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Reverse Phone Lookup Information

Phone Number: 412-205-8835
Phone Type: Landline
Country: USA - United States
State: Pennsylvania - PA

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Apr 25 8:32PM

Not sure how many times it rang. I didnt call back. I am glad I didnt answer and used this site to research it

Apr 23 3:40PM

they called me me and I returned the call ,i will receive 100 gift cards but they requested my cc info.for delivery. really !

Mar 28 12:01PM

Rang once and stopped. I called the number and should not have. Nothing but a scam. Do not call them back.

Mar 28 10:56AM

received call from this number, I didn't answer as I didn't recognize the number. They left no message.

Mar 28 9:19AM

Received 1 ring , then stopped.

Mar 28 9:02AM

At 8:00 PM, we received a call from this number - only rang once - no message.

Mar 27 9:39PM

received a call 3/27/14 6:39 pm. 2 rings. then hung up

Mar 27 4:41PM

received call from this number, I didn't answer as I didn't recognize the number. They left no message.

Mar 26 1:27PM

That call at 1:26 1 ring and hang up

Mar 26 1:27PM

It's a scam just called from computer..At first would not let call go through because the internet does not have a direct phone line.. Finally when the call went through it was a recording saying that I had won a 100$ gift card for filling something out at a website I never went to.. Do not call back it is a scam!!!

Mar 26 12:19PM

Same to me.. Recieved one call, rang once and stopped.

Mar 26 2:46AM

The number I'd out of homestead pa, amon who *** in that area can find the number location with the right equipment and just wall in and shoot them in the face

Mar 25 8:39PM

Just received a hang up call from this number. Don't dare call it for fear it's a scam

Mar 25 5:36PM

received a call at 5pm - no voicemail

Mar 25 4:14PM

Total scam...ignore these morons and go on with your day. Don't call them back or waste anymore time on them than you already have by coming to this site.

Mar 25 4:13PM

Received call - no vm

Mar 25 3:32PM

They called me at 12:43 PM EST. No message. Did not call back.

Mar 25 3:30PM

They just called me at 2:20 p.m. on 3/25/2014. I've never seen that number before. I didn't answer. They left no voice mail. I am on the Do Not Call List, so I'm reporting the number.

Mar 25 2:59PM

rang once, i didn't answer.

Mar 25 2:49PM

This # just called me and rang once and didn't leave a voicemail.

Mar 25 2:49PM

Same here...they called and rung once and hung up.

I did not call back.

I simply added them to my Reject List

Mar 25 2:34PM

someone called phone ring once and hung up

Mar 25 2:31PM

same as above , if i don't no the # i won't call back anyway.....joe

Mar 25 1:55PM

Received one ring only and stop

Mar 25 12:56PM

Complete Scam Artist. They ring the phone once hoping some fool will dial the number back to see who called. If you call that number, they hit you with a HUGE signup fee and a monthly "Service" fee.

Mar 25 12:53PM

Rang twice then hung up. No VM

Mar 25 9:54AM

just got a call from this number and with me it rang once and that is it.

Mar 19 3:56PM

Same here, one ring and stop.

Feb 11 4:44PM

Just recieved a call.. It literally rang once and then i hit the 'silent' button to not hear the ringer. I didnt hit ignore but the call only rang once.. no voicemail. I recently read about a scam where Scammers do this, then the second you call back, they add $20 to your phone bill as if you signed up for a $20 app or something. Please DO NOT call numbers back that you arent familiar with!! This is even my particular area code and i still didnt answer OR call back.

Feb 11 9:37AM

Rang once and then nothing on my cell.

Feb 11 9:37AM

Annoying call. Rang once and hang up.

Feb 4 10:25PM

Ive received 2 calls from this number. Both rang once then hung up.
I also just read an article about scammers doing this then charging $20 to your phone bill if you call back. It did not list this phone number or area code as suspect, but I would not call back just to be on the safe side.

Feb 4 6:46PM

Has called my cell several times, I don't pick up calls that I don't recognize the number. Doesn't leave message.

Feb 4 1:37PM

I just received this call. It just rang once and hung up before the ring completed.

Feb 1 1:19PM

Has anyone complained to best buy. I will buy somewhere else. They have no right to do this.

Jan 31 1:46PM

I bothered to call it. According to them i "clicked on an affiliate" and could geta "$100 gift card from best buy, et, et, et" I hung up

Jan 31 10:53AM

Same here, received one ring and they hung up. Showed as a missed call my cell.

Jan 27 6:36PM

Same as others have reported... phone rang once then hung up before I could answer.

Jan 27 5:39PM

No ring heard, just missed call

Jan 27 9:26AM

Same thing. Phone rang once and hung up.

Jan 24 9:50AM

Didn't even hear it ring. my phone showed missed call.

Jan 22 4:40PM

Annoying call. Rang once and hang up.

Jan 22 10:03AM

Phone rings 1 time stops never a messag. Its annoying!

Jan 21 7:26PM

Rings one time and stops

Jan 21 2:01PM

Same here, one ring and stop.

Jan 21 1:01PM

Same thing- one ring and then my phone claimed I "missed the call"

Jan 20 4:41PM

Recieved one call, rang once and stopped.

Jan 20 2:25PM

Received two calls from this number, it rings once and then stops.

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