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Nov 22 3:11AM

Have no idea what this woman's name is however she and my husband have been having an affair. I tried to confront her after kicking him out - since she was well aware that he was married, however she just replied "lol"

Nov 22 2:51AM

they called and said i got "trolled" and that in egyptian that means thank you very much

Nov 22 1:45AM

Received text msgs frm this person/number who's interested in purchasing a ring frm my boyfriend! The communications have been rather fishy so I'm curious who this number belongs to!

Nov 22 1:36AM

A lady called from this number asking for my husband and said she was from Yodle. I told her to call back in about an hour when he would be available, but I did not receive a return call.

Nov 22 1:36AM

This number had text me saying that she had a video of her and my boyfriend together and that if I try to figure out who she is she is goin to post this video on Facebook and send it to my mother

Nov 22 12:04AM

This woman if she can be called that is a Troll! She's a killer too! Killed her 1st born Son because he looked too much like his father!! She's known to steal personal property,husbands as well as wives. She loves cake and the smell of her own feet! ...

Nov 21 11:57PM

Received a call from this number that sounded like two people arguing with each other

Nov 21 11:57PM

yes, I have recieved a text from this number i believe is a friend texting me.

Nov 21 11:38PM

Breanne - ME TOO!!!!! From 2009-2013, the owner of this number strung me along in a long-distance "relationship" or whatever... She claimed her name was Heather. I NEVER found out who was really behind the voice on the other end of the phone. Does an...

Nov 21 11:33PM

Yes, if its them posing as Google, they have called me many times, and I had told them I'm not interested.

Nov 21 11:32PM

Received a text message "Woo Hoo" that is obviously intended to make you call back. They are serial-dialing numbers because someone with a number similar to mine got the exact same message about 10 minutes after I received mine. Suggest you block t...

Nov 21 11:31PM

my husband called this number 5 times and I'm trying to find out what it is for when you call this number it just beeps a few times to longer beeps then sounds like a fax machine number but i really don't think it is please help me find out I really ...

Nov 21 11:30PM

my husband called this number 5 times and I'm trying to find out what it is for when you call this number it just beeps a few times to longer beeps then sounds like a fax machine number but i really don't think it is please help me find out I really ...

Nov 21 11:16PM

A man identifying himself (sounds like his name was 'Coffee')as a technician from Comcast saying he has a work order to shut down my service. He stated my account was behind and wants me to call him back. I called Comcast and was connected to the Fr...

Nov 21 11:15PM

Theyve called me every other day for the last 2 weeks. I tried to call back and just get a busy signal.

Nov 21 10:46PM

Just got the same call from mark Anderson. Exact same thing as WN happened word for word. We looked the phone number up and saw your comments. I am so glad we were able to find out that it was a scam. Thanks guys!

Nov 21 10:42PM

United Insurance Advisors - Beleive this is SPAM as I have not been looking for any Insurance either personally nor online!

Nov 21 10:09PM

Number calls repetitively but no voice when picked up, when calling back no one answers.

Nov 21 10:00PM

8888920546 Mobile Number
Mobile Number
Service Provider

scam !!!!!!!!!

Nov 21 9:58PM

scammer going by the name Stephen Cronin,,hes trying to tell me hes from Toronto Canada,,hes on meet me...just gave me this number..

Nov 21 9:48PM

It sounded like a threat from a debt collector for PAMF. I have one outstanding bill, but I can't find it online, and plan to pay by check. I doubt that this is for real. It sounded seedy.

Nov 21 9:36PM

Fishing for credit card information using an automated voice message claiming to represent Expedia. Automated voice claims credit card needed to collect 2000 travel dollars and book a hotel. Beware the fraud, the call originates from Western Washingt...

Nov 21 9:35PM

Phone call with this message: The very second you receive this message we need you to call us back on the IRS Hotline 410-690-3126. The issue is very time sensitive so before the IRS takes any legal action against your name, call the IRS as soon as p...

Nov 21 9:20PM

Said name was Ashley. Called my number twice looking for Christina. Told not to call again. At first also received a text "This is Ashley."

Nov 21 8:52PM

this number has been emotionally harassing me for about a month now :( idk who it is.

Nov 21 8:26PM

looking into all stories and reading posts online looks surely like a scam. Anyway here are the steps to be taken right away in case if it happens with somebody else:
1. Report to the local police
2. Put an alert on both Equafax and Transunion
3. ...

Nov 21 8:20PM

SCAM- Utilities scam- Claimed they would be here to turn off power in 45 minutes w/o payment through Dollar Tree Moneygram. Called our power company and confirmed the FRAUD. Be careful! The strange thing was that he knew more information than we ...