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Sep 30 6:01AM

Yes I received a call from this number (555) 555-6068. I don't know how the person that called me from this number had this number show up on my phone.

Sep 30 4:11AM

The person from this number wants to do my roof I am not sure who he is so give me some info on this person...Said his name is Rico but not sure of his last name etc.

Sep 30 4:00AM

I received call and when I picked up call, no one is speaking and then automatically start ringing.

Sep 30 3:14AM

This is a scam phone company wanting to get your phone number to sell to other scam artist or telephone sales companies. They offer a "Free Prize", but don't deliver.

Type in their phone number and see what other scam sites are saying.

Sep 30 2:52AM

I was unable to receive this call. But I don't want to call as I don't want to talk with a person yet I am expecting a call from my office

Sep 30 2:47AM

threatening text messages over 2 week period, call number back rings busy or doesn't connect

Sep 30 2:43AM

HI, this number phoned me on Friday but i was on the taxi i coulnd'nt hear anything

Sep 30 2:42AM

received texts from this number after posting ad on craigslist. says her name is Larisa Ann. "She" asked for my Paypal email so she can pay me. Screw that. I live in PA and 678 is area code for Atlanta Georgia.

Sep 30 2:32AM

Sent a text message with location and link to iCloud regarding a missing phone and the website was a phising site. They hacked my iCloud account, deleted my device from the tracker and stole my iPhone.

Sep 30 1:44AM

This guy was trying to sell me anti-virus software. He said he was from Microsoft. this is the info he gave me to call him back.
Name: John Martin
Ext No 1002
Toll free: 1-844-291-9490
Windows technical Support Technocrats

Sep 30 1:06AM

I received calls from this number numerous of time. when I finally called them back, all I heard was a voice preaching. I would love to know who is calling me and why?.

Sep 30 12:51AM

Texted message. To call to 9253592479... this number has an India source. Wanted to have call about 'my' home security systt.m at 12 midnigh

Sep 30 12:45AM

This person texted me. They text me first so I assumed they knew who I was but then after a few messages they stopped and asked who I was... Same guy, Zach and he had the wrong number. Wtf?

Sep 30 12:09AM


Sep 29 11:47PM

Rec'd call to cell phone without hearing ring. Left no msg. Did not call back per above comments.

Sep 29 11:33PM

The caller left a message. She said time urgent and threaten to sue.

I have no idea what about it. I tried to call could not reached.

Sep 29 11:32PM

This number called 2 times today already, no one on the caller side, I called back this number but the phone company's recording message says no such number available. I think the hacker forged the number calling from somewhere, for what purpose? God...

Sep 29 11:25PM

A text since they won't tell me who they are or how they knowe I want them to leave me alone!!!