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Nov 28 6:33AM

Made an offer to buy a bicycle in Los Angeles by check:
I am Mike ,I am interested in buying the Juiced Riders ODK V2 Electric Bicycle - $975 I will be paying with a Certified Check sent in the mail via USPS ,I'll be responsible for the pick-...

Nov 28 6:32AM


I'm getting calls from 140-930-4355 number 4-5 times per week. But when I receive the call it goes unanswered. I'm really worried, who is making the calls & is it kind of spam or hacking calls. Kindly find out and reply asap. Should I take th...

Nov 28 6:09AM

I'm sick and tired of getting text messages from this number I don't know who it is I'm getting messages in the middle of the night waking me up its aggravating

Nov 28 5:51AM

A lady by the name of Catherine called me on this number bt she ddint leave any messages

Nov 28 4:14AM

I want to buy your truck dolly.
I was in Thailand

Nov 28 4:12AM

ผมต้องการ จะซื่อรถยก dolly ของคุณ
ผมอยู่ ประเทศไทย

Nov 28 3:37AM

i recieved txt that was media content but i donot have mobile data on my phone line so i couldnt recieve it, replied to the number with a txt saying who is this and the reply was JAMES in all capital letters after that i replied and did not get any f...

Nov 28 3:14AM

Got a call from this number Noz 28, 2014 at 3:13am. No caller ID, no messages.

Nov 28 3:11AM

Received call 1:05am black friday. Male sounded American said hey its me & then said he must have wrong number & hung up. Why would anyone, outside of emergency call after 1:05am!!! Ruined my sleep!

Nov 28 12:25AM

Drunk girl making prank calls says she's from the NSA, CIA, FBI
I don't think she can spell those. Kathleen?

Nov 28 12:23AM

Drunk girl making prank calls says she's from the NSA, CIA, FBI
I don't think she can spell those.

Nov 27 10:33PM

Received a voice mail message from a caller (female, inaudible name, sounded Asian) claiming to be from Canada Revenue Agency requesting a call back to 866-518-4128 regarding my 2013 personal income tax. My caller ID indicated the call originated fro...

Nov 27 10:12PM

someone called me twice from this number and said it was hays county jail.

Nov 27 10:02PM

i have also been texted asking to be a nanny for their two kids, simone, what has happened with you?

Nov 27 9:46PM

Check Who Called screens comments so those who are negative get dumped but the good one become advertising for them

Nov 27 9:25PM

Received text from this number two days ago. Do not know who this is - although I lived in the Jacksonville area for more than 25 years. It may be one of my friends who changed numbers and has not provided a signature.

Nov 27 7:26PM

Replied to a tutoring ad I posted. Asked for my name and address to send me money before we met. Avoid. This guy is a scammer.

Nov 27 7:19PM

This number was given to me by a dating site match as a number to which I could text him.