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Jan 31 12:16AM

When I first moved to the Northwest Suburbs from Chicago 3 years ago I was given an "847" area code number. A while after getting this "new" number I started getting calls from the 498-3787 number. When I would answer the call, saying "Hello?", the...

Jan 31 12:16AM

I got a call from 503-442-2896 and the jerk said "I got a call from this phone number and I was returning the call." I said "No you didn't," and hung up!

This is happening more and more these days. I'm not sure what the scam is, but it's out the...

Jan 30 11:56PM

Also received an email saying that they tried to charge 2900 dollars to my paypal account. they can't even spell follow right and then looked up the number and it is from Bangladish routed through Oklahoma

Jan 30 11:30PM

Cam girl, fairly suspicious. Goes by the name Patricia in DFW area. Exhibit extreme caution

Jan 30 11:28PM


Jan 30 11:25PM

Somebody called from this number , but when i answer , they just listen ...

Jan 30 11:24PM

This person contacted my business for services via email. It sounds similar to this person who texted me asking unusual questions and more or less demanding a quote (not that I mind but the way it was phrased was strange). This guy says he has been t...

Jan 30 11:23PM

From this number they call me but dont leave a chance to talk they Gang up

Jan 30 11:01PM

you should find better things to do than call cell phones..your company is third party company trying to scam money on a closed account..!!!!!!!!

Jan 30 10:59PM

stop calling cell phones and home phones on old debt, on people in fl and indian.. its been written off you are third part scam artist. company , so go call some one else

Jan 30 10:56PM

I received a phone call from 0114414800. May I get to know from where is the call?

Jan 30 10:49PM

Random call. 10:40 pm EST to my PST Oregon number. No voicemail left by the user.

Jan 30 10:39PM

hola amigo me vendieron un iPhone 5 y me aparece este numero como puedo hacer para devolvértelo estoy en michoacan mexico ok saludos

Jan 30 10:37PM

Spoof or fraudulent call claiming to be an adult store never heard of. Sounds like a scam

Jan 30 10:32PM

Yes and woman said she was from Chase Bank and asked for my other half by name but called my phone #. When other half called the no. A recording said I you have been duped

Jan 30 10:14PM

I have received several calls and texts from this number she says her name is Stephanie.

Jan 30 10:02PM

Fake number" do you want to see me on cam got ot this link type of number

Jan 30 9:57PM

yes someone called me from this number saying i ripped off the welfare and i owed like 20,000,000 dollars

Jan 30 9:34PM

They call from a million different numbers and now they have gotten my mothers cell number and texting her messages about some picture some. People get a life we have better things to do besides be scammed all day please stop calling our house

Jan 30 9:32PM

They called me today howeverthey did not get to far. Didn't give them a chance to be aggressive. I was aggressive with them and they hung up on me.

Jan 30 9:28PM

Owners name is Robert Tait. He works for GM. He was texting my wife, starting an affair

Jan 30 9:26PM

Got a message claiming that I had a 'new photo message' with a questionable link. Did not click.

Jan 30 9:17PM

It was a guy that to me I hit his car and left my number on the windshield and he wouldn't tell me who he was when I asked three times

Jan 30 9:03PM

This was a robotic female voice leaving a partial message saying, "(cut off) card to check into the hotel. For more details, press 1 now." Obviously a scam of some sort, as it is a local # and I'm not checking into any hotel.

Jan 30 8:49PM

PayPal scam from ebay. Now making physical threats on me and my family. Knows my address and email.

Jan 30 8:45PM

Just got a call from this number at 8:14 PM tonight. Person identified herself as Emily and stated that my phone number called her at 7:15 PM. My phone was in team on at 7:15 PM I don't know who she was talking to or who she's got my number from. Mor...

Jan 30 8:39PM

A minute or two into a recorded message with a Robot-Lady asking "Is this The Smith Household?"... ... ... "Please say 'yes' or 'no'." ... ... ... They repeat the request to say yes or no, then FINALLY, actually I think the entire intro was repeated,...