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Latest Comments

Jul 24 7:55AM

My friend repeated call on this number. Please find me the number who called..

Jul 24 7:46AM

I recevied 30 calls fron this number within the last 3 days. very threating,racal slurs,nasty comments.

Jul 24 7:45AM

I also received email and saying that im accepted at the netcare training and i must pay R140 at pick n pay and boxer for accomodation bookings and cellphone number on the email itsalways on voicemail and landline its just ringing or going to fax lin...

Jul 24 7:20AM

Sir. Some one from this no calling my wife and talking volgur. Pls let me know the person.

Jul 24 7:14AM

How did they get my bank account number? My bank is processing a fraud charge and disputing it. I never heard of this company. Also for $38.48.

Jul 24 6:17AM

I have but didn't take it cuz I'm not sure who it's this and I live en the eu so no way I'm taking that

Jul 24 6:05AM

tamzin on animal jam there is a hacker and she wants to get rid of him he hacks her freinds family and she does not like it

Jul 24 5:34AM

I also got a phone call from this number saying they are from sars, I phoned the number back and it rings but goes over to voicemail after a while

Jul 24 4:54AM

calling my mother at 4 AM! when I call back I get a fax tone. I am blocking ASAP

Jul 24 4:44AM

Got a text from this number saying that they have purchased a home here in Hawaii and wanted to know if I do bathroom remodeling. Here's the text:

Hello and how are you doing today? I want to confirm if you do bathroom remodeling services if yes p...

Jul 24 3:54AM

Had a prank phone call from this number from a young a guy and a girl at 12:50 a.m.

Jul 24 3:34AM

My daughter is being threatened by a former classmate from this number. I need to speak with her parents or call police

Jul 24 3:31AM

My daughter is being threatened by a former classmate from this number. I need to speak with her parents or call police

Jul 24 3:12AM

Have numerous calls from this number with rude comments then click. Want it to stop

Jul 24 2:47AM

This person/s post newer cars whith 193low millage and
Chep,but they just want your money!!

Jul 24 1:39AM

He sells shoe's on various sites like instagram, he scammed my son my son bought some shoes from him and he never sent them, beware, his online names are SNKRCOMPANY and Solecollectorheat, he also uses phone number 213-519-5491.

Jul 24 1:12AM

This is fraud number they are requesting money to send keys to a house being shown by someone else

Jul 24 1:05AM

Some *** named Courtney wanted to know about some furniture I had posted on Craigslist. I asked how she was going to get it to Georgia. No answer. Haha.

Jul 24 1:00AM

Strange # answered and line was dead.... would like more info re: 3109992909

Jul 24 12:52AM

Time 12:46 am... Sounds like an emergency, but not sure... It say's - Help mE plEaSE

Jul 24 12:51AM

Got a call from 3852077050 one night and told them I wasn't interested and then I got a phone call the next night from this number but the same company... I wasn't interested before and I sure as hell am not interested now. If you want me to trust yo...

Jul 24 12:36AM

who is this phone numbers? Is her name Carol Gonzalez?
she said she is Nigeria for stuck almost 3 or 4 years. Is it true?

Jul 24 12:29AM

I did, asking me If I was going to clean air?? Whatever's that supposed to mean??