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Mar 30 6:58PM

Called and called at all hours. Then when I pick up, there is silence, then it rings and someone picks up and says "Hello" with lots of noise in the background. Scammers.

Mar 30 6:57PM

A male with a heavy accent called and said he was from Publisher's Clearing House. I was in a hurry and unable to take time talking with him to figure more out. He said I'd be "forfeiting my prize."
I said, that's fine. He asked when a better time t...

Mar 30 6:47PM

Called claiming that while there was nothing wrong with my credit account, it was urgent that I contact them to see about lowering my interest rate.

Since this is a MOBILE number, I am assuming it's a scam.

Mar 30 6:36PM

Fake fale fake fake fake fake dake gal fake fake fake fluke fmaicbnskbalpaksncbxisnnwlakqlqcbxbehqodbwoejrjdixnalfhw

Mar 30 6:28PM

Is there a John Davies at Kentsbridge University?

Got a call from this person. Several months earlier I got a call from the same number from a Dr B Harper. These two people had the same voice but John Davies doesn't know Dr B Harper.

This is su...

Mar 30 6:26PM

Why are you talking James ? I don't even know who you are . Maybe you are Jim? You both are crazy I hate you

Mar 30 6:25PM

Jessi my fiancee is in kentucky state pen and it may be a prison in kentucky. The state of kentucky uses the same phone service.

Mar 30 6:25PM

They claim to be with the US Treasury department. I have a feeling it a scam.

Mar 30 6:23PM

I'm not lying. Jim text me yesterday right after I text him and he said it was late at night where he was and was sleeping ...then Margaret emailed me today saying Jim got in a car accident last night so all accounts are frozen while he is supposedl...

Mar 30 6:22PM

Received 2 missed calls from this number one at 2:13PM MST and another 3:37PM. No messages left and when I call it back, there is a recording stating that it is Verizon Wireless and the number is disconnected or no longer in service.

Mar 30 6:20PM

Yes I did and I don't know the number and they don't answer when I call back.

Mar 30 6:16PM

Received a message from this number today in re a magazine subscription. The lady garbled the name of the mag, but said I could renew for $50. I smelled a rat.

Mar 30 6:11PM

I have rec'd three calls from this number today. No one is there when I answer. I just tried to call it back and it sounds like a phone just laying outside? No clue

Mar 30 6:10PM

Missed call with no voice mail. When I try to call back it says "All circuits are busy"

Mar 30 6:07PM

This pops up on mmy computer daily and my power eraser has not gotten rid of the problem.

Mar 30 5:58PM

SCAM! FRAUD NOW A DAYS ARE VERY RAMPANT! Do not pick up or call back. Block from your phone!

Mar 30 5:49PM


Mar 30 5:45PM

Fake IRS call threatening a law suit the number they called from 7183779189

Mar 30 5:39PM

I did not receive a phone call. They left a delivery notice on the mailbox implying they had a package to deliver. When I called them, they tried to sell me a house alarm system.

Mar 30 5:38PM

Received a call from telemarketing. Washington DC Cell Phone wanted to know if I need Grant money from US Gov. Gave me a call number and my file number and told me to contact a supervisor at this number for further info.

Mar 30 5:31PM

Had a call from this number and left a message saying they were from Samsung. I don't think they should have my work number.

Mar 30 5:30PM

Was left as call back for a grant. Wanted info in a phishing attempt. Some foreign Bi*** called originally and was very hard to understand.

Mar 30 5:25PM

these are scammers. they are evil horrible people. they told me that I needed to give them my credit card number, and then they told me to eat ***.

Mar 30 5:19PM

Man claiming to be an IRS agent Officer Mike Watson. He threatened to send an officer to arrest me immediately if I did not withdraw cash and send it to him!! I contacted IRS total fraud!IRS will NEVER call. IRS will NEVER threaten you with arrest...

Mar 30 5:17PM

I've been getting a daily call from this number I don't answer but I decided to call back and its not a valid number

Mar 30 5:17PM

I received a phone call from this number & when I answered hello, I heard a lot of background talking & a man's voice on the phone talking about saving money ......I asked who are you calling.. and they didn't respond. I hung up