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Mar 5 12:34AM

Call the phone company to report this. Most likely it is someone sick in the head playing games. Also call the police to file a harassment charge. You might not be the only person. So if nobody reports this how will authorities know and they then get...

Mar 5 12:17AM

who are you? please reply with your name and other details for more discussion.

Mar 5 12:09AM


Mar 5 12:01AM

Someone stole my phone and is still using the # in the 44105 area code. I would like to get a hold of a name, address or recent call log and compare the phone #'s of incoming and out going calls and compare them to those in my personal phone book to ...

Mar 4 11:59PM

Someone is sending stupid texts from this number to me and I want to find out who it is .

Mar 4 11:58PM

pop up using my internet provider's name saying to call right away because my pc has a virus. Bogus.

Mar 4 11:52PM

Please do not continue to call. We live in South AFrica and this number keeps waking us up in the middle of the night on our magic jack phone.

Mar 4 11:37PM

Spammer. Just started today 03 March 2015. Also texting from multiple numbers. 336-653-5038, 336-404-0028.

Mar 4 11:33PM

Craigslist Scammer. Beware. will try to send money via paypal. Dont feed into it.

Mar 4 11:17PM

Missed a call Monday afternoon from this number.I tried calling number back,getting busy signals.

Mar 4 11:03PM

Steve Martin left me a message that if I don't call the number there will be consequences of fraud and imprisonment. OOOOh I am scared.

Mar 4 11:01PM

Called me at 10:22 PM. I didn't answer. Calling after 9:00 pm is against the law.

Mar 4 10:48PM

These people call our number all the time, several times a week and sometimes, several times a day.

They claim to be a follow up agency from his hospitalization a month ago, but the questions they ask are inappropriate and none of their business....

Mar 4 10:42PM

Received a call from this number right when I got off work (3/4/2015) and this person mentioned that I won some promotion that I signed up for through D&B. I asked what promotion did I sign up for. I never signed up for anything for D&B. They kept sa...

Mar 4 10:38PM

I got a call with caller ID blocked and it was an automated "survey" robocall on a bunch of "homeowner" questions, did not identify who was calling and I was so ticked I said no to every question just to get a human on the phone and find out who this...

Mar 4 10:26PM

Someone is sending me messages from this number they know where i live but wouldn't tell me who this person is help im scared

Mar 4 10:23PM

Claiming to be collection agency about debt from 1991 but has no detailed information

Mar 4 10:21PM

They claim to be a law firm Goldberg & Peretti and that you are being sued over a debt. They called my niece about my husband, scaring the h**l out of her telling her they needed to serve my husband. When I called them at this number (866) 310-9898 h...

Mar 4 10:13PM

Threatening text messages were sent to my phone. This person knew my name.

Mar 4 10:03PM

This person called me and several of my family members saying they needed to serve me papers and if I was not home they would go to my work place. Said they were a legal agency....

Mar 4 9:58PM

SCAM caller representing Direct TV. No way to get through if you dial back. They make you an offer for a TV upgrade package to try and get your billing info. Bad News

Mar 4 9:58PM

Yep. Rec'd a call saying it was the IRS hotline and to avoid legal action to call back as this was a time sensitive issue.

Mar 4 9:57PM

IRS impersonators called from this number. Claiming I was about to be arrested and owed $4000 to the IRS. Even had a fake police officer call on another line which showed up as the local police in my caller ID.


Went directly to the...

Mar 4 9:42PM

Definitely a Scam - Said they are a Law Firm - I asked for Specifics and they asked me for Money.

Mar 4 9:40PM

Says name is Peter and that he is a cop but sounds like he is from a different country because he has heavy accent. He keeps asking me for personal information but he calls at strange times of the day and not normal business hours. I think it is it i...

Mar 4 9:19PM

Caller left VM for us to return the call because we won $25,000 by entering some chance. The caller wanted us to call back toll free 1-844-604-0006 and verify some information before we get the money.

Caller gave his name as Bryce from Gift Reciv...

Mar 4 9:07PM

This person has obviously got my number wrong, keeps ringing to abuse me and calls me by someone elses name!!

Mar 4 9:00PM

received text. obviously wrong number, but very pleasant. just curious, because number looks familiar.