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Phone Number: 207-517-0336
Phone Type: Landline
Country: USA - United States
State: Maine - ME

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Oct 23, 2014

this iprox premium company is definitely a scam saying that i won a $100 gift card, $40 cashback for gasoline and $25 american express gift card when i ask there address they give m a invalid address so i can't track there company..they said that the company is located in SACRAMENTO CA...


Jul 15, 2014

i recieved a call from 704 - 957 -9334 and they said i/d get a gas rewards card, a check from Bank of America as well as $100 gift card for Walmart, I said sure, i will take the gifts! I/ve never won anything in my life, finally , Im a winner!, ah no, they wanted my credit or debit card number, would not accept a money order or a check, or any other form of payment for the shipping and handling of a few simple things adding up to only $2.95, hmmmmm NOT real, when I asked her about the website to research the rewards I was eligible for, I googled it while I was on the phone because my computer was in my lap, I said the website google states is a complete scam, I asked for her name and she hung up, LOL SCAM, I just cant believe people actually fall for this stuff and give out their credit/debit information, I mean hello, immediate theft, its like giving a crack head your debit card and your pin number so they can go to an ATM and clean you out so they can get their fix, SCAM, ok my rant is over.
Over and out


Jun 20, 2014

they called me, i called back because it rang twice and sometimes my connection is spotty and I figured it may have gotten disconnected, big time hoax. When I seemed skeptical she said she had lot's of other customers and told me not to waste her time. What a joke


May 15, 2014

I just called them on a land line. They are claiming I won 100.00, then ask for my name, address and credit card number. I gave him all a bunch of phony info,and tell him before I give you my credit card info how did you get my phone#. He tells me I purchased something from one of our 100 stores. Finaly I ask him to transfer me to a supervisor. Richard tells me they receved my ph# from one of 800 stores. (the number of stores just got bigger) I said name 1 store, he could not.He went on and on about what does it matter. I said well I want to make sure I never shop there again if they are going to give my number out. He finaly got all nervous and said that I did not have to except the gift and for me to have a nice day and hung up. Definately a SCAM!


May 13, 2014

had a missed call during working hours, checked # on computer prior to calling back. Thanks! :)


May 13, 2014

thank you all... Just got a call and they won't leave a message. Glad I looked here first


May 9, 2014

I just filed a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry regarding this spam phone number. If you are registered you NEED to file the complaint with them, if you are not registered you should be.


May 9, 2014

This number just called my cell this morning. I am registered with the Do-Not-call-List. I will be reporting this number to the list. If you are on the list, you have to report the spam number so they can track it and handle it. I am glad I chose not to answer the phone.


May 6, 2014

Just got a call and they won't leave a message. Glad I looked here as I have relatives in ME.


Mar 31, 2014

I am in Chicago, IL. I got a call from a local to me number. Same area code as my number. Rang once and hung up. I called them back. Oh boy are they reluctant to give the name of the company but turns out it is Iprox Premium Rewards. They claim they are in Texas (I doubt that) but when i asked for the address of the company they hung up. My number is on the national do not call list. They claim they got my number from "one of the hundreds of companies they serve" That "they are a third party company that give rewards and prizes out to customer of those companies. That I had a reward coming to me for a purchase I made" I asked what company did I make a purchase from and of course they had no way of knowing which one of those hundreds of companies i had purchased from. lol When i told them they were now subject to a $1500.00 PER CALL fine payable to me for even a single call to a listed do not call number of course the line goes dead LOL surprise no one is answering the phone now. If you look up the company name and not just one of the numbers they had to call you with you will find out this is a scam going all over the USA. Be careful please!


Mar 19, 2014

got a call, rang once, at 3:45pm, today.


Mar 12, 2014

Called me on cell phone,
annoyed by these kind of calls


Mar 5, 2014

SCAM! This isn't the first time "Rewards Center" has called me, nor the only number they have used before. I am annoyed they call my personal cell phone.


Mar 3, 2014

The girl name is keisha lavador and she said that I won a $100 gift card, 2000 in money savings, & a $25 gift card to dine at any restaurant. It seems that it was real, but she said she would forward me to a representative, I think, and they would congratulate me, but she didn't do that instead, she asked me for my card number. I thought it was real at first.


Feb 27, 2014

Called at 11am 2/27/14. Rang once and hung up before I got to the phone. I live in Maine and almost retuned the call. Glad that I looked up the number first and read the comments here!


Feb 17, 2014

Called, but I didn't hear the phone. No voicemail left.


Feb 17, 2014


Rang once didn't answer and didn't call back the number. I had heard about this scam.


Feb 10, 2014

This number has been calling me for at least 3 to 4 weeks now 1 to 2 rings then hangs up no voicemail I'm on the do not call list is well I'm in good standings with my creditors why does this number keep calling how do I get it to stop


Feb 10, 2014

Over the past week I have had this number call me three times. My phone will ring twice and then the caller hangs up. Per reading this thread it seems it may be a new scam that can result in unauthorized charges appearing on your monthly wireless statement.

I'd recommed blocking this number.


Feb 10, 2014

They have called me twice now, I didn't answer or return the calls. So annoying that whom ever is doing this are able to get away with this scam.


Feb 10, 2014

Calls at all hours of the day. Rings once and hangs up. I do not know how to report it if anyone knows pls post here. It's calling my mobil number.


Feb 10, 2014

Calls and hangs up. Calls at abnormal hours also on weekends. Annoying. Blocked. A true business will leave a message - this is a spam.


