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Oct 23 5:50PM

I just got the same phone call saying i owe a payday loan. What these dumbass dont understand isits legal in my State of WV t get a payday loan. So they can bark up another tree. No money here.

Oct 23 5:47PM

Yes. To a business. Said his name is Neil diamond(😄)or smth like that and wants ro order a diamond and asked for our business hours... Hmm

Oct 23 5:43PM

Got a call from this number 361*217*3636 Caller ID said Hallettsvl
must be a scam.

Oct 23 5:42PM

This is my number. I'm in CT. If some jailbait gives you this number, don't call me. I don't want to talk to you.

Oct 23 5:42PM

Company claims to be K.S. & Associates. They threaten me with a bench warrant for failure to comply. They did not tell me what I was suppose to comply with. They requested I verify my name and phone number which they already knew, from the recording ...

Oct 23 5:42PM

Received a call I did not answer it,I called it back from my work phone it says....If you would like to be placed on a no-call list from the number that just called you press 1

Oct 23 5:41PM

They asked for me by a name I don't use - my first name. I asked what they wanted from 'John' and they said they must have the wrong number and hung up.

Oct 23 5:38PM

I received a text message from this phone number. Who belongs to? He/she asked my
personal data.

Oct 23 5:34PM

A TXT buyer saying that he wants to buy the stuff I post on internet.He is "going in" to a ear surgery
I don't know what trick there is, wanted to paypal account.

Oct 23 5:34PM

If you are local to the Harrisburg area, and got this number from a woman, she uses this landline on dating sites to catfish people. She'll post pictures of models and beautiful women on her profile, but she looks nothing like them in person aside f...

Oct 23 5:33PM

Received a text saying: "Hello who is this I dont haeyour number in my phone"

Oct 23 5:32PM

Called twice today. Left no message - merely hung up.

Either a wrong number or some kind of "telephone spammer."

I searched online and it is a land line in California.

Oct 23 5:28PM

I recived a call from this number 519-635-9099
The recording said something about air line tickets and winning something when I love person came on the phone I ask who was he calling for and they hung o
I've tryed calling the number back and it...

Oct 23 5:24PM

I received a call from 561-665-8450, claiming to be a partner company with AT&T and stating that someone was coming by our site to upgrade us to U-Verse service. I told them that no one was upgrading us and that we handle all such issues through our...

Oct 23 5:11PM

Been calling my home for weeks now. Calling 2-3 times a day, seven days a week. As early as 8:45 am and as late as 9:30 pm. Never leaves a message. I do not answer numbers I do not know.

Oct 23 5:01PM

They are a scam. They are suppose to be a loan place and will scam you out of your money. I should know I was scammed for $700.

Oct 23 4:59PM

This is a fake company that says it is "The Department of Legal Affairs" The person that calls has a strong Middle Eastern Accent and says that they are in Washington D.C.. They claim you owe money and will go to jail if you don't pay.

Oct 23 4:57PM

I don't know who is calling me at this phone number? Anyone recognize this number? Where is 855 area code?

Oct 23 4:56PM

Ditto the last post:

Paul Oct 23, 2014 I receive constant calls but no one is on the other end. Calling the number back only gets a message that no one can take my call.

Oct 23 4:50PM

I also received the same message today John Moore with Pre Trial intervention I need to hear from you or your Attoney today. They have a pending case against me. Yeah right! Reading all these they called all of us the same day!

Oct 23 4:46PM

I received a phone call from 202-241-7820 he said his name is Officer Mike saying I owe money to the IRS and I need to pay it now or he send a police officer to my house to arrest me...he had my old address and when he realized he will not get any cr...

Oct 23 4:45PM

I receive constant calls but no one is on the other end. Calling the number back only gets a message that no one can take my call.

Oct 23 4:44PM

Has called 11 times in 3 days. He has spoofed others' phone numbers and caller IDs as follows. His name is Basnet Bhupendra and he needs to be stopped. Block the following numbers before he strikes again:

Oct 23 4:38PM

claimed to be social security, threatened jail, poor english, called durning closed hours

Oct 23 4:37PM

I just received a pre-recorded messege from a Lisa Taylor Chek Fraud investigator. A bad check has been assosiated with your social Security Number .....
I received this same messege from another number which is supposedly calling from North Caroli...

Oct 23 4:35PM

unknown, has called over a 100 times with no message left, appears to be a voip magic jack,