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Oct 21 7:57PM

Called three times again today and won't talk or leave a message. Annoying!!!!

Oct 21 7:53PM

This number keeps calling me but no one is on the line. I call back same thing no one is on the line

Oct 21 7:51PM

yeah actually I did & it's annoying. I find it fishy on how I got a text from someone a pinger message too but I get a call right after & they blew up my phone

Oct 21 7:43PM

I received a message stating urgent message from Bank of America. I was suspicious so I called the 800 number for Bank of America and they reported that this is a SCAM. Do not give out any information

Oct 21 7:43PM

I received a message stating urgent message from Bank of America. I was suspicious so I called the 800 number for Bank of America and they reported that this is a SCAM. Do not give out any information

Oct 21 7:40PM

$2.00 charge on my bank statement. I did not authorize any auto renewal, nor was I given any notice. If this is People or Time, both of which I do not subscribe, I am perplexed as to how to get in touch with whoever is issuing this charge. My bank ha...

Oct 21 7:39PM

Bank of America - Urgent Message. Call 908-242-3031 I have an account with them however guaranteed scam.

Oct 21 7:39PM

Scam. Pretended to be from Bank of America.
Asked for full social security number. Claimed
there was a problem with card. Don't give it.

Oct 21 7:38PM

Called, said nothing on my machine for a while. It sounded like a bar or crowded place in the background, then a woman asked for me by name after half a minute or so. She hung up after a minute when I didn't answer. I'm in Alaska and it was an Anchor...

Oct 21 7:38PM

Yes I have this person is blackmailing me making me pay money to the Philippines for pictures she or he has of me. I want them caught now they already got 50 dollars from me. Now asking for more PLEASE HELP!!!! They are now asking for more money!!!

Oct 21 7:36PM

A man called me and asked whether I'll be interested to hear about some promotions they are going to have. I told him I'm not interested.

Oct 21 7:33PM

just got a text from this number. I don't bank with BoA either, however my credit card is through BoA. regardless, this message would be phone call or an email clearly marked from BoA. definitely scam.

Oct 21 7:32PM

Scammers y'all! I have reported them to The NC State Attorney General's Office, blocked their calls and they then started calling a family member in NJ! They are scam artists! They won't give you information as to who they are. Block them and don't g...

Oct 21 7:31PM

Got the same message. Went into local branch of B of A. They said I was the third person to check on it in an hour. Pure Scam.

Oct 21 7:24PM

I am so sick of these people , they call 4-5 times a day an I'm on the do not call registry but they only speak Spanish an when you go to tell them not to call they hang up I have tired to call the number back an it says it's a none working number gr...

Oct 21 7:23PM

they ask for your full social security number. BOA would never ask for this!

Oct 21 7:21PM

Repeated calls from this number, never a message, never anybody there if I pick up, just a click and a disconnect if I return the call. What's with that?

Oct 21 7:15PM

they use scary tactic to get money from people. They said it was a legal matter. however, if it was a legal lawsuit, they would of mailed a certify letter of the suit. i call them out on their scam and told them do not call again. These company get ...

Oct 21 7:15PM

Received a text on my phone stating "Bank of America-Urgent Message" Call 908-242-3031. I don't bank with BOA. Must be a scam.

Oct 21 7:13PM

this is some scam out of India claiming to be Microsoft Windows Support and I must contact them about a virus I have in my WINDOWS environment. I HAVE a MAC! I called them and they wanted money to remove the virus on my MAC in my Safari browser.

Oct 21 7:11PM

I have a text from this number that says xoxo. who is this from? my business number is 9490633-1301. This is West Coast Yoga

Oct 21 7:03PM

Réseau Hommes Québec, de Jonquiere je ne peux communiquer avec vous. Pour communiquer avec moi: Réjean Vachon 418-547-2461

Oct 21 7:00PM

I automatically thought it was a scammer when I heard the shady background noise. They terribly introduce themselves, most of the time not knowing who's speaking. I've gotten these kinds of calls before and the people on the other line are always nas...

Oct 21 6:56PM

Have received multiple phone calls from this number with nobody on the line when the call is answered. It attacks all of our business lines. Very big nuisance. It's like robodialing and testing the lines and it is a huge disruption.

Oct 21 6:55PM

They have called me twice today and hung up on me twice. They claim to be from Windows and say your computer is sending reports about a malicious virus that Norton and McAfee cannot detect. I asked them to send me screenshots outlining the steps they...

Oct 21 6:46PM

Got called 4 times today.. Couldn't understand him saying that our window was sending errors... He sounded India.. I started talking crazy and he hung up on me... SCAM!!!!!

Oct 21 6:39PM

got a call from 949-536-8207. he sounded black or indian asking for jennifer lopez. i told him he had the wrong number and i hung up the phone . i also got like 6-7 more calls from some Indian i'm guessing they are from India because they have a supe...

Oct 21 6:37PM

This is a dating site scammer. He will be patient in texting or facebook messaging. Then one day he wants to call. Then it's "I need money" ... He will tell you he's moving to your area with his daughter. He has done this countless times...He's East ...

Oct 21 6:37PM

scammers. Using a variation on the nigerian scam. say they have a website you used to own, that it has generated money through google adwords, and if you send them money to renew "your licence" they will send you the money. using the names Greg Wa...

Oct 21 6:36PM

Just received a call from this number. Didn't answer it. Caller didn't leave a message. I called it back and got a recording that it was disconnected/no longer in service.