 11:27AM

Fake Texter to buy your items for sale on Craigslist for a childrens charity. No response.

Oct 24 11:23AM

Got the same recorded message from this caller twice today. "Hi. This message is intended to contact you. My name is Steve Martin and I'm calling regarding an enforcement action executed by the US Treasury intending [sic] your serious attention. ...

Oct 24 11:18AM

Spanish language only. I think it is some type of solicitation in Spanish. Sounds like a call center given the background noise.

Oct 24 11:15AM

called me a few minutes ago on my private cell phone, they ended up hanging up on me ANNOYING

Oct 24 11:06AM

Scammer wanting to buy my truck unseen, if I send him some of the money back in cash first.

Oct 24 10:58AM

fraud pretending to be the IRS do not give them any information. when i asked to speak to someone who speaks english he hung the phone up. DO NOT ANSWER

Oct 24 10:57AM

fraud pretending to be the IRS do not give them any information. when i asked to speak to someone who speaks english he hung the phone up. DO NOT ANSWER

Oct 24 10:43AM

I got the same threat message and when I called back he couldn't give me any information to prove he was who he said he was.

Oct 24 10:35AM

text messages from this creep in Sarasota, Florida

Oct 24 10:32AM

Hi I just received a call while I was in a meeting and I'm not sure what it is

Oct 24 10:29AM

Scammer. Contacted me off Craigslist ad wants me to ship because of some SOB Story.

Oct 24 10:28AM

Left a message on my machine. "This is Julie Smith from the IRS. Do not disregard this message. You must call our hotline at 202-241-8730 before we take legal action. Thank you and take care."

Oct 24 9:52AM

Received a Text wanting to purchase products on Kijiji and send them to Nigeria, they sent a fake Paypal payment confirmed by PayPal. I never sent products. Beware.
He is also using 574-635-6731 and 705-417-5013 and using a fake Email money transfer...

Oct 24 9:51AM

Someone called from this number claiming to be my insurance agent. But my insurance agent had not called, and on every call back the phone just rings.

Oct 24 9:39AM

Got a call and then they hang up... called back and it was Access Counseling. I see they are a bankrupcty counseling on the internet.