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Dec 19 8:30PM

I received the threats phone calls three times from this number. This is fraud not IRS.

Dec 19 8:27PM

received call from 720-207-2421 at my cell #, didn't recognize # so didn't accept call. no VM left, so no idea of caller. Called back from google voice and got no answer....

Dec 19 8:22PM

recording left on voicemail but diconnectd errer when calling back to find out who called

Dec 19 8:15PM

I received this scam phone call and all the time just threaten me that police will arrest me in 30 mints and take me to the jail for not paying the correct tax amount. IRS doesn't call people directly without Mailing the bill and they don't do this ...

Dec 19 8:13PM

I received a call from 1~800~829~1040, which is an actual IRS phone number. When I called that number back, I was connected to an automated IRS income tax information helpline. All the button navigation worked correctly, and sent me to the pages that...

Dec 19 7:57PM

This is a scam. They tell you that they need a deposit to look for an apartment. It is a lie.

Dec 19 7:55PM

I get several calls a day from this number. When I pick the phone up there is dead silence. When I call the number back I get a recording that that number is not in service. Very Annoying!!!

Dec 19 7:52PM

The phone message in my voice mail said it was from Humana and left the phone # above. when I called back to this number the auto answer said it is "Black Stone Investment Company.

Dec 19 7:49PM

6:40pm. I answered and there was nothing on the other end. I've read the other comments and just scratch my head.

Dec 19 7:49PM

This popped on my computer with a few messages saying I have a virusvwith this number it is a scam and some not so smart hackers

Dec 19 7:29PM

These ppl called stating that I was approved for 2000 dollar loan then told me I had to put 100 dollars in there bank proving I could pay it back is this real or a scam I am unsure I've never had to give money to get money

Dec 19 7:17PM

The call I received came from 978-775-6393, and it was a recorded message stating they were from Express Scripts, and was I this person, and would I Like to continue, when I said Yes, another message said we will call you back at a better time, but p...

Dec 19 6:58PM

calls constantly... says they are a debt recovery service but I have no outstanding debts. Wanted my credit card info.

Dec 19 6:51PM

recieved a text wanting to buy my wedding dress i was selling, was set to meet in a town that would put us both about in the middle so we would split distance for drive time, set for thursday at 6, she doesnt show, text later sayin she missed my call...

Dec 19 6:30PM

Rec. 8 calls in 1 day. All back to back . I do not answer or put on my do not disturb when I get tired of them. People I know calls my other line.

Dec 19 6:27PM

robot spam caller, "attention public utility customers"

old spiel, new number

Dec 19 6:27PM

I received 10 phone calls from this number. The caller stated "I am a representative for Windows", "we are the people that made your computer system". "I need to access your computer because it is showing an error". The caller fail to discuss the err...

Dec 19 6:23PM

They randomly called me but I decided not to pick it up for some reason. I live about 6 states away from Washington so I dont know who would be calling me there...

Dec 19 6:22PM

Said he was from US mail and that he was downstairs and needed a signature, then asked for a weird name and hung up.

Dec 19 6:09PM

Also don't want any more calls from this number....they call at supper time and don't leave any messages

Dec 19 6:06PM

Some young man. Did not say why he was calling my work cell phone. Said wrong number and hung up. 10th call from Ball State Unuversity like this

Dec 19 6:02PM

Some lady with an Indian accent left a message telling me charges have been filed against me. When I called back, a message played saying it was the "Internal Revenue Service". This is definitely a scam. The IRS generally makes contact by mail. H...

Dec 19 6:02PM

I receive several calls from this number. Never able to answer it. No messages left

Dec 19 5:54PM

It is the verizon wireless message retrieval center. Telling you to pay your bill,it is an automated message you don't get to talk to a live person.

Dec 19 5:51PM


Dec 19 5:50PM

SCAM - They claim to want to talk about "your google listing" and get beligerent when you mention do not call list.

Dec 19 5:49PM

Cassandra Ready goes by a few other names its a scam tries to pump you for information

Dec 19 5:19PM

I don't have caller ID on my landline so don't know if my call came from this number. As described in the posts above, my caller "Frank Williams" said the Windows server indicated a problem with my computer. He wanted me to get on the computer - tol...

Dec 19 5:14PM

Its a scam... THEY ACT LIKE THEY ARE YOUR LOCAL ELECTRIC COMPANY SHutting your electric off if you don't send them a certified check. Crazy.. AVOID

Dec 19 5:03PM

I rec'd a call from 888-363-2465 today stating they were with Microsoft & asked me to spend $300 to protect/update my network security because I'd been receiving a lot of errors & warnings that I wasn't aware of but they showed me by my pressing the ...

Dec 19 4:58PM

i have received a text from this number saying his name is john but i dont know they're last name.