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Jan 27 11:47AM

received a call that for me was a local number. I answered and it was a recording about lowering my credit card rate. I hung up and called the number back and the message said that number wasn't accepting calls.

Jan 27 11:42AM

just received a text message attempt at scamming through a craigslist post from this number

Jan 27 11:40AM

Yes im getting tons on threats and racial slures please find out who this is for me please

Jan 27 11:36AM

recv'd a text to my phone as a response to a craig's list ad asking me to email the ad to their dad @, I texted back asking why they couldn't just send it themselves, their response "so sorry but my dad is restricted from making ...

Jan 27 11:35AM

I gave them my the office number at my congressman's local office and told them to call me there. What if everyone in America did the same thing? Meanwhile, call me on 202-456-1414 about the DoNotCall registry, and leave a message if I'm out of the...

Jan 27 11:25AM

I received a call about being approved for a sample of a vitamin that was FDA-Approved. It was automated.

Jan 27 11:24AM

I recieved a text from a stan freeman the oceanographer interested in a car i posted on craigslist saying he will pay asking price and will send extra for the movers cost . the package was sent from priority mail express with the name Angela Bassel 1...

Jan 27 11:20AM

This is a scam line from India - trying to tell you that your power is going to be shut off.

Jan 27 11:15AM

Called at 11 left no message and I got a busy signal when I tried calling back

Jan 27 11:13AM

This number called last night... I chose not to answer. There was no message left.

Jan 27 11:13AM

Received text in the middle of the night after posting Autotrader Ad. I still havent even received the confirmation that my Ad is posted, how did this scam artist get my number?

Jan 27 11:11AM

I received a text from this #: "Good day (my name) I hope you are doing great, I am Mrs Amelia Henderson, I am the Director of Quality Control and Employee Compliance of (NASSCOM Company Ltd), I am contacting you in regards of your resume posted, Let...

Jan 27 11:10AM

The Joint ...the chiropractic place
Business Name: The Joint ...the chiropractic place
Address: 6519 FM 1488 Suite 513 Magnolia, TX 77354
Phone Number: (281) 259-2200

Jan 27 11:04AM

I got the same message the evening of 1/26/15. I immediately assumed it was a scam because it didn't come from this number. It came from a number that you can't reply to, but in the message he said to reply to 702-747-3315 (Dan).

Full message belo...

Jan 27 11:02AM

Called three times in an hour - left unintelligable voice message - caller ID shows as ABM Industries

Jan 27 11:00AM

This number texted me offering a job and asking me to set up an instant yahoo messenger account. Sounds like a scam.

Jan 27 10:52AM

i have recieved 3 calls from this number stateing they are from the u.s. treasury dept and i need to call back immediatly to avoid criminal charges and avoid going to court . i looked the number up and found it to be fraudulent. i did try to call it ...

Jan 27 10:50AM

These people are full of *** saying they tried to deliver a package to my home unsuccessfully and will try my work next and to call back 855-546-9041 to find out why or to reschedule. They try to threaten you and say they have a warrant for your arre...

Jan 27 10:49AM

A text was sent to my phone multiple times and I don't know who the person is.

Jan 27 10:43AM

Sends emails and texts to my phone. The ad states no texts or emails as I can not recieve them. The only thing i will get is the phone number of the person making the call. When I called the number back I get answer machine of someone with a foreign ...

Jan 27 10:39AM

I was sent a text message that read: "Where does a suicide bomber go?"

I have no idea what this number is.

Jan 27 10:22AM

I got a charged on my checking account from this number for $93.00. I do not recall authorizing any calls or transfers that day.

Jan 27 10:15AM

This phone number calls me maybe once a week. Always asks me for "Sharol" or "Sharon"...Really annoying now.

Jan 27 10:12AM

I received a call today. Caller ID said "Alert" I answered, since we are in the middle of a blizzard, but there was no response.

Jan 27 10:11AM

Clearly phishing. A recorded voice said it is urgent that I talk to them about my credit card account.

Jan 27 10:08AM

Moro no Brasil e recebi uma mensagem pelo whatsapp como imagem para baixar. acredito ser virus .