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Phone Number: 703-988-6387
Phone Type: Landline
Country: USA - United States
State: Virginia - VA

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Sep 23, 2014

I received this URGENT ALERT in Virginia. The Virginia Chapter of The National Rifle Association phone number is not: 703-988-6387 it is: (703)267-1620


Sep 8, 2014

it's not the National rifle assoc. they want you to believe that. It is just one of the tactics used to get you to send money. If you don't they want you pissed of at the real NRA and if you are stupid enough to give money anyway they will certainly take it Its a SCAM. this is the REAL COMPANY!


Apr 30, 2014

This is not the NRA this is a Government tracking agency and is used by Narcotics or other investigations when you speak they record your voice and confirm your identity. They are able to do this if you have ever been in jail and used the automated voice id systems they are monitoring your location and they may have a warrant to tap your cell phone. I have been dealing with these folks for a long time. they never give up. they are tricky. this info came from my lawyer.


Apr 13, 2014

The call says Anonymous!!!

Anonymous in California

Mar 15, 2014

Phone rang with "URGENT ALERT" as identification. We did not answer, caller did not leave message, so we know it is NOT urgent.,

Posters have identified this calls as NRA - National Rifle Association.


Jan 6, 2014

Human Douche Nozzle Drone Bill Collectors

Most likely the furthest bottom-of-the-bottom s*** that either bought an old debt [or "supposed debt"] past the 7 year collection window or the typical Mom-n-Pop criminal collectors that use all manner of ILLEGAL tactics to collect on that nickel-on-the-dollar purchase of an old debt.

Or- they're "piggy-backing" on an already substantiated debt/bill that someone else is already trying to collect on and are hoping to jump the gun and get you to pay THEM and not a legitimate bill...

In either event- anyone that stoops to using "Urgent Alert" as a Caller ID is relegated to the most vile of human excrement as well as most stupid on record.

Think about it- if it's really that "Urgent"- leave a damn message- most likely a person will pick up the phone after they hear that a loved one is injured or a raging fire [that's in the news] is headed for their house.

I certainly didn't answer because... Well- I just don't answer BS CID's like this one.

Sgt. JEnos USMC Retired

Jan 3, 2014

Just answer the damn phone and talk to them. They want to let you all know whats up about your 2nd amendment and how this administration is stripping your civil rights from you. I called them back and it is the NRA and we should all stand together on our Constitution and don't let these vote for it and read it later idiots get away with anything. Now you all read my bill lets vote on this. Yea or Nay! Sgt.Enos USMC Retired/Disabled one legged flamingo.


Dec 16, 2013

Our phone rings at least 3 times a day with the caller ID as "Urgent Alert". If this is the National Rifle Association, I will make sure my husband cancels his lifetime membership. If I answer the call, they hang up.

This is very iritating and I wish they would stop!!!


Dec 4, 2013

Calls everyday at different times. Never leaves a message.


Nov 20, 2013

4-5 times a day, nobody there when I answer. These guys/gals/persons/slime etc. need to go away. they're either trying sell something or they're bill collectors.


Nov 15, 2013

This is the NRA Nation Rifle Association NOT A COLLECTION AGENCY!


Nov 5, 2013

I am getting these calls two to three times a day. Even when I answer there is no one there. They never leave a message.
This is not any National Rifle Association number. I garuntee they would talk to a live person who answers the phone and not be pranking.

Mr. McGavery

Nov 1, 2013

Caller ID lists it as Urgent Alert. Neil is probably right, I get calls from NRA from time to time.


Oct 6, 2013

National Rifle Association.

Justica Omnibus

Sep 15, 2013

These people need to have some DoS exploits to wake them up.


Jul 27, 2013


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