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Mar 4 2:12AM

My friend woman who deaf who live in San Jose, California who relationship name "Kevin Dean"(the three cowboy blonde look nice in photos who live in Austin, Texas) from facebook inbox private about chatting is look nice person but don't have Spyke or...

Mar 4 2:09AM

I keep having a pop up that says to call this number immediately due to a virus

Mar 4 1:54AM

Calls left on answering machine threatens legal action against you for owing back taxes

Mar 4 1:25AM

He's on okcupid too. Same name, number and email. Claiming to be from Indiana.

Mar 4 1:20AM

My friend downloaded a texting prank app, i think its a company and you can use their number to text through. so most likely it was your friends or someone who disliked you. someone you know at the very least. Hope this helps!
**She just downloaded ...

Mar 4 1:20AM

Same deal here. Call received on or about 02/28/15. Same script. Ignored it in that, as previously mentioned, the IRS doesn't communicate via telephone unless you've initiated the communication by contacting them. IRS communications are only via ...

Mar 4 12:57AM

Non-stop all hours of the day. Heard a sigh in the background. When I say "hello", no reply just a sigh.

Mar 4 12:48AM

I received a message today (3/3) stating "this is the IRS, we have been trying to contact you. This message is to let you know we will be filing suit against you, call this number 202-684-6544 as soon as possible". I call my tax preparer.

Mar 4 12:44AM

Who owns this mobile number? I have a missed call but they didn't leave a message.

Mar 4 12:12AM

I'm so tired of these people. They always call after 9 pm and sometimes after midnight. I'm on the do not call list and it doesn't help.

Mar 3 11:55PM

got a call from this number today. said he was with the police youth group. he spoke so fast that he caught me off guard because I was in the middle of work. Wanted to send me an envelope and commit to a donation. He almost got me until he gave me an...

Mar 3 11:52PM

received phone call from automated voice that a lawsuit was filed against me and to call 201-813-0138.

Mar 3 11:29PM

narried guy, cheats on his wife with multiple women. If his wife is here, I sincerely hope she sees this

Mar 3 11:27PM

U have the wrong number psycho if someone calls and hangs up without leaving a message I will take the call as a prank call

Mar 3 11:17PM

I got the same call from Charles. Can't recall if they have serviced us before

Mar 3 11:06PM

This is a reply to Craigslist ads, probably a scammer. Says they cant see items in person; then tries to collect personal information to send you a "cashiers check" and have a third party pick up the items.

Mar 3 10:57PM

This number has called my phone and I don't know who it is. I don't want to answer it because I don't know if it is trouble.

Mar 3 10:53PM

Yes this number belongs to a legit business. I met them for an interview in Chicago and they are professional and very nice! :)

Mar 3 10:44PM

got the same message from a Dennis Boyd or Voyd leaving a doc number. saying he's from the legal process summons division; saying to call him back at number being 855-262-7093 x212 but he called from the number 508-928-7195. use to get these calls ...

Mar 3 10:05PM

I recieved a letter with this number saying I awarded a prize of two free tickets from US Airlines for the sum of$1375 and it signed by a Cindy Jones customer relation manager why people do things like that.

Mar 3 10:05PM

We live on the East Coast. Someone called from this number and the ID says 'San Ramon, CA". The person asked when I answered, "Do you speak Spanish?" Just as I was about to answer, my husband asked, "Who's calling?" The woman preferred to tell him in...

Mar 3 9:51PM

My Son received a similar phone call of someone trying to pressure him into giving them funds over the phone for a previous debt. I advised him to tell them to send something in the mail indicating that this would clear the debt up. She told my son t...

Mar 3 9:31PM

"Our monthly drawing has concluded. You placed first" is the text I received with a message to call the phone number 754-212-0274

Mar 3 9:29PM

thank you I was about to order but lost the one sheet that came with the offer. i looked them up and no they are not listed on the internet with the product name also if they are overcharging for the product hat is not good Quercitan is important per...