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Aug 30 8:00AM

Received a call from this number on Aug 28, 2014. The call is from a Mortgage Loan Company, called National Consumer Loan Review. Scam from the start, because this company also goes by Universal Consumer Law Group and Retention Law Center.

Aug 30 7:51AM

Someone is calling and not revealing his identity. Please help me to identify the address and location and possible his name.

Aug 30 7:49AM

i received a message in whatsapp
who knows my name and says me am his/her friend..please help

Aug 30 7:45AM

Someone with a heavy accent called and my loan was approved and they need more info...I did not respond because I didn't apply for a loan...

Aug 30 7:11AM

We got 4 calls from this number. The fourth time I answered and this female started to ask to talk to someone. I told her you aren't going to talk to anybody and if you call one more time I will see that you get are a scammer. These c...

Aug 30 5:49AM

I received. Message from that #.
And that person refuse to tell me who is it?

Aug 30 4:55AM

This number sounds like a scam. Someone just contacted me about a car in DC area. Here is some of the text

t have respect for anyone in the military.y office as a USAF to see you go
to jail. You asked me to make the payment to your e-ma...

Aug 30 4:46AM

I am aware that these are scam phone calls and I do hope for your own sake that you do not contact my number again.

Aug 30 4:44AM

I work for the US government and I have been receiving calls from this number claiming to say they are Berkley university and my CV is interesting and they want to offer me a Master's degree program etc... I am informing you that I will report this n...

Aug 30 4:34AM

There is someone who texted me about my craigslist posting for my truck. texting started

Aug 30 4:00AM

Received a call at 12:50 AM. Didn't recognize the number. Since I've been getting quite a few calls (7 in 3 days) and due to the fact it was very late, I didn't answer it.

Aug 30 3:11AM

Missed call. I wasn't fast enough to pick up. There must be a frank or something.

Aug 30 3:03AM

The past couple of days I have received calls from this number. But they do not leave a voice mail anytime they call.

Aug 30 2:57AM

From this number I got a missed call.. The person from this number misusing other's numbers . When I tried to reach this number that was not reachable. Please be alert if you get call from this number..

Aug 30 2:38AM

Have received 3 calls to date - 2 today and one yesterday, no message any time. My caller I.D. shows "Natural Life". I checked Google and found several listings for Natural Life: one a girls' clothes e-tailer out of Florida and another for dog food ...

Aug 30 2:13AM

Got a call on my cell phone from this number. Didn't answer since it isn't a known number, no voice mail left.

Aug 30 1:56AM

This is a shovanistic ass that tried to leave threatening messages on my phone

Aug 30 1:42AM

I ran into the same issue with this person michael patrick dawson he told me the same thing also got updates sounded completly legitand did the same thing never showed up either. Sent him money western union. Would like to try and find a way to repor...

Aug 30 1:35AM

weird butt-dialer, two calls one night, like it was on speakerphone, bunch of teens playing games and singing songs.

Aug 30 1:32AM

Yes, we received a call from these idiots, they had am automated calling machine but it sounded like a scam, we called back and this idiot got really mad and said why we're asking so many stupid questions, so we answered, if you would give so many an...

Aug 30 1:08AM

Please do not call or answer from this number. It is a total scam, these people need to be caught and put away.

Aug 30 12:52AM

This is not Flash Point. It's some type of Government Black Ops Group.
Related to United Sates Intelligence.

Aug 30 12:43AM

Hey if you get a call from 800-809-4006 your in deep trouble man.
They don't play.

Aug 30 12:40AM

I think this is a scam attempt to get someone to sign up for this site and get your personal info, this is an unsecured site