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Oct 24 5:07AM

Called 4 times tonight around 1am. A Arabic dude babbling words like "fool" and "infidel." He is spooking a Wash DC number and sometimes it says Dist of Columbia -- Sometimes Yemen Embassy, soemtimes Enb of Bangladesh or India. Contacted FBI and secr...

Oct 24 5:04AM

This number has been calling my house EVERY day.....sometimes twice a day. Caller ID says it's Sears. They also go by the phone # 518-375-2072. I have an account with Sears, but they never leave a message. So, I don't know what they want!

Oct 24 5:00AM

Bloody span from Yodel advertizing. They make it sound like it is something "legal" but it's just a sales call.

Oct 24 1:52AM

Wanted to buy a wallpaper steamer from craigslist. Said he would send check... I noted his out of state area code and googled the number and found the other report - thanks for saving a hassle.

Oct 24 1:38AM

This person has broke into homes and steals while the residents are inside asleep. She is in partner was some guy.

Oct 24 1:29AM

I received 3 missed calls from +1 3525756654 and around 15 missed calls from +3525756654
Are both from the same phone?
My location is India
Could I know the user please?

Oct 24 1:21AM

Called me at midnight saying I left a note on his car after I hit it witch I did not. I would never leave a note if I did hit someones car. How irresponsible. I need to know who this is so I can figure out who is giving out my phone number.

Oct 24 1:17AM

Call me at least 5 times a week don't leave a voicemail
But when I call back no answer

Oct 24 12:34AM

texted me "hey", then asked my name, said he got my number from a craigslist ad but couldn't tell me what the ad was for. Claimed their name was Erica, then asked my name again. SCAMMER

Oct 24 12:32AM

texted me "hey", then asked my name, said he got my number from a craigslist ad but couldn't tell me what the ad was for. Just asked my name again. SCAMMER

Oct 24 12:32AM

I got a call from Rogers today , all of a sudden this random number showed up using my data

Oct 24 12:26AM

Scam. How they got my address is beyond me. Effing Hackers are POS. Got a yellow card in the mail saying I won a $100 gift certificate to walmart, target etc and to call to claim. NOT FALLING FOR IT.

Oct 24 12:08AM

I got a text from this number that said he saw an ad in Craigslist for a Baby Grand Piano $3200 and wants to know if it's still available. He's in Washington, DC and I'm in Northern California. You figure it out.

Oct 23 11:51PM

This number belongs to a black male that stole my daughters wallet today in McKinney Texas

Oct 23 11:44PM

When called back recording said number disconnected or no longer in service.... spoofing?

Oct 23 11:39PM

Wayne haslett ,,,called the ph and would like to know who called can't get a hold of them to see who it is

Oct 23 11:14PM

I live in Phoenixville. The apartment on craigslist isnt a valid item. The people are running a scam. Beware !!!! I flagged them on craigslist.

Oct 23 11:12PM

Complete Scam, guys operate on KIJI under various phone numbers.
I got their license plate number after they took off with my money without finishing the Job, but was told the plate was reported stolen.
its a Quebec Plate: L602854

email me at: ...

Oct 23 11:08PM

Called and said my number was in their phone, no idea who could possibly have my number

Oct 23 11:02PM

texted me asking for personal information. Look out has got to be a scam!!!

Oct 23 10:59PM

...same as the others report. I'm pissed if this was the result of lax security on the part of someone I'm currently doing business with, which is how these things typically get started.

Oct 23 10:57PM

I got a call from this number just now.... I didn't pick up. They didn't leave a message either... but googled 604-782-5973 and found it belongs to these businesses.
CAN-FIL Ink & Toner
Your Personal Driver Services
MOP-n-BUCKET Cleaning Service