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Jul 29 12:22AM

Yes. 2 days in a row saying they are watching me. I think it may be a friend that got a new number. But they won't tell me. It does not scare me. Just want to know

Jul 29 12:01AM

received a call from this number after 9pm. man was very rude, said there was no message just wanted to know the best time to call and speak to the person he was calling for...really, after 9 pm. no message either...go away!!!

Jul 29 12:00AM

'Frank' at 914-461-5879 is a crook with a tiny one . . . he has a small brain too! LOL

Preys on Craigslist posters. Beware, block and report.

Jul 28 11:53PM

hi wendy this is margaret if you see larry till him if he get ucc i want money 60.00$ for candies for kids and for me smokes thank you

Jul 28 11:51PM

called me 2-3 times a day everyday for last 4 days. I never answered. They never leave message. I have returned the call from a blocked id phone to request info: called themselves "clearview", using his description they are a "contact centre" and cou...

Jul 28 11:49PM

hi this is margaret my daughter is doing better we dont know we are going to home she is gonna be staying in cheo hospital when she gets better if you see larry till him his daughter is doing much better and till him send some monet 60.00$ from ucc i...

Jul 28 11:44PM

hi this is margaret my baby is doing better now but she is still in cheo hospital she has a vary sick i dont know when im going home couple more days maybe we go out to baffin larga i love you larry and the kids

Jul 28 11:32PM

This is andrewtrucker Balasz Botocska scam artist and computer *** entertaining itself by harassing people. Runs a bogus illegal telemarketing scam thing in NYC. 2128459567 go to its residence and ask it to stop, address is 3315 28th St apt 3H Astori...

Jul 28 11:30PM

I received a phone call from this number. He also is inquing about seeing my listing.
His Emil is and he calls
Himself gizmo flake. Strange!!

Jul 28 11:30PM

Left my computer on and a couple of hours later my browser indicated that I have a virus and need to call 8885765464 for tech support. Rebooted machine, running my own McAffee Virus checker now.

Jul 28 11:25PM

I called this number thinking it was dell support. They stayed on the line with me as I hooked up with This "dell tech" remotely acesssed my computer for thirty minutes. I thought my problem was being fixed, instead I was hacked. At t...

Jul 28 11:22PM

Please tell me who is calling from this number as I keep being asked to send money towards collecting a lottery prize.
Thank you,

Jul 28 11:19PM

This person is monitoring craigslist, ebay, pay pal, and who knows what other web sites, trying to steal information and commit scams.
Do not be deceived by this individual.

Jul 28 11:02PM

Received a rude call from this number almost before 11;00pm demanding "who this is" Don't call this number again. Obviously, you don't know me. And who are you?

Jul 28 10:57PM

Hello, Is Manuel there (Robotic voice). We called back and the number was not in service.

Jul 28 10:44PM

Scammers called and researched my local area (BGE). They stated that I owe them money and to send $900 immediately. Please be cautious of them. Called the Utility company and they said they would not call.

Jul 28 10:12PM

I also got a call from this phone number requesting my home address. The girl on the phone refused to tell me the reason for the request, or what company she was working on behalf of. After asking her several times the reason for her soliciting PERSO...

Jul 28 10:06PM

Keep getting calls from this number. Every time they call I answer and as soon as I do they hang up. However if they call and I hit decline call, they stop calling. No idea why, and I have no idea who's number it is.

Jul 28 9:55PM

I just received a call from this number. I'm out here in Alberta. It rang once and then quit ringing. So just reporting it.

Jul 28 9:48PM

Called my phone and did not leave a message. Claim to be a phone solicitor for Amazon.

Jul 28 9:42PM

called my cell. rang once. i picked up but too late, showed I missed the call.

Jul 28 9:23PM

Il ne cesse de me texter c'est fatiquant je lui es demander de cesser sinon je donne son numero a la police et je porte plainte

Jul 28 9:17PM

What is weird is that there is no such thing as NATIONAL POLICE... The United States is not a Police State... Yet...

Jul 28 9:14PM

I also got this call from a so called officer jessica rolland and said she was with the irs and if I did not call her back, the issues would be bad for me. She called twice today 7/28/14 and left messages both times.I did not c all her back because I...

Jul 28 8:59PM

I receive a multiple calls from this number almost daily. No answer or never leave a message. This nonsense must STOP!!!

Jul 28 8:57PM

I used to have this number, and eventually bugged support to get a new one. This number constantly receives automated calls in Spanish, even though I am on the do-not-call list. There is no way to stop these calls. You are f*cked if you get this numb...

Jul 28 8:54PM

Caller ID showed: "Polk City, Ia from 515-329-0960": Man w/ heavy Indian/Middle-Eastern accent called -Stated they were with "MBM Tech Support" had reports that I was having problems with "server" for Windows and they wanted me to give them remote ac...

Jul 28 8:47PM

Call from this number, no message. Have seen elsewhere it is spam about home protection.