Feb 8, 2014

Also received call from 207-517-0336 missed at 8:30 pm 2/7/2014 did not phone back, no message left.


Feb 7, 2014

received a call on my cell phone... I called back; a female answered with a heavy accent (Mary?)... she tried to ask for my name; which I did not give to her. She said she was calling because I had visited a website? and their company name is IPROX Premium Rewards Dept. They said I had won $100... etc., I asked to speak with a supervisor. Richard, supervisor, came on the line and apologized for the way his subordinate spoke to me on the phone, after they are the ones who called me! He said his company is located in Clearwater, Florida? Richard informed me they will remove my name from their "list"... I am going to be very upset when my cell phone bill arrives! I am reporting this number to my cell phone provider...


Feb 7, 2014


Rang once on my cell today at 1:05pm and I did not answer it.


Feb 6, 2014

phone rang once then stopped ringing... I didn't call back. Has happened twice now.


Feb 6, 2014

One ring and that was it. Really thankful we have a way to look these up.


Feb 6, 2014

Who's scamming who? How are the so-called scammers making money on me calling the number back? Isn't it the phone company?


Feb 6, 2014

The one ring scam is NOT a hoax. Several people at my work have been charged. Asked them if they think it is a funny hoax. But go ahead and call back the numbers if you dont believe me lol


Feb 5, 2014

The email circulating about the One Ring Scam is not really true. You can check it out on or However, I did get a missed call from the 207 517-0336 number. I hats that telemarketers have my cell #!

smarter than them

Feb 5, 2014

GREENVILLE, S.C. --The Better Business Bureau is warning cell phone users about a new scam that can result in unauthorized charges appearing on their monthly wireless statement.

It's called the "One Ring" scam because the scammers program computers to send thousands of calls to random cell phone numbers, ring once and then disconnect. The scammers then hope you are curious enough about the call that you return the call right away.

"As of yet, we have not had any complaints filed, but given how rapidly this scam is spreading and growing across the country, our opinion is it won't be long." said Vee Daniel, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Upstate SC.

When the cellphone owner returns the call, they are charged $19.95 for the international call fee. After that, there is a $9 per-minute charge. "Often they will first hear music, then maybe advertising, but it's easy to see how quickly these charges can add up," noted Daniel.

Consumers who have been duped by these calls report that they are coming from Caribbean Islands including Grenada, Antigua, Jamaica and the British Virgin Islands.

People who think they may have fallen for this scam, should immediately alert their cellphone carrier and keep an eye on their cellphone bill. The earlier they document the fraud, the better their chances of having some or all of the charges removed.

Daniel added, "To be as safe as possible, the best thing to do if your phone rings and it's an international number you don't recognize, don't answer and don't call back"


Feb 5, 2014

Feb 5, at 4:43 PM one ring and disconnect.
I never return unknown caller but look them up here.


Feb 5, 2014

Same thing everyone else has reported, one ring and a hang-up.


Feb 5, 2014

Same as all above-showed up as a missed call.


Feb 5, 2014

warning do not return call is a scam that's why it only rings once, to get you return call

Robbie Squire

Feb 5, 2014

Missed call @ 9:08 am on Wed, Feb 5.

"207 is the North American telephone area code for the state of Maine." (per Wikipedia)


Feb 5, 2014

Same thing as everyone else on here...Found this on another site: Spoofed Numbers: Caution, 207-517-0336 is a "spoofed" number, which means that whoever called you "tricked" your caller ID to display an incorrect phone number. Telemarketers do this so you cannot complain, but they failed... you can still file a complaint here to fight back against unethical telemarketers.


Feb 5, 2014

Missed call on cell phone. No message. Number does shoe as trackable.


Feb 5, 2014

showed up as missed call

lisa r

Feb 5, 2014



Feb 4, 2014

Same as others, rang once then hung up


Feb 4, 2014

Same thing as all other comments

kathy hughes

Feb 4, 2014

1/2 second of a ring then a hang up


Feb 4, 2014

Same thing...rang twice and hung up


Feb 4, 2014

called me and disconnected instantly


Feb 4, 2014

Call rang once then hung up before I answered.


Feb 4, 2014

Didn't ring, just showed up as a missed call.

Underpantz Lance

Feb 4, 2014

rang once & hung up. Huh ? Time for a road trip to Maine from Texas to sort this out !!!

Maybe Scam

Feb 4, 2014

Called 17:50, one ring - missed call

A. Rent

Feb 4, 2014

Same here. Possibly a caller program that is looking for fax or internet connections


Feb 4, 2014

Didn't even ring on mine, just suddenly there as a missed call at 3:58pm Eastern. 301 area code if helpful to anyone...

Susan D.

Feb 4, 2014

Rang once and then hung up.


Feb 4, 2014

Phone rang twice then hung up block this number


Feb 4, 2014

Receive almost daily calls from this message. I don't answer calls with numbers I don't recognize.


Feb 4, 2014

phone rang once then stopped ringing..before i could answer message was left..


Feb 4, 2014

Called at 1:28Pm - rang half a ring and then hung up Its a scam


Feb 4, 2014

called at 1:23 pm. Shows it's a Maine number. I will block this number. I don't know anyone in Maine.


Feb 4, 2014



Feb 4, 2014

Called and hung up before I could answer, didn't call back.


Feb 4, 2014

Called and hung up before I could answer, didn't call back.


Feb 4, 2014

Called at 11:22 am central time, left no message


Feb 4, 2014

Call rang once then hung up before I answered.


Feb 4, 2014

They called but hung up before I got to answer.

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