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Jul 3 12:45PM

Yes i am Joe and my phone number was spoofed by some telemarketer and it's using it to call every number in my 407 are code. i called my carrier and there's nothing they can do about it short of giving up my number and even then it will not stop the ...

Jul 3 12:14PM

I do not know anything about this company. It is supposed to be from a phone company. MCI METRO Access Transmission Services LLC. It is from Cattlesburg, KY. What is it this company does?

Jul 3 11:37AM

I have a message also from July 1st telling me my acct is blocked. I don't have any accounts w/ Bank of America so I assume a scam.

Jul 3 11:32AM

I was charged two payments of $1.95 for two trial subscriptions... I would get a Walmart gift card in exchange. Never happened.

Jul 3 11:26AM

No - it is not legitimate. Do not give them any information.
1) If a company will not tell you where they are located they are not real.
2) If a company will not give you paper documentation they are not real.
3) If it sounds too good to be tru...

Jul 3 11:25AM

They called repeatedly, left no message. I didn't recognize the number so did not answer.

Jul 3 11:22AM

Got a call, knew my last name and ex last name. Says they have a claim against me and want to serve me. How are the getting my #?

Jul 3 11:06AM

I'm being harass by this person using this phone number. They trying to con me outta of 500 dollars. Saying his name Jason Moore. N threaten me with nude pictures please let me know who the owner name on this account

Jul 3 11:04AM

Rang but left no message, seeing the comments here I blocked the number
Looks like they're having a busy morning - all Jul-3rd!

Jul 3 10:55AM

SPAM. "Calling about your credit card account. There is nothing wrong with your account but I wanted to let you know that you are eligible for a 6% rate on a credit card. Press 9 now to speak with one of our representatives. Again, press 9 now to...

Jul 3 10:47AM

Received a call from John Wilson from Windows saying that every time I turned on my computer it was downloading a program that was causing a problem and he needed to walk me through a procedure to fix it. I finally got the 888 441-9257 number from hi...

Jul 3 10:44AM

Dialed number only to find that I had dialed an incorrect number (Only pressed stored number on phone) so no info gathered.

Jul 3 10:37AM

This phone # belongs to a Brian Walkington. This phone # is coming from a free app to use for text messages. Brian Walkington aka Brian Slow can be reached at 904-445-8565 which is his real phone#. His Address 2532 Ironwood Ct Orange Park FL or 2780 ...

Jul 3 10:27AM

This is part of a "free cruise" scam. Don't believe it. Another number they use is 347 541 0256.

Jul 3 9:57AM

Just texted me for a CL item being sold 4 hours drive away from listed address. Asked if item still available (only went live a few hours ago so why wouldnt it be). Not an item anyone would bother looking too far afield for so was skeptical at the o...

Jul 3 9:48AM

Whoever this was calling me, left no message on my voice mail. I'm glad I didn't bother to answer, just another scam among many. Do not bother with this number.

Jul 3 9:45AM

It's a app that your significant other installed so they would know where you are at at all times

Jul 3 9:41AM

I received a phone call from 216-630-5554; when I answered there was no one there. I do not know who they are and it is an unknown number that is calling my private phone number. Hmmmm

Jul 3 9:41AM

Same thing here. Ashley was the caller's name, she said to be from the Publishers Clearinghouse and that I had been identified as a "possible" 1million dollar cash winner. I told her that I have not enter any contest and she said oh, you may had ente...

Jul 3 9:30AM

I received a text from this number after responding to an advertisement on craigslist for a room for rent. The person responded in very poor English and asked me to go to and sign up to see the room. They gave me no information about w...

Jul 3 8:23AM

Someone texted me from this number about an Ebay classifieds ad I posted. They requested to pay by check, then asked for my name and address, and offered additional money to "keep in my favor." I researched Ebay scams and found many just like this ...

Jul 3 8:17AM

This phone number is a scam. This number is demanding money and will harass you. Avoid all communication with this number.

Jul 3 7:58AM

Got an early morning text (7:30am): Hey where is your shop located?
Don't know the number or own a shop....

Jul 3 7:51AM

This person is scamming people by selling puppies. Has multiple classified ads listed in all the major cities. Detroit, New York, LA, Chicago, St. Lousis.... Steals other people's descriptions and adds a single picture with listing. Do not buy a dog ...

Jul 3 7:02AM

This is the phone number on the pop up in google chrome. Any annoying voice interrupts you and tells you to call this number because you have a virus.

Jul 3 5:19AM

Same incident has happened with me. The person was shouting like anything and asked to take lawyer's number who has filed case.Be aware and don't share any of your personal information .