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Sep 22 8:11AM

i have received a phone call from this number offering me a Job as financial manager and they called me once again for interview then after all, she told me that i have accepted but she needs a degree from USA, despite having my resume with all my ed...

Sep 22 7:15AM

My my this "person" was busy! Ditto to all comments. Thank you for sharing. I feel better about deleting!!

Sep 22 5:00AM

I have received a call on 16.09.2014 and placed an online order for buying a SONY XPERIA mobile cell phone. after getting the money no one is picking the phone.
R K Sharma . # 9313708664

Sep 22 3:59AM

I received a call at 1:25 AM from this number (East Coast Time). I was sound asleep, and was awakened. The call went to answering machine, but caller hung up and left no message.

Sep 22 2:38AM

I, too, received this email. It's happening more frequently in receiving these scams on text messages and emails. When I receive them by text I reply with a comment in referring them to their original home state and city where they can have a local...

Sep 22 2:36AM

posted cars for sale in Indiana on craigslist cheap. some hav palm trees in pics. Got to be a scam.

Sep 22 2:36AM

I just got a text from this number asking my name. I didn't respond and after checking this I'm definitely not going to! Creepy!

Sep 22 2:05AM

the claim my car is impounded etc try call back all i get is a machen that is not very clear on its wording

Sep 22 1:48AM

I received a call and garbled voice mail from this number three hours ago. I am a middle school teacher from Manteca, California.

Sep 22 1:46AM

I received a call and voice mail I couldn't understand from this number at roughly 7:30 Sunday evening. I am a middle school teacher in Manteca, California.

Sep 22 1:37AM

The person stated that his name was Chris and he was looking for a Jenn Jennison. I informed him he had the wrong number he continued the conversation. He probed for info on me and then got upset when I refused to send him a picture in return for his...

Sep 22 1:31AM

My husband stole my phone and took off for 3 hours. Then after I locked my phone with Android Manager he brought it back with messages from this #

Sep 22 12:29AM

This number is calling my phone constantly every night it's bothering me and my husband I will like to find out who it is thanks so much!!

Sep 22 12:26AM

He came over to my house, used my throat made me swallow and left me. Bivmale

Sep 22 12:22AM

A guy called looking for an old employee who left the company years ago. He insisted that he talked to that person last week. I told him that the person he's looking for has left years ago but he wouldn't believe me. He cursed and threathened me. I t...

Sep 21 11:27PM

Yes I received 2 calls on my mobile (Victoria, Australia).
I didn't have my phone with me and don't have message bank so they couldn't leave me a message if they wanted to. They then again back with the same result. I also don't know who they are so...

Sep 21 11:25PM

Yes I received 2 calls on my mobile. I didn't have my phone with me and don't have message bank so they couldn't leave me a message with they wanted to. They then again back with the same result. I also don't know who they are so looked up the intern...

Sep 21 10:53PM

A Woman claiming to be Michelle called a and ask who I was and could remember where she got my number....

Sep 21 10:52PM

Person asked to text then snap chat. Uses fake photos and videos. Probably is a guy.

Sep 21 10:51PM

received a phone call late on a Sunday night. When I answered, they promptly hung up.