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Latest Comments

Mar 6 11:20PM

Sales call came in on a different number labeled "outbound call" says the pitch then leaves this number as a call back number. Anyway you look at it he is a telemarketer looking for someone to con.

Mar 6 10:52PM

A person from this phone number just threatened my life. I don't know who it is. I am contacting authorities now.

Mar 6 10:32PM

I had this exact number call me and tell me I won 8.5 million dollars and a Pearl White BMW that would be delivered to me payable from the Bank Of America. He tried to get me to pay $1500 in taxes with debit card. SCAM!!!! PEOPLE BE SMART. Stuff like...

Mar 6 10:28PM

This number keeps calling me, I have no idea who it is, as there is dead silence on the other end. Creepy, much?

Mar 6 10:27PM

I received a phone call from them called back and they said they never called just curious on who this is.

Mar 6 10:20PM

I got a call from saying that I have a claim filed against me and that by law I need to call them back and by law they can call any of my relatives, family members and references to obtain my information. They wanted my address and place of employmen...

Mar 6 10:14PM

She is a scammer! She will ask you for a gift card before you meet with her. She will ask you the back of the gift card scratch number, once you tell her, she will dispear. She scammed your money!

Mar 6 10:14PM

Text message " Match your deposit in account" Heath
Non working number when called back

Mar 6 10:11PM

I have received frequent calls from this number, but they never leave message so I do not know who is calling.

Mar 6 10:10PM

I received 4 of these calls today. A prerecorded message left on my cell phone. I do not respond to these calls, it is a scam.

Mar 6 10:04PM

Guy called and said I know who you are and iam going to kill you I dont know anyone with that aera code

Mar 6 10:00PM

received a call from an unknown number. The caller left this phone number and said they were serving me with papers. Scam

Mar 6 9:46PM

This number is located out of Corpus Christi and is a criminal scamming enterprise. Do NOT engage. I've forwarded their number to the local police department.

Mar 6 9:41PM

Called today, but didn't leave a message. Other searches bring up either a Weichert Real Estate office or some girl named Andrea. Just trying to figure out why either of them would be calling me.

Mar 6 9:36PM

Text from this unknown number with a text saying "Greetings congrats" and a link

Mar 6 9:36PM

Guy called, left a message, and claimed his name is Edward McGee, and that he was told by another party that we had a timeshare property we wanted to sell. We don't know him, and think this is some type of scam. He said he works for "Vacation Servic...

Mar 6 9:06PM

This number keeps calling - a beeping sound occurs. Very annoying. We called - it just rings and rings no pick up. Some computer program by some idiot gone awry.

Mar 6 9:05PM

This number rings in often -no message sometimes from Toledo or just the number

Mar 6 9:05PM

Steve Martin has a new career! He left same messages as above comments about going before grand jury, magistrate, federal prosecutor ( take your pick
Steve). Did not mention who he was calling.
how do you report this?

Mar 6 8:50PM

Troublesome call... calls frequently to our home in Wisconsin... never leaves message. Don't know anyone in this part of Oklahoma.

Mar 6 8:46PM

I received a bogus call from a "Mike Paul" who is pretending to be a realtor for Century21. He wanted to know if I was selling my place. This 599 number is supposed to be his cell number. When I asked him for his office number he told me that he was ...

Mar 6 8:42PM

They ask me to send $250 threw money gram for a safety deposit... But $9000 was coming threw western union