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Apr 25 2:49AM

yes this nuber has threatin my sidre desribe the color of her hair car and where she is goin

Apr 25 2:48AM

yes this nuber has threatin my sidre desribe the color of her hair car and where she is goin

Apr 25 2:41AM

The called me and the man said his name was Mike. He said he was from AAA Movers. I didn't wan to use them and he threatened me with physical violence. I had to call the police. He told me to never call his company again or he would ef me up. Then he...

Apr 25 2:05AM

received a email from

there seem to have one check ready for you
just call us at 888-885-9741

we'd like to send you right away
Toll: 888-885-9741
valid only for an hour short,please reach us quickly


Call m...

Apr 25 1:50AM

fake lotion selling business. accidentally called their 800 number, they keep calling me...

Apr 25 1:35AM

these crazy people call at 11 p.m.. Someone should call them in the middle of the night and wake them up when they have to go to work in the morning.

Apr 25 12:14AM

I received 3 calls from this number today 4/24/2014 and there was a voice mail for each call. The voice mail said to dial one to be connected to a conference call and that was it. I didnt answer the calls because I didnt know the phone number.

Apr 25 12:10AM

Claiming to be Microsoft and computer was infected - display read Dir Asst

Apr 25 12:03AM

This is a Scam for Microsoft Data Phishing. do not access your computer with these people on the phone

Apr 24 11:56PM

Yes,calling me for few months now. Male says has the wrong number then hangs up.Then calls back the next day.

Apr 24 11:30PM

who is this? i dont know who this is? they randomly called my phone? no idea who this is?

Apr 24 11:19PM

I do have an account with Beneficial and they assured me that no personal and or account information has been released, and that they would never contact you by text. Said that they are working with authorities to find out who is sending these texts ...

Apr 24 11:08PM

One of the many numbers Portfolio Recovery Associates uses. A s***bag collection agency.

Apr 24 10:41PM

Same as KP. They never answer and when I call they say leave a message and never call back.

Apr 24 10:38PM

Cheating spouse had this number in his phone. Please tell me who this number belongs to.

Apr 24 10:37PM

Getting call from this number any time in a day. sometimes after 10 pm.
nobody speaks and after 30 seconds it cuts by itself.

Apr 24 10:29PM

I got called three times from this 2022419018 the person was acting as IRS officer asking for my account to get the money for IRS FBI or somebody should do something about these people so they don't ripoff innocent American people thanks wasem

Apr 24 10:26PM

I saw through your scam!

I just received a call from this number, from someone who spoke not-to-great English, saying I was "the lucky winner" and he needed to have something delivered to my home address. When I hung up on him, he kept calling.

Apr 24 10:25PM

SCAM call to my cell phone from a bank I am not a member of. Do not cal./

Apr 24 10:10PM

I received a phone call from 270-612-0707 and I have no clue who it could be. Anyone out there know or may be registered to a reverse phone dictionary site that could tell me?

Apr 24 9:58PM

everytime i dial the number back it says disconnected how do i tell them to *** off

Apr 24 9:51PM

I received a territory check for my company. My state is Michigan so I know this number is BOO BOO

Apr 24 9:40PM

Second post: I just wanted to add this additional information

my caller ID identified the caller as IRS 1-716-206-3218

Apr 24 9:38PM

I received a call from someone claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service today leaving phone number 877-968-3413 as a call back, telling me their hours are from 8am to 8pm (no time zone given) and a reference # to be given to an agent.

It ...