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Apr 24 6:56PM

Someone left a message threatening phone call to call them back or the police will be knocking on my door.

Apr 24 6:51PM

Just received a text message with account # 4224 81** **** **** AccntIssue. Call: 888-980-9349.

I have never had an account with them so I know this is phishing. This is not how your bank would communicate with you. I sure hope no one falls for ...

Apr 24 6:49PM

I have received repeated calls from this number and pressed 9 to be "removed" from their call list. I have grown tired of it so I pressed 1 to talk to a live person. When "Justin" answered the phone, I started to explain why I pressed one and the j...

Apr 24 6:42PM

Same message for me, here is what I found online:

Apr 24 6:36PM

Got a text message this evening. I don't bank with Beneficial Bank. It listed same account number as previous poster indicated.

Apr 24 6:24PM

My husband and I both have received these. Neither of us has an a/c with Beneficial.

Apr 24 6:23PM

I got a text message from 609-5196 (no area code) the problem is that I do not bank with Beneficial

(Beneficial Bank) 4224 81** **** **** Debit Card Limited Due to Fraud. Call 385 474 2520

Apr 24 6:23PM

I received the same call from a person with very heavy accent, (sound HUNDO barely speaks English and very hard to understand , he said he is from the IRS, and they are filling charges against my SS#, when I refused to talk to him or let him finish w...

Apr 24 6:22PM

I'm also getting a text message from 60978111 (yeah, not the right amount of numbers) Problem is, I don't bank with Beneficial

(BeneficialBank) [4224 81** **** ****]AccntIssue.Call:8889809349

Apr 24 6:21PM

Someone called me telling me I had been awarded $6500 grant from the government for paying bills on time. This sounds like a definite scam.

Apr 24 6:16PM

This number rang on my cell phone. However, I didn't answer it. My not answer your telephone if you do not recognize the number.

Apr 24 6:13PM

They call me about magazines and 50$ wallnart gift card I asked wallmart they said they are scam ..

Apr 24 6:10PM

The same number just called my dad about half an hour ago. He told my dad that the IRS was coming after him and they were going to arrest him and he had better run. My dad told them that they were full of it and they got mad and told him to get lost....

Apr 24 6:07PM

I also had a call from 202-243-0583. Something about the IRS is going to come and get me. I told him to bring it on and I will give them something special when they arrive.I told them to get over here right away and let the fun begin.Time to stand up...

Apr 24 6:05PM

bad caller # 95 called my cell phone number which i have NOT given out. it is also on DNC list. left no message.

Apr 24 6:00PM

I got a call today from them and wasn't around my phone when it rang. I have a new ATT cell with a number they gave me and I have about 30 # blocked now from this phone. If I don't know the area code it gets Bblocked. I wonder when I will run out of ...

Apr 24 5:58PM

Charlieman's Hauling
3833 Kettner Blvd San Diego CA 92110
(619) 822-5722
Offering hauling, moving, handyman, detailing and janitorial services in San Diego, CA and all surrounding areas.
Hauling, Moving, Moving Service, Moving Company, Mover


Apr 24 5:55PM

Calls once or twice daily, never leaves a message. I answered once and the man on the other end sounded Hindu. He said he was "John" with "Windows Support"; obvious scam. I told him to get lost and hung up on him.

Apr 24 5:55PM

Caller is a recorded message from "GOOGLE" asking to be listed in thei r database.

Apr 24 5:50PM

Says it is about a beneficial bank account issue. do not have any dealings with beneficial bank

Apr 24 5:50PM

Called me 3 times in a row all at 6:41 pm idk who it is most likley spam bs BLOCKED download mr number on your cell phone and block these harrassing phone calls

Apr 24 5:50PM

Shell Vacations Club by Wyndham

Classification: Real Estate Agents And Managers
ISIC-4 Code: 6531

Shell Vacations Corp is located in the city of San Francisco.

2801 Leavenworth St
San Francisco, CA 94133
USA - United States


Apr 24 5:45PM

Lakes Pools and Concrete
El Paso, TX, 79912
(915) 474-5867

Apr 24 5:44PM

Like John Martin, I also received a phone call from an Ann Benky, who called my cell phone and informed me I was going to receive $9200 from the Federal Government Grant Program for being in good standings on my taxes and that they were hired to over...

Apr 24 5:41PM

Call from this number, but the caller ID just repeated the number. I don't pick up calls like that. Clearly not a legitimate call, or a message would have been left.

Apr 24 5:37PM

OMC Lawn Care
510 N Mitchell Ct, Liberty Lake, WA, 99019
(509) 863-8894

Time to fertilize your lawn? Need shrub trimming services? Organic Micro-Cut uses green and organic treatments!

Apr 24 5:31PM

Keep calling my phone. I pick up the phone and i keep hearing the beeps. I trt calling back. It's still doing the beep noise

Apr 24 5:31PM

I have been getting calls too asking me to call back at 202 241 2116. The message states I have a pending arrest warrant for Tax evasion.

Apr 24 5:29PM

Called me no message, don't know or recognize this # annoying to say the least!

Apr 24 5:27PM

Caller ID: Jared@RMG
It was Jared calling from MCAP about my mortgage renewal that is coming up.

Apr 24 5:25PM

The "Windows" Indian guy just called me AGAIN! 4/24/14 (called me yesterday, too) and this time I played along with him..he told me my "windows" program wasn't working and after I sounded concerned, I asked him how he was going to help me with this....

Apr 24 5:15PM

Someone name Richard called and left a message from this number claiming a case has been forwarded to him. I checked the court calendar with the name and case number Richard provided, and nothing came up. I always check court calendar before answerin...