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Dec 18 4:39PM

This number is no longer MCI Metro Access Transmission services. It is my HOME phone number. And I'd appreciate it if people would stop calling and offering $250,000 business loans.

Dec 18 4:38PM

It was a rude and nasty messege coming from someone who claims to be my child. The phone does not match with the one her mom owns nor does my child own a phone.

Dec 18 4:38PM

Very disgustingly rude male called using foul language. Continued to call after I told him the person he asked for wasn't at the number he dialed. Verizon will hear about this if that's who the call was from.

Dec 18 4:31PM

Total scammer!!! Bottom Feeder! This guy texts me anytime I post an ad for a vehicle online. Usually he texts within about an hour of my posting. I've come to expect him to actually! So predictable! I just texted back"SCAM!!" and he hasn't re...

Dec 18 4:29PM

I have filed an FCC complaint against this company and against Rachel at cardholder services each day for the last 13 days. When I block one number they call from another. I don't know why the FCC can't stop this.

Dec 18 4:26PM

Called again. Same Number. Someone named Christopher West(not George anymore) from Legal Carring Services. Said it's second attempt and then same message.

Dec 18 4:24PM

I answered it and all i heard was a beep and then it hung up (happen more than once)

Dec 18 4:18PM

Calling on behalf on the Local Fire Fighters.And would like for me to just give them money. When I said I wouldn't be interested he start name calling. I want to assume he thought he had hung up. But if he isn't bright enough to hang up and then insu...

Dec 18 4:14PM

Phone rang ...I answered and just back ground noise ! no Body on other end !

Dec 18 4:11PM

Got a phone call with this as the return number, claimed to be a lawyers office, no other information was given.

Dec 18 4:09PM

Someone from this number calls me multiple times daily and doesn't leave a voice mail.

Dec 18 4:08PM

Currently calling for Heifer International fundraising. Are very nice and will take you off of their call list if you ask.

Dec 18 4:01PM

This number does not belong to what is stated above, this number is a personal cell phone.

Dec 18 4:00PM

Cost-U-Less Ins. is calling current and former customers to offer medical coverage.

Dec 18 4:00PM

I received a text message from this number. The person indicated she was Jeannette Gordon from a company called The Lifetime Healthcare Companies. I started an online chat interview however I got suspicious about some of the information. I am curren...

Dec 18 3:57PM

Someone from this number called then hung up before I could answer. I called them back and it was answered by someone, I heard office noise in the background, lots of other phone conversations. The person wanted to know if I was a Veteran and did I ...

Dec 18 3:57PM

He said his name was Chris. He said he was my friends papa then said he was my boyfriend-_-

Dec 18 3:55PM

Number is to Senior Savings Services. A company that compares rates and helps seniors with their Medicare benefits. They were nice and helpful.

Dec 18 3:54PM


Dec 18 3:50PM

Never sign up for online health insurance quotes! You will hear phone calls from 20 different numbers from all regions of the globe. This is one of them, although Shannon's voice was very kind, I don't want any.

Dec 18 3:46PM

I thought I was applying for a job at Lowe's except I never got to the application part. Then I got a text saying please call this number regarding the Lowe's job. Glad I checked it out before I called. I thought it was strange they would contact ...

Dec 18 3:44PM

Calls daily, sometimes three times a day, never speaks a word when answered, never leaves a message when ignored. Calling it back it's a robot service with not option to speak to anyone to end the harassment.

Dec 18 3:39PM

I don't know who the idiot is behind this number, but he or she keeps calling without end, and leaves no message.

Dec 18 3:39PM

I didn't pick up lol. No one ever calls me besides 2 people. Good thing I didn't pick up.

Dec 18 3:37PM

Wed, 17 Dec 2014 17:00:12 -0700 / Hey,shoot me a text to my cell at (201)285 7597 so i know youre real :)
alot of fakes online lol thanks! (i luved your FB pic)

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Dec 18 3:35PM

I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. I then looked up the number and I'm glad I didn't answer.

Dec 18 3:35PM

This is a scam and the guy that answers the phone will cuss at you and hang up on you.

Dec 18 3:33PM

payed him to unlock my phones and i never saw him again and my money, beware of this man, charm talking, after he gets your money he disappears, he uses paypal to make believe , and he keeps in good contacts with you untill he gets his money from pay...

Dec 18 3:27PM

About 45 secs ago, there was another call from the same number, but when I picked it up, the message was ' it was a wrong extension.

Dec 18 3:27PM

My parents just recieved a call from this guy saying there number came up in there system and they needed to have there furnace services. My dad said well there's a problem. We done have a furnace and the guy hung up. He also did his name was Ron

Dec 18 3:27PM

Someone using the mobile number "519-466-6598" called my mobile phone while my phone was unnatended. I sent a text message to the number "519-466-6598" and the user would not idenify him/her self and then stated "...wasn't me." Then the user probed f...

Dec 18 3:25PM

Received a missed call from this number. It's a Thursday. Not going to call back. No messages were left on my voicemail.