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Sep 1 9:35PM

I received 2 calls from this number but didn't get to answer it. I tried calling back but it wont work

Sep 1 9:31PM

I received the same call as Teresa c. Just mentioned. Thet said I was randomly chosen for a government grant for $8500 and need to add $260 to the card first and then call them with the code in the back.

Sep 1 9:27PM

called at 920pm asked for cathy and then said i must have the wrong number then hung up

Sep 1 9:05PM

Same thing! Just received a call from a guy wanting to purchase an item what for sale. Wasn't convenient for him to bring money, but he said he could PayPal. Watch out!

Sep 1 8:55PM

Received a text message stating that a "hold" has been put on my FedChoice Debit Card. Then stated that I should call customer service at 1-877-244-9842.

I do not even have a FedChoice Debit Card?? But where did they get my cell phone number?

Sep 1 8:51PM


Sep 1 8:45PM

Did not get to the phone call in time but when I called back it went straight to voice mail.

Sep 1 8:38PM

This woman scammed me. I paid her for half of the price of the dog and was going to pay the other half when I picked up the dog. My boyfriend and I were so excited for our new pup. :(

Sep 1 8:28PM

This person calls and never answers anything so we stopped picking up... How do we stop them calling???

Sep 1 7:44PM

I have Received a phone call from this number both yesterday and today. The type of number is such where I can't call back because then it says its s nonworking number

Sep 1 7:37PM

I've received two of these calls, tonight. I let the first go to voicemail, but answered the second attempt. I was hung up on.

Sep 1 7:36PM

This is company is HP laptop company Hotline.It's a recording and they are currently calling in regards to a HP laptop recall.

Sep 1 7:31PM

Tresspassing life threatening court paper server. Joe c Robles kennick dr la plata md

Sep 1 7:27PM

In the last two days I have received six calls from 855 333-1389. I did not pick up my cell phone and No voice messages were left.

I understand that I am charged for 855 calls, not the caller, which is complete phone company ***. I think this num...

Sep 1 7:27PM

yep , got email saying we should talk before hooking up , hah , if she lives where the phone line is in america it would be a long ,long long way to go for a date , remember, real people should give a *** about you, thats what makes life start to wor...

Sep 1 7:24PM

Received a total of 4 calls. M

y husband called he was asked if he had filled out a loan application he told him it was me and handed me the phone the guy hung up the phone. So i called back spoke to the same guy he told me his company approv...

Sep 1 7:24PM

Received call with automated message. Hung up before I heard what the message was about. Assumed it was spam.

Sep 1 7:19PM

Got a request today, 9-01-14,through my MK website requesting email follow-up for products for her daughter's

Sep 1 7:16PM

First +1 604 562 2384 (a BC number) rang me twice, didn't pick up. Then a message from +1 567 343 5921 arrived 'You called me now you dont answer who are you respectfully dm Danny'. No clue what this is.

Sep 1 7:14PM

Bizarre phone call, just rang me twice, didn't pick up. Then a message from +1-567-343-5921 arrived 'You called me now you dont answer who are you respectfully dm Danny'. No clue what this is.

Sep 1 6:49PM

Called me saying I had called them..I didn't ever call that number so how did they get mine?

Sep 1 6:31PM

I'm getting harassing text and picture messages from this number. It's being used as a form of cyber bullying.

Sep 1 6:29PM

I've been getting a blocked call all day finally answered it saying I won granted 15000 from da government for having good credit. There asking for a credit card number. I know this isn't real but I really wish they stopped calling..