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Oct 22 9:44AM

He contacted me for an add on craigslist was going to pay 100 dollars over my asking price. I looked up the number the guy is a scammer, dont bother replying to him.

Oct 22 9:22AM

I received a text regarding furnitire I had for sale asking if I would accept a cashiers check, which now a days can be a huge scam and I would be left with a check that was no good and no furniture.

Oct 22 9:19AM

Received a txt from this number stating my credit was frozen and to call for release.

Oct 22 9:13AM

Some creep left a buisness card on my car windshield from Club Koyote in Terre Haute. With the number scratched out on the back and "Lucas 217-599-1121" on the back.

Oct 22 9:08AM

I have received several calls from this number but I am not sure if it is legit. A woman does leave a message but she is very hard to understand because of her accent. She says she is calling for my husband and that she has been assigned to him to ...

Oct 22 9:08AM

Been calling me daily at least 3 to 4 times a day. Saying that I took an interest in their skincare product. I don't answer anymore now.

Oct 22 8:54AM

This number belongs to The Handyteam. A State Licensed contractor for home improvement. Business Licensed in the City of Virginia Beach since 1993

Oct 22 8:51AM

Received text from this number saying my credit card was frozen and to call to release. Assumed it to be a scam. Googled the number to see what others were experiencing. These idiots need to get a real job.

Oct 22 8:47AM

Recieved a message saying Hows my girl friend? I dont even know this person.

Oct 22 8:45AM

call from this number, left voicemail to call back an 855 exchange...led to nowhere. Also called the original number and got no response.

Oct 22 8:19AM

I got a call, I called back they said it was ADT (home alarm service) not sure it is true I have a different phone number on file

Oct 22 8:09AM

I got the text message at 5am! I do not have text alerts for my cards, they just call me. Fraud number! Scam!

Oct 22 8:06AM

Received a call from this number before 8 am eastern time. Ignored call. No message left

Oct 22 7:49AM

Craigslist scammer. The only thing that should be sent to West Africa is this fool and anyone like he or she.

Oct 22 6:38AM

Called the number and says Welcome to Bank America and a computer voice tells you your Visa Debit card is frozen amd asks for your account number, expiration and address,and zipcode. Funny thing is all zero's and a know good zipcode cleared my zero a...

Oct 22 6:28AM

I got a text at 3:30 this morning saying sms alert, my card is frozen and to call immediately. Not gonna happen!

Oct 22 6:11AM

I used mine at cvs last night too! I received a weird text at 6 this morning

Oct 22 5:50AM


Oct 22 5:18AM

Funny I just got the same message after using my card at CVS today. That was the only time I used the card in like a week.

Oct 22 4:45AM

I received a call from this number at 10:45 this morning on 0791829790 and when I answered the caller just hung up.

Oct 22 4:18AM

This number continue to prank Call me in the middle of the night and hang up. Can you tell me Who it is?

Oct 22 4:09AM

Did not, will not answer this number or any other that I don't recognize. I am on the do not call list and if I ever get enough money I will have these people punished to the full extent of the law. Until then, I will use my VOODOO doll on them. Look...

Oct 22 3:56AM

Four successive calls received Tuesday, 21 OCT 2014 from 435.414.0378. Iranian or middle-Eastern accented male garbled voice claimed to be my Training Supervisor from a UK company called Alliance Healthcare. Said he was ready to commence my training ...

Oct 22 3:54AM

a person called me from this number , he was telling me they have a women supposedly she give them my number , so they say I have to give them $2000 dollar to leave her free ,and if I don't give them the money they say they gonna use her for prostit...

Oct 22 3:48AM

got a reply for an item i was selling
they offered 250$ for an item posted on kijiji,ca
blah blah blah about a wife & having to mail it to Nigeria?
googled the requested mailing adress came up as Nigerian Scam!!!!

Oct 22 2:48AM

I received a call from that number at 5:08 PM October 21'14. A woman with a heavy Russian/Ukrainian accent muttered (poorly) about being in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office, but I couldn't make out what she was trying to say since it was such ...

Oct 22 2:00AM

I received a text from this phone saying that he knew my name and needed information from me. Said his name is Race. I don't know any people named Race. Wanted to know if that was true or not.