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Sep 2 6:53AM

I got a call from this number last night at 11:30 PM. I called back this morning and it just kept ringing. No idea who it is or why they would be calling.

Sep 2 6:44AM

I sold a car to this man name Wayne and I left the liciense plate in the car and now I'm getting in the mail lots of camera tickets and he don't anwser he's phone no more need he's address so I can go look for him...thanks

Sep 2 6:20AM

same thing as you dale,

too bad there are people out there that may fall for this :/

Sep 2 6:05AM

In addition to my above comment, I believe this so-called company should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law - I still have the text the liars sent - they are impersonating the Brisbane Broncos football club and are a bunch of lousy time-wast...

Sep 2 5:33AM

I got a call to attend interview from this number . Please text me the address of the Company

Sep 2 5:31AM

This number is calling me several times and when I call back it say "this number is not asign number".

Sep 2 3:37AM

I have beed defrauded (R24311)Under draw cars auto sales.when I am calling this number it says the number is unidentified.

Sep 2 3:37AM

This turns out to be my mother's phone number! Ha, Ha; how funny is that, I didn't even recognize my own mother's phone number!

Sep 2 3:32AM

My Cellphone says the call is from: 833 Scenic View Drive
College Place, WA 99324
But not who the call is from!

Sep 2 3:28AM

Absolute bloody nuisance, they wont take a hint or stop calling me its now getting beyond a joke. I am sooooooo sick of this. Want to know how to stop it.

Sep 2 2:47AM

Got a missed call from this number, when I try to call balk it is a call centre of some sort but there's hardly a response.

Sep 2 1:45AM

The woman who sold me an iphone from this number completely cheated me. I'd like to take her to court.

She claimed in writing she used it on T-mobile network and that it was unlocked. It's a Verizon phone which can never work on a T-Mobile netwo...

Sep 2 1:33AM

I keep receiving unwanted and unsolicited messages from this number I wish it blocked. how do I do so?

Sep 1 11:59PM


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