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May 27 9:11AM

On May 26 I got a call from this number telling me that my computer was sending alerts to them and that they were a Microsoft (windows) support firm. Stupidly, I let them look into my computer after I asked questions which they answered and I saw wh...

May 27 9:06AM

Аннушка,здравствуй!С Днём рождения!Ваня.

May 27 9:02AM

I got the same call and they said the same thing and even called my brother and jobS these people legitimate.

May 27 9:01AM

Received a call from this number at 4:10am this morning (05/27/2015). There was no voice mail message left. This is a SCAM!

May 27 8:50AM

Psycho on match dot com sends out rude emails to women saying they look like him. He has no photo but trawls the sites being a slob

May 27 8:30AM

they are no. 1 fraud people and they call you and cheat you on credit cards saying they will redeem your credit card payments

May 27 8:28AM

They claim to be gmail security and tell you that someone has your information.

May 27 8:19AM

Caller ID said, but hung up when I answered at 8:10 a.m.??? No message or recording...just a click...

May 27 8:00AM

This is the phone attached to a rental property at 126 W. 8th Street in Conshohocken, PA. Please be warned that the owner of this is a PHYSCHO landlord. She will act like she is a broker dealing with the landlord but in reality she is the landlord an...

May 27 7:55AM

they keep calling me. They never leave a message. I won't pick up the phone, but looked up this number and found rhis page.

May 27 7:46AM

My computer locked up advising me not to restart or I will lose all my data. I called number and spoke to "Mike" who helped me figure the problem and then told me he could clean all my devices up for $299. I hung up then.

May 27 7:37AM

Yes at 3:30 am this morning!! They let it ring and let it ring , 8 finally pick up and it's someone whispering something , I wasn't sure of .

May 27 7:32AM

This was our disconnected landline. Yet to many websites list this as our number.By now it should be reassigned.

May 27 7:05AM

Toler Tech is all shades of scam. They asked me for a check. Really- this isn't the 1980's anymore... A tech company only takes checks? They get angry and sell your number to other scam artists who call daily. Do a Google Map Search of this address...

May 27 5:45AM

Happy Belated Memorial Day! its Katherine this is my new# I changed it bc got weird txt from the ad- still want 2 cuddle? This is they said lol

May 27 5:06AM

I am in Australia and this number showed up as a text message along with 2 bizarre texts. One saying "please don't call unless it's an emergency" and another "my mannnnaaagerrr" I have never bought from This company and have no idea how they got my...

May 27 2:41AM

I have receive a call from this number and we go into a business which turn out to be a scam i send to them 1000usd and never got my order.
It's a scam number and it should be blocked

May 27 2:12AM

I received two texts a day or two apart from this phone number. Both were loan offers. One was a small amount (like a pay-day loan). The other was a "business loan" -- same day approval with next day funding -- from $10,000 to $2 Million.

This ...

May 27 2:00AM

Dumb hoodrat keeps calling and texting me in ebonics. Criminal talking about robbing people.

May 27 12:29AM

This is a low life. Using a stolen cell phone, she has it on Virgin mobile and Verzion too. same phone number.
She is operating here in California and is using the old love scam,on guys allover the US.

May 27 12:24AM

Got spammed twice with the exact same message within one minute about sports betting

May 27 12:03AM

Called my phone . haven't told anyone number. Decided to txt the number. No reply.

May 26 11:59PM

Definitely a scam currently preying on the Bay Area. I just had the EXACT same email as Chita, above, with the exception of the poster pretending to be a guy named Dennis Fullum.

I went and checked out the place he was pretending to rent and it wa...

May 26 11:37PM

These guys from "JW Sports" spam from different numbers like (619) 722-9425 to contact you about sports betting, then direct you to the 888 number

May 26 11:06PM

This number belongs to an identity thief. Do not give this person any information.

May 26 10:56PM

Received a text addressing me by my first name saying that they were Jenna. I do not know any Jenna...

May 26 10:42PM

Called said I won a cruise. He called me back three times. He started at 10 pm EST.