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Apr 18 9:13AM

Very odd. When I called back I received a 'this number is not assigned' message

Apr 18 7:53AM

We have repeatedly received calls from this number. We don't answer because we don't recognize the number and don't want to be bombarded with telemarketers.

Apr 18 7:38AM

I also received a text from the same number (1113001) saying "Status" and it was followed by another text immediately afterwards saying "Activate:pv=11;ct=streamwide". I've read that some people received the "Status" text after setting up visual vm o...

Apr 18 7:02AM

no text but have been talked a couple times by Email. She says she lives in Magrath Alberta has two kids and lost her husband in a plane crash. Same person? I think we are being set up!! went back to dating site she was messaging from and her profile...

Apr 18 6:17AM

Spam email :
From: Monique Weber

Apr 17 at 3:08 AM
Whats's up handsom, I saw you on a match site sometime last week, i got sum naughtypix for you..

text my numbr real quick its 425 458 five three four one.

Im just a 24 year old gal. Im l...

Apr 18 5:00AM

Some people have nice eyes, Some have nice smile, others have nice faces,but u have all of these with a lovely heart . thats the message i received

Apr 18 3:25AM

Called at 12:26pm MST (Mountain time zone) on 4/15/2015. Showed up as missed call on my cell phone. I have been getting a lot of random calls on my phone lately/spam calls, so can only assume this number is related to all the other numbers calling ...

Apr 18 3:25AM

I got tweeted 'Hey im bored text me if you wanna chat 636-205-4182' it's a sort of scam I think. No proof of that though.

Apr 18 1:47AM

Mhy voice-mail recorded a SILENT 5-second message from this number, at 17:45 Pacific today.


Apr 18 1:37AM

Another siting from dating site. I am so ashamed that I was scammed. Be careful everyone. She claimed to be in Chicago this time.

Apr 18 1:30AM

I recieved a call from this number several times but I cannot anything when i pick up the phone

Apr 17 11:17PM

Could not tell me why they were calling me several times a day. Told them on no call list and not to call again. Called back thirty minutes later. Called them again and told them the same thing. Won't stop. What good is no call list?

Apr 17 10:20PM

Got a call from this number saing that charging me 8000 for a memberchip i hanged up because i bought one thing not a memberchip i am mad

Apr 17 10:14PM

Called Royal Bank, and they confirmed they are now affiliated. The operator originally had no idea, but its because they switched providers of identity theft coverage recently.

Apr 17 10:10PM

I didn't hear my phone ring, so I wasn't sure who it was. Left no message.

Apr 17 10:10PM

15012048605 (hey, I think I hope I have the right number. I got it from a friend.... you're HOT. Would love to get to know you, I'm Adrianna. If this is the wrong person i apologize.

I got this text from this person saying I'm hot and all. I ...

Apr 17 9:32PM

Yes called me today about a payday loan arrest warrant...A investigator by the name of ms.jackson extension 301

Apr 17 9:23PM

I call this # 1-888-927-2660 to remove pop up in my laptop. I talked to one person by phone his name is Robert. He said one of the technician chat him in the computer ask to remove the pop up. It show's Notification Helper, Computer running slow? F...

Apr 17 8:02PM

It was a telemarketer. Asking about my diabetes and saying they have a new meter that talk to you. Asked basic questions about diabetes and my address. They already had my address just wanted me to confirm it. Asked if it was okay if I got another c...