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Mar 28 1:39PM

Same thing...."IRS has filed lawsuit against you". Isn't there a law against this? Please notify the IRS and your state's "Dept of Consumer Fraud" about these scammers so that they may take action against this kind of misrepresentation and fraud.

Mar 28 1:28PM

This number keeps appearing on my cell phone bill, and I don't know who this is.

Mar 28 1:17PM

March 28, 2015

Dear Sisters of St. Joseph:

An advertisement was placed in the Jobs circular for a cook and a porter. I would like to become a Sister of St. Joseph. The phone number I was given in the advertisement was 759-6895. So, where is ...

Mar 28 1:13PM

These people are not to be trusted. Do not call them for any
kind of support.

Mar 28 1:08PM

This is suppose to be a number for FranciaFlex and awning company. my call does not go thru.
I can be reached at 954-205-1976

Mar 28 1:00PM

This person is pranking everyone at my school pretending to be someone they are not and I wanna know who it is

Mar 28 12:57PM

SCAM! A man claiming to be with a company working hand-in-hand with Windows (even though this guy said he's in India, but "registered" in Texas, HA!)trying his best to gain remote-access to my PC so that he could install "his virus protection softwar...

Mar 28 12:50PM

I am checking on an agency, with a different #. The number above is the listed yellow page number.

Mar 28 12:45PM

Received an email at our nonprofit asking for bank information.

Miss Ashley Gaskin
Missionary Church of Montana
259 Burlington Ave
Missoula MT 59801
phone: 202-595-1226

Mar 28 12:43PM

I have received numerous calls from sales people claiming to be from Visa/Mastercard and they will not stop calling me. I have told them numerous times to take me off their list but they refuse and even mock me when I tell them I will report them

Mar 28 12:41PM

This number is all over signs saturating Sykesville and Eldersburg, MD. There is something suspicious about the number of signs that have shown up in the last week. You are not welcome in our neighborhoods.

Mar 28 12:37PM

Thank you, someone called and left no msg. I don't answer unknown numbers!

Mar 28 12:33PM

Woman named Rita keeps calling for a Maria. Wrong number. Told her so the first time, but she called back and left a message. I returned the call and told her she has the wrong number. Hopefully she will stop calling.

Mar 28 12:30PM

received a random request on social media to text the person at the other end of 916-668-1353.

Mar 28 12:27PM

this people are scam and fraud. They are charging me $30.95 for one time free credit report, and have a hard time to cancel or get refund from them. They are telling me you are member now. I will report this co. to BBB. and channel news in Ca.

Mar 28 12:13PM

This call invited me to join in a conference call...didn't say for what.

It said I could also push 9 to take off the list I think...I just hung up.

Mar 28 12:10PM

Not a land line its a cell phone. I don't know whose name its under but the person who has it is Stacy Farrell fletcher

Mar 28 11:58AM

I know the owner of this # and I think maybe she has been kidnapped and held hostage fir a week now. I really need the location of the last call where we talked.

Mar 28 11:50AM

Very Rude - hung up on me when asking if this was Patriot Construction - NEVER use them! Horrible

Mar 28 11:47AM

i know you erica kara is not how you think she is she is dum quit calling her this is the FBI agent jim please i am WARNING you get away NOW

Mar 28 11:45AM

Called three times but left no message. Just hung up when answering machine came on and redialed. Must be a solicitor.

Mar 28 11:07AM

I need to know the telephone number in order to call from PERU.
We will like to travel to miami

Mar 28 10:56AM

Received a call from 866-544-3851 Ext. 341 Brian. He said he is from United Debt Counselors and wants to help reduce credit card debt. Trying to find out if this is legitimate service.

Mar 28 10:41AM

Text. Wants to send me a cashiers check for a piano and enough so I can pay his mover

Mar 28 10:39AM

Received a phone call from this number with a preposterous statement that my husband had won an enormous sum of money and either of us could call back to claim it. We didn't

Mar 28 10:24AM

after a few seconds caller comes on line and say is this (so & so) and proceeds to say this is regarding your (make of car) from the Vehicle Protection program.
all i did was say i am not interested and said thank you.
then i hung up on them.

Mar 28 10:06AM

To all the nay sayers. Jim has been my SD for over a year. We are in the Alps skiing. Just because you weren't selected don't show yourself as a bigger loser than you are. Get a life.

Mar 28 10:01AM

I also received texts about a Craigslist posting. The sender refuses to talk to me.

Mar 28 9:55AM

This is Rick. I am answering your text message. the message came in as unreadable. I did not recognize the phone number. Please call me at 513.381.2345

Mar 28 9:54AM

Call is from jail inmate wanting funds deposited- but the name of inmate is blanked out