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Latest Comments

Apr 19 12:56PM

creepy call, sounded like a spanish speaker on the other end saying "huh" "ok" ignoring request for identification, called back straight to an unmarked voicemail, so rude

Apr 19 12:54PM

the number is not in service has call me 3 times please do something about it

Apr 19 12:44PM

no 5053494654 called me said were microsoft tech support calling about virus on my computer gave me this number to call back as I would not deal with them then

Apr 19 12:24PM

this number has called twice I have no idea who it is please check this number

Apr 19 12:16PM

Yes...It was a foreign man asking if I had a bladder surgery. When I told him no, he said what kind of surgery did you have. I told him it was none of his business. He said yes, it is my business, what kind of surgery did you have? This went back and...

Apr 19 11:56AM

A man with a heavy indian accent called and left a voicemail. He said I must not ignore this call. I had problems with the IRS. Legal action would be taken if I don't call.

Apr 19 11:33AM

Who's the owner? I keep getting call from this number they don't leave
messages, I don't have them on my contacts.
Thank you

Apr 19 11:00AM

Even I received the call from this number just now and searched in true caller and couldn't find the user so searched through the net found this link

Apr 19 10:48AM

Hey. I texted this person hey and they did not text back and i just wanted to see if they was gonna say hey back

Apr 19 10:47AM

Said name was Amanda and she wanted to order some It Works products from me and wanted my email. Sent her the email and she told me what she wanted and that she would pay by check and it turned into a..."My debtor sent you too much money and I need y...

Apr 19 10:13AM

Got a call this morning...really call back in ten minuets? What a scam and I will call back to too see how foolish these guys are.

Apr 19 9:48AM

This number called as Urgent at 9am. Let machine get call. No message. Must have been really urgent. Tired of these calls.

Apr 19 9:31AM

I order stuff from their website and I have some question to ask and they say on the website that it a 24 hour phone support i could them alot of time but it alway go to voice mail

Apr 19 9:03AM

They called I asked what country,town and county they were calling from and they paused. I hung up.

Apr 19 7:38AM

I have no clue who called but they called me at 3:00 am......I didn't hear my phone so I didn't answer but would love to know who this is.

Apr 19 6:50AM

i got a text message from this number and all there was, was a file to open. I didn't open it because i do not know whose number this is

Apr 19 5:01AM

Rcvd a call .felt a fraud is calling o
n behalf ofsbi bank and asking for card details

Apr 19 4:44AM

1230pm Friday night. I cut them off. I was busy with very important tax work on my pc. This number called me 3 times consecutively within about 2 minutes. I have no idea who would use this MO. Could be Tel-Marketers, or Political people, but who know...

Apr 19 3:57AM

I am in India - i received a call from this number - called back and I got a message that said i dialed a wrong number and to check the dialed number -