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Oct 24 6:52AM

I recently received a call from 086 086 4878 three times in a short period of time today. when I answer the phone the person does not respond.

Oct 24 5:53AM

This is a fraud trying to get credit card numbers and PIN! Ignore this text if you get one. The number that the text came from is 301 503-7990 which is listed as a cell phone.

Oct 24 5:53AM

mujhe is no say kafi call a rahe hai is ka name raj hai ye pune may kondawa may rehata hai mujhe kafi pareshan kar raha hai please help my

Oct 24 5:07AM

Called 4 times tonight around 1am. A Arabic dude babbling words like "fool" and "infidel." He is spooking a Wash DC number and sometimes it says Dist of Columbia -- Sometimes Yemen Embassy, soemtimes Enb of Bangladesh or India. Contacted FBI and secr...

Oct 24 5:04AM

This number has been calling my house EVERY day.....sometimes twice a day. Caller ID says it's Sears. They also go by the phone # 518-375-2072. I have an account with Sears, but they never leave a message. So, I don't know what they want!

Oct 24 5:00AM

Bloody span from Yodel advertizing. They make it sound like it is something "legal" but it's just a sales call.

Oct 24 1:52AM

Wanted to buy a wallpaper steamer from craigslist. Said he would send check... I noted his out of state area code and googled the number and found the other report - thanks for saving a hassle.

Oct 24 1:38AM

This person has broke into homes and steals while the residents are inside asleep. She is in partner was some guy.

Oct 24 1:29AM

I received 3 missed calls from +1 3525756654 and around 15 missed calls from +3525756654
Are both from the same phone?
My location is India
Could I know the user please?

Oct 24 1:21AM

Called me at midnight saying I left a note on his car after I hit it witch I did not. I would never leave a note if I did hit someones car. How irresponsible. I need to know who this is so I can figure out who is giving out my phone number.

Oct 24 1:17AM

Call me at least 5 times a week don't leave a voicemail
But when I call back no answer

Oct 24 12:34AM

texted me "hey", then asked my name, said he got my number from a craigslist ad but couldn't tell me what the ad was for. Claimed their name was Erica, then asked my name again. SCAMMER

Oct 24 12:32AM

texted me "hey", then asked my name, said he got my number from a craigslist ad but couldn't tell me what the ad was for. Just asked my name again. SCAMMER

Oct 24 12:32AM

I got a call from Rogers today , all of a sudden this random number showed up using my data

Oct 24 12:26AM

Scam. How they got my address is beyond me. Effing Hackers are POS. Got a yellow card in the mail saying I won a $100 gift certificate to walmart, target etc and to call to claim. NOT FALLING FOR IT.

Oct 24 12:08AM

I got a text from this number that said he saw an ad in Craigslist for a Baby Grand Piano $3200 and wants to know if it's still available. He's in Washington, DC and I'm in Northern California. You figure it out.

Oct 23 11:51PM

This number belongs to a black male that stole my daughters wallet today in McKinney Texas

Oct 23 11:44PM

When called back recording said number disconnected or no longer in service.... spoofing?

Oct 23 11:39PM

Wayne haslett ,,,called the ph and would like to know who called can't get a hold of them to see who it is