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Latest Comments

Dec 19 8:16AM

Scammer claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House, wanting a cash card to claim the prize.

Dec 19 7:49AM

Since they called me about ten times after I told them to stop calling,the next time I'm going to have them come out to install my free alarm system so I can tell them in peson not to call me.

Dec 19 7:30AM

This person or robocaller calls 2 or 3 times a day. When I choose to answer there's only a couple of seconds of silence, then a hangup. I called the number once but it didn't even ring, just got silence, then some clicks, then more silence. If thi...

Dec 19 7:15AM

called my x husband been divorced 25 yrs wanted him to sign for a package. is this not illegal? very aggressive! have no idea how they even tracked him down.

Dec 19 4:36AM

Crazy stalker who speaks some kind of south Asian language likes to call early in the morning and leave long voicemail of himself talking and laughing. Block!

Dec 19 3:04AM

I just received a phone call from this number. It was almost midnight. An Indian-sounding guy was telling me that my Microsoft computer had been compromised. I do not even have a Microsoft computer.

I told him that I thought this was a prank, and...

Dec 19 1:00AM

Scam number to a fake entrust energy agent.
A pushy agent came up and inquired that he could lower my costs.
Upon giving him info, and then refusing, he ran to scam the next door neighbor.
This number was the one that called me.

Dec 19 12:52AM

Yeah, I pay my taxes. Why would I be in trouble with the irs? Figured it was a scam! Looks like I was right!

Dec 19 12:45AM

I gave this guy a ride and he run of with out paying. That was a $67.00 ride I wasted my time gas and money! Shame on him!!!

Dec 19 12:38AM

Got 4 text messages from this # at 11:00 at night . Was called names and told them check who they were calling/ texting multiple times. So I called and got called more names. Got more messages after called again and whoever was on the other side of ...

Dec 19 12:31AM

I'm on the no call list and this number called Me while I was asleep and didn't leave a voice message at all what jerks calling at 8:30 at night

Dec 19 12:23AM

This person was impersonating a pch staff member and asking for me to give info and send money

Dec 18 11:41PM

i went about a week without hearing from him, and now he called about 7 or 8 times tonight. i'm just letting my manager know about it.

Dec 18 11:36PM

Just received a call from this number but did not answer. However, I sent that number an sms and the sms went through with no problems, indidcating that it's a good chance that it's another mobile number.

Dec 18 11:22PM

received a call from a very strange man, said his name was James Carver, with a heavy foreign accent and either limited english or intelligence. He claimed to wqork for the government grant department and that I had randomly won $9000 grant, very str...

Dec 18 11:13PM

He was attorney general and I will b arrest for fraud and can't give me a copy of the application.

Dec 18 11:11PM

Voice message claiming that IRS is filing a lawsuit against me

then I decided to do a look up on Google and found this site. Apparently I'm not the only one so I'm leaving a comment, signedr Ed in Texas/1-202-738-1233.

Dec 18 10:52PM

Received call from 667-308-8069 and they hung up after I answered.
Searched this phone number and seems like located in MD.

Dec 18 10:40PM

I missed the call. Perhaps it was someone who couldn't wait. Maybe someone in trouble. I'm alone and frightened...

Dec 18 10:35PM

Called my cell, but left no message as well. Phone indicated it was from Maryland when the number was calling me.

Dec 18 10:19PM

Said that my computer is transmitting info that is indicating a problem and asked me to get to my computer

Dec 18 10:03PM

This Stupid person have listed "My Home" in California on Zillow for sale or rent. A friend alert me on this add and she had contacted him claiming to be Mr Vazquez with a Middle East accent and requested $500 from my friend to secure the sale which ...

Dec 18 9:55PM

yes i did i want to know who this is, they tried to have me send them pictures of myself