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Apr 24 1:06AM

My name is Ryan as well and they did the same thing to me today. Saying I was going to be served papers on Friday and was going to be sued for a past due credit card almost 10 years ago. The man said his name was John Ford.

Apr 24 12:57AM

Someone with a very heavy Indian accent left a voice mail that I will be prosecuted if I did not reply.

Apr 24 12:54AM

Apple Express
1001 W 15th St, Lower West Side Chicago, IL, 60608
(708) 483-8168

Apr 24 12:51AM

They called to say that he was from Microsoft PC Support and that my computer was at risk for a computer virus. He directed me to go directly to my computer so that he could help direct me to fixing the problem.He made the problem sound urgent! ...

Apr 24 12:40AM

I recieved a phone call from them and I did not answer. They left no message.

Apr 23 11:43PM

Spam call! Hung up on me when I asked them not to call me again. I'm sick of these people calling and telling me I won something. Completely scam artists.

Apr 23 11:40PM

apparently it's a cox communications number? i received a phone call with an automated message in spanish at 11:37pm. cool.

Apr 23 11:36PM

Received call from "officer of the IRS" named Heather. Wanted me to call back, hard to understand message due to her accent. Said similar to what is written above - call back or face legal consequences.

Apr 23 11:26PM

I received a voicemail too, and suspected it is a scam. Thanks to everyone for sharing this information.

You can also read more experiences of victims at ***

Apr 23 11:15PM

got a phone call from this number (714) 493-7567 the called name Robert Lara.. is this person real?

Apr 23 10:54PM

I recieved a text about a post I apparently put on a site known as meet me looking for a girl to join my boyfriend and I in some fun. I don't even have a meet me account.

Apr 23 10:53PM

I receive several calls per day from 310 995 7186 - they never leave a message.

Apr 23 10:51PM

Received a call with a rude lady on the phone who kept saying "mhmm..," "um...okay...." she claimed she was from Microsoft or something similar. Looked that number up on Google and it lead to "MacroSystemsPro." She kept claiming that they received a ...

Apr 23 10:42PM

Hawkeye Landscape Design
3183 Gold Hill Cir, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360
(310) 913-0589

Hawkeye Landscape Design has been creating gardens and exterior design throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties for 17 years. Residential landscape design th...

Apr 23 10:30PM

just received a call from someone with a foreign accent, who said his name was Barry Cooper and that he was an IRS agent and that because I owe money to the IRS I am liable for criminal charges and that i am solely responsible to pay the debt. His ac...

Apr 23 10:18PM

I received a call from 209-213-2481 at 9:29 AM today. No message left and I called the # back. The response: .the party is not available at this time. Call back. Do not know anyone by that #, so I believe it is a marketing person.

Apr 23 10:04PM

here's the whole conversation where's she's trying to hook up with Michael.

Apr 23 10:02PM

Conversation started November 3, 2011
Mike Miller
11/3, 4:53pm
Mike Miller
Hey Ashley! How ya been?! Text me if you want, 513 293 8257
July 1, 2012
Mike Miller
7/1, 6:12pm
Mike Miller
July 3, 2012
Ashley Kilby
7/3, 2:06am
Ashley ...

Apr 23 9:59PM

I got a call at 9:30pm. When I saw the number I knew it was from New York and thought it was my female cousin who's originally from Texas calling me, but the voice when I answered was male and also foreign (I think middle east but I'm not sure) I kne...

Apr 23 9:56PM

Got a recorded msg. when I answered to call WA state Employment Security dept. back at 866-697-4831 m-f 8am-5pm. I looked up that number and it was correct but I've only had this phone a few months and haven't collected unemployment for over 5 years....

Apr 23 9:52PM

I had this number on my credit card statement with a charge of 16.50. They said it had to do with insurance. The cc company took it off my bill and marked it as fraud. Watch your credit card statements.

Apr 23 9:38PM

Two years I've received crazy calls with this number. From police in the early mornings demanding me to open the door, people saying family members locked themselves out to open the door, to Domino's Pizza saying they will be later than promised. And...

Apr 23 9:35PM

They keep trying to sell me newspaper subscriptions for a city I don't live in

Apr 23 9:33PM

same thing I got they asked for 150 voucher to give me a 5k loan they call me 20 times aday

Apr 23 9:30PM

This is Same Product Lower Price. I placed an order with them and my shipping address was not complete so they had to get that info before they could ship it out (my mistake).

Apr 23 9:24PM

Phone call, no answer, callback and no answer as well. reported to

Apr 23 9:10PM

Les LPM Equities
Copley, OH, 44321
(330) 277-5927

Les LPM Equities is the perfect way to find your dream house. Give us a call to find the best choice for you!

Apr 23 9:04PM

Just got call from this number - did not answer it and no message is left. After we did a business with a company in LA we began receiving these types of calls.