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Oct 22 5:40PM

I received a call. It was a recording claiming to be Air Canada, saying my seat number was selected to win some free points. TRAP!!!!

Oct 22 5:40PM

This is Aflac company has been trying to reach you. They are in a permanent need of sales persons (apparently no one wants to work there). So if you place your resume in public access with all contacts available be ready to spam from this cheap unpro...

Oct 22 5:33PM

hi i bought your phone dr 217-381-6247 amd iam from lebanon so i need to open it

Oct 22 5:29PM

Siriux XM radio. I cancelled my subscription two months ago and they are no doubt trying to get me back.

Oct 22 5:29PM

Received a scam call claiming that the IRS had filed a lawsuit against me and that it was "very important that I call him the second I received the message." I received three calls from this number and the first time the caller ID did not have a ell...

Oct 22 5:25PM

I received a text message from 860-459-1746. My apple I phone erased most contacts

Oct 22 5:22PM

321 area code is also used by SatCom satellite phone--not only Fla.
Had similar thing happen to me. I called back and twice got a woman
with a thick accent who told me she was with "Electronic World" in
New York City> Asked why Fla # rang in N...

Oct 22 5:21PM

Claiming it's a school calling to let you know your child's school bus is outside. I let them know they have the wrong number and I do not have children. Still get calls from them. I've text them and I've called them and let them know every day and t...

Oct 22 5:20PM

I have been getting calls from 276 395 2849 n leaving msg that I have been officially notified n left for me to call 412 346 1349 so I can settle this out of court b4 I am served with papers at home or my place of employment, why haven't they mailed ...

Oct 22 5:19PM

Received a message from Eric Foster form the IRS and that I need to call him and don't try to avoid calling back because there will be trouble. When I called back a Mark Lopez was on the line and with his broken english, I asked to speak to someone ...

Oct 22 5:18PM

This person texted me about an item for sell on Craigslist. When I responded that they had reached the wrong number received a text back with extremely abusive language and instructed me on what I could do to myself, I blocked any further messages.

Oct 22 5:16PM

I just had a call from a supposed Microsoft Telemarketer (662-623-2213). Because I do not like receiving telemarketer calls, I asked him to remove my name and number from his list. I continue to ask him to remove me from his phone list he continued t...

Oct 22 5:14PM

Scam from a company called Property Management Services in Rockville, MD. Avoid at all cost!

Oct 22 5:09PM

Beware...The owner/operator of this number is trying to offer a loan and retrieve your bank account information. When I tried to call this number back I received a recording that the number was not in service.

Oct 22 5:08PM

This number is a fraudulent ripoff. Claiming to have millions to send to you bank and needing you bank info to complete the transaction. If you give your info your account will be cleaned out.

Oct 22 5:08PM

Continuously calls and leaves no message. Call back anf tells me to press 1 if I want to be removed from call in list. Ridiculous.

Oct 22 5:07PM

Lady left a message saying she was Renee Roberts from JP2 and wanted me to call her back. Don't know who she is...

Oct 22 5:05PM

I got a text from 206-290-3376 of a picture of young woman. I think it's spam and need to know how to stop this.

Oct 22 5:03PM

MDG, they sell electronics and furniture on a monthly payment program similar to a rent to own, except they finance the products themselves.

Oct 22 4:59PM

CRAIGSLIST SCAMMER!!!! Has auto ad on CL all over the country!! Trying to get your personal email instead of going through CL relay email!!!

Oct 22 4:57PM

I keep getting calls from this number. The first time the caller told me I had a virus on my computer. I called him out on it and accused him of trying to scam me into paying for a service I didn't need. Now he is calling me and threatening and swea...

Oct 22 4:56PM

Calls several times a day. Sounds like an outbound call center, takes several seconds after I answer for them to respond. When they do they say they want to "provide information about education". I say I'm not interested and they repeatedly call me.

Oct 22 4:55PM

Yes I received a phone call from 650 239 6152. But the person did not leave a voice messages.

Oct 22 4:53PM

Solicitor -- Asked to speak to CEO -- Wanted to sell fiber and talk about his Los Angeles area datacenter

Oct 22 4:53PM

Air duct cleaning company calls and calls very disrupted calls every day I have asked them to take me off their list as we have no ductwork They do not listen I am thinking of charging them with harassment The company name is Paramount Heating Servic...

Oct 22 4:50PM

Last year I was being harassed by a woman calling from this number. She said she was calling for donations from a breast fund. I nicely told her I was not interested. She kept calling back at odd hours and even on Sunday. I told her to take my na...

Oct 22 4:48PM

Peter with a Dutch Accent from some medical company. Told me he had money waiting for me, as a result of the testosterone supplement I had used in the past. Spam.

Oct 22 4:46PM

I received a call from this guy named Mo I think. He threatened me and he actually came up to my work but the security guard didn't let him in. This guy is a fu**ing murder he gets things wrong and then he decides to take actions.

Oct 22 4:40PM

Also just got a suspicious text wanting to overnight a bank check in reference to an item I posted for sale on Craigslist. I was suspicious enough to check the number and it seems like I was right to do so.

Oct 22 4:40PM


I received a call from this number threatening to shut my computer down
in 4 hours saying I had downloaded the hacking function he was going to
use to do so. He had an Indian accent. I told him to go out and get a job
and he said, "F....

Oct 22 4:35PM

they ask for me by first name then the phone went dead when I called back the phone number is disconnected

Oct 22 4:35PM

This is the text of a call I got from this number on 10/22/2014 at 1:10PM PDT Don't fall for this scam.

"Hi this is Brian Smith. I'm calling you from Internal Revenue Service tax audit Department. Please listen to this important message very caref...

Oct 22 4:35PM

the person that called me sounded from mid eastern to eastern seaboard asian. he was calling to say he was IRS or something.

Oct 22 4:31PM

I just got the email today. I'm trying to get information from them now. They are saying I took a payday loan for 350 but I have to pay 950 if I can't pay by today.