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Jul 31 9:38PM

"You took First Place in our contest! For information Dial 678\846\9263"
I had a feeling there would be more information about this number.

Jul 31 9:35PM

Repeatedly I have been called over past week. If I answer they hang up. I need to block this once I find out how!

Jul 31 9:23PM

I received a similar call. Glad I checked thos site before doing anything. Sounded like a scan so did not follow his instructions.

Jul 31 9:22PM

Been communicating with "Pastor Walker Kim A." at this same number in reference to a house for rent in Kennesaw, GA for $900. He sent me an application that asked for the DOB's of my family, rental info, DL#, etc. without letting me see the home. Did...

Jul 31 9:18PM

This number is a crossed connection landline and it's being used by two different people. Fix this problem.

Jul 31 9:06PM

I received a call from 4199722592 and they left a number for me to call and they made it should like an emergency whor are they?

Jul 31 9:01PM

Called at 8:00 PM and leave no message??? Perhaps a telemarketer from Rehoboth, Delaware.

Jul 31 8:57PM

This number calls my house at 10:30 at night when my family is sleeping. They don't talk or no automatedmachine speaking. When called back it hangs up on you automatically.

Jul 31 8:51PM

Got call yesterday about 6:15 pm basically telling me the same stuff as above. I said I will call back. I did call that number from another phone it was answered on 2nd ring! Stating this is internal revenue service. I hung up. This person sounded to...

Jul 31 8:50PM

Received a phone call from 209-575-2883. I don't know this number. Want to know who it is.

Jul 31 8:48PM

Hello,I recieved a call from this number. I'm looking for a friend that went missing a few days ago. Her phone is dead and she has a very serious heart condition. Please help . Thank you Tonya 408-661-8878

Jul 31 8:43PM

I own this number and want to know who the frick you think you are posting this kind of crap? The number is unlisted! It is not suppose to be shown according the white and yellow page, spokeo and all the top search engines.

Jul 31 8:41PM

Received a voice message regarding a Barkley Mastercard mischarge and asked to call 877-840-4874 as my card may be turned off. I am a Verizon customer.

Note: I did not call the number.

Jul 31 8:33PM

It is Oregonian Newspaper's customer service staff. Once you cancel your subscription, they continue calling to get your business again.

Jul 31 8:27PM

Called me today and when I returned the call it says no longer in service.

Jul 31 8:24PM

Received call from 551-444-5813. Caller ID listed caller as 'ALERT'. Did not leave message

Jul 31 8:21PM

I received a call from some creep harassing me.I would really love to find out who it is.

Jul 31 8:17PM

Just received another text requesting my PayPal information....he says he's in i'm selling a 1600LB Out door Furnace!! scammer!

Jul 31 8:14PM

Received a call and they just listened to me say hello a few times then hung up.

Jul 31 8:03PM

received 2 texts from this number asking about an ad I had put on Kijiji as well (I have 2 ads - and there was a text for each ad) we texted back but he hasn't responded back yet. WIll be careful

Jul 31 8:02PM

I wasn't even in my email account, I was on a website playing a just popped up...I had a very hard time getting rid of it...Not taking any chances

Jul 31 7:55PM

Yes I received this call too when I called them back the and I started to argue with the guy why I didn't received anything by mail and who gave them my cellphone# he Hung up on me He scared for a moment but I knew that something wasn't right. Thank...

Jul 31 7:53PM

Yeah, it rang once before i accepted the call. I called back (curiosity killed me.) and as usual its some commercial ad. Waste of call. Just block the number.

Jul 31 7:49PM

727-346-8448 is the Pinellas on Track Message Line for residents of Pinellas County, Florida to call and comment on the 16 new potential stations that were approved for citizien review and feedback and the November referendum.

Jul 31 7:48PM

a guy called my number and he said ah like a sound and then he said something i couldn't understand but it was in english it didn't sound like it came from a business it sounded like it came from a mobile phone and he could have been in his house or ...

Jul 31 7:42PM

Just called my parent's house and after getting my mom to give her address, phone number (that they JUST called) and age, they wanted her to pay $3 shipping for a $100 walmart/etc reward card. Ugh, the whole time I was telling her to hang up! Thankfu...

Jul 31 7:39PM

Got a spam text with a link: "Your friend wants YOU to view your throwback photo from 2 years ago today!"

Jul 31 7:39PM

I got the same call today, twice in 2 hours. At least try to make it realistic by leaving a different message the second time, maybe even with a different person.

Jul 31 7:39PM

Got a spam text with a link: "Your friend wants YOU to view your throwback photo from 2 years ago today!"