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Aug 20 8:02PM

This number has called my wireless phone over and over. They say the name of the place their calling from is LifeConnect?? I know nothing about them!!! They even ask for me by name. I'm calling them back and telling them they have the wrong numbe...

Aug 20 7:58PM

Received same email. Won't be contacting them. I didn't get a loan for $11,ooo, ever. Been unemployed for several years. Bad eyesight and health. Bad heart and diabetes. Still trying to get disability. Never qualified for loans due to health issues a...

Aug 20 7:57PM

I got the same thing...Monica Blanker who says she is deaf and to send my address and id with the email address and the serial number of my phone....

Aug 20 7:54PM

8664704585 is the official number. This is a collection company called Vision Financial Corp.

Aug 20 7:54PM

My name is Martha S. Johnson. Well i am also very satisfied with Windows support. They are the authorized service provider and under contract for Microsoft windows software. They are really very helpful. A guy named (Aaron Gonzelvious) he is a certif...

Aug 20 7:53PM

This person Txt'd me claiming to be from ESSAR Steel Ltd. They say they saw my employment wanted posting in Craigslist and want to interview me for a job via Yahoo messenger. Of course they want my yahoo messenger ID and email address.

Total BS. B...

Aug 20 7:49PM

Fried texted from this number, just met this person on an airline flight wanted to check for authentication. Thanks

Aug 20 7:48PM

I was called today telling me to call this num 2024706085 I called the num and I talked to a Roger Brown he said I was getting a government grant for $9,200 I need to go to western union and get a green dot card and load $220.00 on it then call them ...

Aug 20 7:44PM

Yes. I too was told I was getting a 9,000 dollars grant that i would never have to pay back.. He gave me his supervisors # 202-738-1532 and gave me a confirmation # to call and give him and he would get the rest of the information. I called and first...

Aug 20 7:43PM

They called twice in one minute. Both times it rang 3 times and then they hung up. No message was left.

Aug 20 7:43PM

Hi My name is Anthony Murphy i was having a huge problem in my windows computer my email and full computer is messed up.I don't know what to do? One day i received a phone call from the company (windows support). It was very hard for me to trust any ...

Aug 20 7:40PM

Health insurance quotes. When I ask them to stop they hang up on me and then call me back at a later time.

Aug 20 7:39PM

I received a text from this phone number on craigslist as well!
Very sketchy, and he claims cannot speak over the phone! Complete scam in my opinion. He keeps asking for my address and name to send a check.

Aug 20 7:33PM

i receive calls everyday from this # every single day n no one answer,i call back and nobody pick up the calls, im tired of this.

Aug 20 7:31PM

called me, then when i returned the call they hung up. Not sure what this is all about

Aug 20 7:30PM

hung up on my voicemail. trying to find out who it is without paying for a background check service!

Aug 20 7:28PM

they say they are from washington , dc and are working for the irs . they will call the police if i dont pay them 800 dollars. they are very rude and when you ask them questions they get very angry..

Aug 20 7:21PM

This is a copy of an e-mail I received on 20th Aug 2014.

Let me introduce myself. I am a Senior Attorney Christian Brown from Hoffman Legal Law Group. As we were trying to reach you since a couple of days regarding a very serious matter about a la...

Aug 20 7:16PM

Total scam, voice mail robot saying from IRS. Call Julie Smith at this number. Woman with foreign accent answers with threatening questions. She hung up when challenged.

Aug 20 7:14PM

just got a call from this #.. nobody was there and when i called back it said the number was not in service.. weird right?

Aug 20 7:11PM

Get a call from this # 3-4 times a day... and I have my number on the "DO NOT CALL" lost.

Aug 20 7:06PM

This number calls me everyday at least once! Never leaves a voicemail. If I pick up and listen, they never make a sound. Very annoying!

Aug 20 7:06PM

called no message. I called back auto message "you have reached a none working number" I blocked.

Aug 20 7:01PM

This is spam! It sends a text that reads: Your friend shared a pic of you from 2 years ago on Scrap! Check it out now.

There is a website that follows the text.

Aug 20 7:01PM

Picked up the phone, call lasted about 13 seconds, the only thing I heard was , "Good bye."

Aug 20 6:59PM

Total Maintenance , A telemarketing Air conditioning company, with what I assume is the usual scams, that are well known here in Florida.

Aug 20 6:59PM

I received an email on a dating site with this number in the subject line. She tried to leave an email address as well, but all I got was Anita Stephen.

Aug 20 6:58PM

After multiple calls I never answered I decided to answer. All there was was music playing.

Aug 20 6:53PM

Recorded message from (fake) officer Julie Smith with the IRS, tells me there is an issue with my accounts and to call her at 202-506-8392 before they have to take action. This is really a good fake!

Aug 20 6:52PM

Received a text saying that a friend of mine found an old school pic of from 2 years ago today...and it had a link attached. Probably scam. Didn't click the link so I don't know what it actually was. Probable a virus my luck.

Aug 20 6:49PM

This number has been harrassing me and my friends with disturbing texts and phone calls.