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May 27 2:41AM

I have receive a call from this number and we go into a business which turn out to be a scam i send to them 1000usd and never got my order.
It's a scam number and it should be blocked

May 27 2:12AM

I received two texts a day or two apart from this phone number. Both were loan offers. One was a small amount (like a pay-day loan). The other was a "business loan" -- same day approval with next day funding -- from $10,000 to $2 Million.

This ...

May 27 2:00AM

Dumb hoodrat keeps calling and texting me in ebonics. Criminal talking about robbing people.

May 27 12:29AM

This is a low life. Using a stolen cell phone, she has it on Virgin mobile and Verzion too. same phone number.
She is operating here in California and is using the old love scam,on guys allover the US.

May 27 12:24AM

Got spammed twice with the exact same message within one minute about sports betting

May 27 12:03AM

Called my phone . haven't told anyone number. Decided to txt the number. No reply.

May 26 11:59PM

Definitely a scam currently preying on the Bay Area. I just had the EXACT same email as Chita, above, with the exception of the poster pretending to be a guy named Dennis Fullum.

I went and checked out the place he was pretending to rent and it wa...

May 26 11:37PM

These guys from "JW Sports" spam from different numbers like (619) 722-9425 to contact you about sports betting, then direct you to the 888 number

May 26 11:06PM

This number belongs to an identity thief. Do not give this person any information.

May 26 10:56PM

Received a text addressing me by my first name saying that they were Jenna. I do not know any Jenna...

May 26 10:42PM

Called said I won a cruise. He called me back three times. He started at 10 pm EST.

May 26 10:25PM

I received continues calls not for me even but my step father which he asked for something to be mailed to him then and never had received of course. I was verbally harassed when I asked to not be contacted as I had told them previously and was calle...

May 26 10:09PM

I received a phishing text from this phone number. It is a SCAM. I called Verizon, and it is NOT authentic.

May 26 10:06PM

Kelli doran has herpes on her asstatus and puss Valtrex. Is in the cabinet she will say it's for her friend she is a liar

May 26 9:54PM

I called the number back and mentioned that I was just wondering who.had called....she SWORE she had called no one but refused to give even her first name.thpugh I had given mi e when she asked.

May 26 9:38PM

Career Connect
one of those places that call you to help you get a job..didn't ask them to call me but they think they have the right to do i blocked them.

May 26 9:34PM

this number belongs to an illegal mexican out of greenville nc who is involved in criminal activity. he frequently travels to raleigh and works for a landscaping business. he is harrassing people using different numbers. he is also married and has ch...

May 26 9:06PM

I received a call and they told me that I got a grant from the government of 7000$ and I had to pay them 260$ and the government will refund my 260$ with the 7000$ , is this a scam ??

May 26 9:06PM

Yes i revieve some Text from this Number on Viber it shows me " Prince Charming under this Number , i think it is maybe a Scam ..

May 26 8:56PM

this is a number that popped up in a message, saying that I need to call that my gmail may have a virus

May 26 8:48PM

Received a Phone call, it disconnected when I answered... What or who is it?

May 26 8:40PM

Pretends to be from RCI Vacation Rentals offering to sell my unused timeshare points to private and corporate buyers for a ton of money. All I need to do is pay them about $6000 and I can immediately make $12000. Too much to even go into, but this ...

May 26 8:35PM

Says he was Michael with Keller Williams, knew my husband's name, told him my husband was not available and we were either cut off or he hung up. Called back..."the google subscriber is not available" etc. was the message.

May 26 8:20PM

Wife and I had a good laugh at a text message from this number today... "If beauty were time, you'd be an eternity." lol. total spammer.