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May 25 2:26AM

Received this tonight....

If beauty were time, you'd be an eternity. Text back... Tessie-W

May 25 2:25AM

My boyfriend just got one that said "So how does it feel to look so hot?" Then a second saying how good looking he is and she's glad he came in the other day." Then some nasty things. We don't live in Utah..

May 25 1:15AM

they fixed my filter and now it doesn't work and the water made us sick but they will not call me back!!

May 25 12:19AM

I got a message from a Sydney F. with a lame pick up line. I've since blocked the phone number, so as not to get anymore messages from this person.

May 25 12:13AM

I received a call stating there had been a formal complaint filed and they were going to make only 2 attempts to deliver the paperwork. They said I needed to have my ID ready so they could be sure they
delivered it to the right person. They didn't...

May 24 11:52PM

Wants to pay for goods with a check and have a mover pick up the goods. Sounds like the craigslist scam tactic...

May 24 10:15PM

.......forest plaza motel have mices and bed bugs in the room..i stay at that motel in 2011 of nov... i am very sorry i stay at that motel...i was in room 12

May 24 10:06PM

Got one that said " you look so good in those levi's" looked it up and the number came from brigham city utah

May 24 8:45PM

Guy looking for donations for care packages for veterans in residential treatment. Wanted a commitment to donate either $15 or $20

May 24 8:45PM

Called in a holiday weekend to confirm a tree removal for the next day. Wouldn't disclose name or company details. Obviously a prank call.

May 24 8:19PM

"let me know if you got this message ok and maybe we can chat for a min, Text Back Kennedy-C"

May 24 8:10PM

202-601-5262 Are you as beeauutiiful on the inside as you are on the outside?, Text Back


May 24 8:10PM

I was getting these calls for a week and could not tolerate this annoyance any longer. I searched and found a blog comment that said to call 866-246-7196 and give the caller's and receiving phone numbers. Without any other solution, I called and th...

May 24 8:04PM

I received the text message:
"You shhouuld be someone's husband., Text Back

I responded with "wrong number." They replied with:
"No, I got the right number I saw your pics and wanted to hook up"

May 24 7:40PM

They keep harassing me and I don't know who they are please help me find out

May 24 6:57PM

Received a media text (pic?). But my phone does not open them, so I have no idea who it is from.

May 24 6:52PM

Got a text about a girl wanting to hook up and she couldn't explain how she got my number

May 24 6:39PM

My twelve-year-old got the following from this number:

"hi you are sexy you are from a msg I had just sent you :] my names Addriana I usually dont msg people first Just moved here and found your profile
Let me know if you got this message ok and ...

May 24 6:33PM

This number text me saying I look strong and if I can carry their groceries(groccerries) they say text back
From Lillian G

May 24 6:32PM

This number has recently sent a vulgar text message to my cell. First time receiving anything from this number. It was signed Teresa. PORNOGRAPHIC

May 24 6:29PM

This phone number has called me multiple times and I do not like answering calls I do not know.

May 24 6:24PM

Got the following text "What were you 'thhinnkiing' yesterday when your hands were all over me? Text Back

May 24 6:17PM

Adria is supposedly who owns this phone number. They have been texting from it. Unborn if it is a scam or not.

May 24 6:09PM

Got a text from number saying they are donating 800k to me for a humanitarian project and sent me a link for a web site

May 24 5:50PM

Phishing call. Message says your MasterCard has been locked out. Press 1 to call them and get it resolved (read that get your number).

May 24 5:46PM

Phishing: Tells you your Mastercard has been locked out and to call them to have it resolved. (i.e, give them your number to unlock it).

Don't answer!

May 24 5:45PM

Just got this call below is the message that was left

"Hi, this is a message for "my name". I'm calling regarding your online account. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. The number where I can be reached is 201-885-5372. I look forwar...