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Sep 17 5:24PM

This is a Publisher's clearing house scam originating from Kingston, Jamaica. David Green is an alias for this scam artist. Don't give them any money. PCH doesn't require any money from their winners.

Sep 17 5:23PM

Has to be a scam. I tried calling the number back, and a machine told me the number is not in service. Well, HTH did it call me?????

Sep 17 5:22PM

Received call from this number saying they are the IRS. They asked for personal information Like SSN, Checking account and credit card numbers. Bogas!!!

Sep 17 5:19PM

I got a text message from them but i cant open the message because i broke my phone and i dont know who it is

Sep 17 5:14PM

I just received a call from this same in number. It was a woman though who barely spoke English. Due to my frustration she put me through to her supervisor who claimed I had illegal activity on my computer. I told him my computer just crashed but giv...

Sep 17 5:12PM

Called pretending to be Alabama Power, telling me that we haven't paid our bill. Scam.

Sep 17 5:06PM

Call comes from this number to my cell phone. There is no one on the other end when answered and then the line disconnects.
This is purely SPAM and I'm calling Frontier North, Inc. to report it.

Sep 17 5:05PM

ID says Augusta, ME - call at least twice a day - never leave a message. Guessing it's political calls as we are coming up to election time!

Sep 17 5:02PM

I got a message to review pics...The pics didnt work...I'm assuming there is somekind of virus that was just sent to my computer.

Sep 17 5:00PM

Yep, these guys are scammers claiming to be from IRS with the same message as above.

Sep 17 4:56PM

I received a similar set of phone calls that were scams today. Don't fall for it.

Sep 17 4:40PM

Pisses me off!! Robert Arandaz i believe is his name. R L Brands test r l brands test what ever that is. Its in dallas tx

Sep 17 4:28PM

I've just got a call from this number and I don't know who it is no message left

Sep 17 4:26PM

Called six times- on 9/13 9/14 9/15 9/16 (twice) & 9/17. All calls were unknown, with the exception of one of the calls "Clinical Research". All calls from 877-790-7606 remain unanswered. I did not sign up for any research.

Sep 17 4:25PM

I received a text from this phone number with a picture of me from a phone my husband had donated at our church. My son also received a different picture. This is very creepy how these pictures were associated with our phone numbers. The pictures ...

Sep 17 4:24PM

This is Diversified Consultants, a debt collecting company. They have used a local number to try and avoid backtracking as this # has not been listed under their name on any website yet. Their other number they call from is 818-937-0029.

Sep 17 4:24PM

Won't stop calling about a stupid cruise. The "local" number won't trick me anymore. Saving under contact name SCAM! I would have said worse but thought I would try and keep some composure :)

Sep 17 4:23PM

They called my friend house and gave them my personal infomation , who does that.

Sep 17 4:23PM

This is Diversified Consultants, a debt collecting company. They have used a local number to try and avoid backtracking as this # has not been listed under their name on any website yet. I will be reporting the other number they called from too. Thei...

Sep 17 4:19PM

Called 9/17/2014 at 4:14 pm. Caller ID "FLORIDA". Did not leave a message.

Sep 17 4:19PM

Global Data Technologies out of San Angelo - wanting to sell IP phone equipment. Very pleasant.

Sep 17 4:11PM