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Aug 22 1:40PM

This is the number listed on the back of a REAL Bank of America statement.

Aug 22 1:39PM

Received this call this morning only caller id says "Consumer Services" which is a catch all for LOWER MY INTEREST RATES a scam company trying to steal your personal info is all they do. I get calls from all over the country with the cursed "Consume...

Aug 22 1:35PM

Recorded message claiming to be from Bank of America about change in a loan.

Aug 22 1:31PM

August 22, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Also received call from 202-506-9763; call shows District Of Columbia area, a "Mr. Alex Baker" called, a Ms. "Rosie Williams" answered the phone identifying herself as an officer from the I...

Aug 22 1:30PM

Be Careful this is complete fraud! I have contacted the IRS department directly and they have no record of this. So do not contact this person!

Aug 22 1:27PM

Got a call from this #.It said, "please wait and one our representatives will talk to you". I hung up. Tried to call the # back for info but all I get is an outgoing message saying "we are sorry we are unable to take your call right now".

Aug 22 1:23PM

This is MY phone number which has been spoofed. I believe some telemarketer is using this number as their caller ID. I am receiving dozens of calls a day from people saying they got a call from this number, and I have not called any of them. If yo...

Aug 22 1:23PM

This Guy now has a company by the name of Acres Landscaping advertising lawn care and interlocking work in Durham region. This guys does bad business, unfortunately I didnt do the proper research and am regretting it. Paid Nathan, goes by "Nate" fo...

Aug 22 1:22PM

Someone from this number is claiming to be a representative of the IRS and stated that if we did not return the call we would be in some sort of trouble. Can anybody verify if this was a legitimate call or another scam?

Aug 22 1:20PM

"Card Holder Services" - They say that there are no issues on your account, but it's urgent for you to call about them lowering your interest rate.

Aug 22 1:20PM

This cell phone user has been harassing me, calling me if I want drugs, abusive language, - Drug Dealer - Have called the police, be warned!

Aug 22 1:14PM

Another moron called and left a message that our delinquent acct has been forwarded. Called back and the moron mentioned: legal dept. When I asked the name of the company - he said legal dept. Again I asked what company and then hung up. Yeah, no...

Aug 22 1:11PM

got a random call today from this number, did not leave a message, no idea who it was

Aug 22 1:09PM

I would want to submit a report with local county stating that that they were impersonating a federal employee...irs. Scam artists. An saying they were going to issues a office to arrest me !! Also that I need to choose either settle in or out of co...

Aug 22 1:09PM

These folks are offering travel vacation blow out sales but I don't know how legit they are. Does anyone have any info on who they are?

Aug 22 1:06PM

On August 22nd 2014, 13:00 Eastern Time, I received a call from 1-210-888-0973. Answered, no reply. I called back, the same thing; no reply.

Aug 22 1:04PM

Yes some guy saying he goin to give me 7000 dollars threw green dot lol...scam right

Aug 22 12:59PM

who number is this cause they are asking for money to send me a transfer through western union and they say there government grant loans

Aug 22 12:57PM

Female caller asked for a deceased family member. When I reported that he had died, she hung up on me without identifying herself. How rude! I am a real person; this behavior is offensive and rude. You should at least identify yourself before you...

Aug 22 12:57PM

You need to be careful, they promise you a big loan and low interest but this is a scam.

Aug 22 12:56PM

I I got texts from this number…they say they are Mrs.Covers the HR manager for UnitedHealthcare about my reume

Aug 22 12:56PM

Just called me.... Said they are a payment processing center...Then put me on hold for a long time. I asked what company this is and they said they process payments..... They would not tell me what they were talking about. If you get a call, just ha...

Aug 22 12:56PM

I have been receiving several phone calls from this number a week. No one ever leaves a message, and when I pick up, they hang up.

Aug 22 12:55PM

They have called my home on several occasions. I called the I.R.S. at 1-800-829-8374. This is the REAL I.R.S. They are not associated with the company or the lady that has been calling my home. She left messages that were exactly the same as the one'...

Aug 22 12:55PM

this phone number keeps calling me and wont leave a message calling me non stop !!

Aug 22 12:53PM

i received a call to my ex-husband house saying that am been sue, to call back with a hour and if i dont call they were gonna execute the order!!!! my ex ask them what the order is about and the lady told him GOOD LUCK!!!... and hung up. i was thinki...

Aug 22 12:53PM

They've called my number three times this week already leaving a message for someone I've never even heard of. Whoever it is they are looking for gave them my number and I've had this number for four years.

Aug 22 12:49PM

Received a call from this number as I was away. Would like to know who it is?

Aug 22 12:37PM

This phone number has called and texted me multiple times an they say it's the wrong number but still persist to call and text my phone. When I call the number they will hang up or tell me they are looking for someone name Gordon but won't tell me th...

Aug 22 12:35PM

Tried again with me. this time for a washer/dryer i posted. thanks for the heads up!

Aug 22 12:34PM

These people pretend to be a law office and they are just collections. Calling me about an account that is over 7 years old. I asked when was the last payment made she said "Oct 2009, I think." They called my home # and scared my 13 yr old daughter w...

Aug 22 12:33PM

I too am an MK consultant and I received an order request from this number. Thanks for the heads up. Ladies be careful and proceed with caution.