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Nov 23 2:19PM

Got a Call from this Number to the House Phone on 11/19/14 at 1:32 AM ! We have NO IDEA WHO it is ? ! ALSO another Call on 11/10/14 at 5:12 PM.

Nov 23 2:18PM

Got a Call from this Number to the House Phone at 1:32 AM ! We have NO IDEA WHO it is ? !

Nov 23 2:15PM

I received a call on my cell phone from this number, was not able to answer it.

Nov 23 2:10PM

I received a text from this number claiming to be First Federal Community Bank saying that my Visa card had been temporarily suspended and to call them. I went to First Federal's website and they have an alert posted stating that this is a scam. Some...

Nov 23 2:07PM

Scammer texting about items on Craigslist. used ssame line on me as in 1st post in this thread.
"I'm just asking about it to make sure its in good condition as im buying it for my Family as a surprise gift and he doesn't know about it, so can you as...

Nov 23 2:04PM

I have received two text messages from this number. I do not know who owns this number and the messages seem to be looking for drugs.

Nov 23 1:55PM

The person that called me from this number said his name was David Nana Anderson. We ve been talking for 2 years planning our future together. He kept saying he needs money because he worked in US Air Force and been send to assignments in Afganista...

Nov 23 1:53PM

said they are going to cut and eat me. They also asked what my favorite movie is.

Nov 23 1:27PM

This person sent flowers to my daughter at work. Left this cell number on the flowers card. Signed Secret admirer. I would like to know who he is

Nov 23 1:11PM

This is the same scam I got today... except my brother-in-law and his son were being held until money sent to caller.

Nov 23 12:53PM

I've been called several times over the past couple of weeks, also recorded message from "citi" not a sales call. I don't have any cards with citi. I called back to hear a message telling me I've won a trip to Las Vegas and to press 1. I pressed 0 an...

Nov 23 12:49PM

The reason for this may be because this number is supposedly the number of a pizza restaurant call Freddy Fazbears Pizza. This pizza restaurant is not real and was created in a popular video game called Five Nights at Freddy's where the player is a n...

Nov 23 12:24PM

I received a craigslist inquiry as well this morning at 6:15am.
definitely a scam as I post local pickup only and cash only.

Nov 23 12:13PM

Got call from this number. Pressed 1 to "join" lawsuit against Toyota. Class action law firm. Will update when they call me back. Yes i have a Toyota. Just want to know who they are to tell them not to call me. Not interested in suing anybody. Techni...

Nov 23 11:57AM

This is a craiglist SCAM caller. They act like they are interested in what you are selling, and make it look like they deposit money into your account for you to ship item to them. Only thing is, once you ship item, they cancel payment. This oerson p...

Nov 23 11:31AM

This is a scam. While speaking with "Sgt. Jackson", I did a search on the number and actually went on the Cobb County Superior court's website and to see how they call Grand Jury's.
It obviously did not add up. When he started to go down the green ...

Nov 23 11:13AM

Calling at ALL hours.....Won't leave message and I will not pick the phone up.

Nov 23 10:59AM

Received a phone call from this number. A woman's voice was talking to someone, like how it sounds when a telemarketer calls you. But when I said hello, she just said, "Hi... Um..." and hung up.

Nov 23 10:31AM

He recibido llamadas de este numero y al no responder cambia el numero pero solamente el final es decir el 317-635-30-46

Nov 23 10:13AM

This person is a bitcoin scammer. He will ask you to make a cash deposit into his bank account for bitcoins but does not send them.

Nov 23 9:32AM

Just got the same text as above and my boyfriend did too. we don't have cards through them and also the supposed card numbers were the same in both texts.

Nov 23 9:31AM

This guy is a scammer, only communicates via text, offers to pay by check, works craigslist. be careful. He will rip you off.

Nov 23 7:55AM

I know this is a Hollister Stier employee work phone. Not sure which on but it shows the company name whenever this person calls me

Nov 23 7:39AM

I got a quite likely a spam mail in the they stated like this, "
Dear Sir,

We have a firm order for products. We understand that we have not handled any business in the past so we wish to commence a good business relationship between our company ...

Nov 23 7:25AM

They made arrangements to buy something from me, changed the time of the meet, and now won't even respond to my texts. What a waste of time. Went out of my way to accommodate them.

Nov 23 7:25AM

Company Name: Collect Com Credit Inc.
Phone number(s): 866-916-1093, 866-275-3057, 416-916-9162
Fax: 416-916-9163
Head Office: 3680 Victoria Park Avenue, Suite 100, Toronto, ON M2H 3K1

Email: ccc@collectcom....

Nov 23 7:08AM

car scam on craigslist!!!!
he/she will email you and send you fake emails showing you pictures of the car and even give you the vin number(1N4AL11D12C177179) for the car so it seams real. then once you agree to the process he/she will send you fake ...