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Phone Number: 877-411-5551
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Phone Company: Toll Free

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Jul 21 4:14PM

They call frequently usually say nothing. Now, I refuse to pick up and so they 'leave a message' after the greeting and beep. It is now what sounds like a youngish girl who keeps saying "Hello?? Hello?? Hello??" like she thinks some one is on the line but refusing to talk (even though to leave a message you have to hear the greeting that says leave a message. The last two times she tried this you can hear her saying to herself, or perhaps someone near her, "I don't know what this *** *** is thinking . . ."

Jul 21 1:58AM

The caller chats at a website called Chat Avenue. His username is morenoj. He is using some type of online program similar to SKYPE which gives him access to countless numbers. Chat Avenue has banned him plenty of times but he always manages to get back in using hack ware programs. He is also ***.

Jun 12 3:04PM

How to File a Complaint
You can file a complaint by e-mail (, telephone 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY, by fax to 1-866-418-0232, via our electronic complaint form at, or mail.

Jun 12 3:04PM

How to File a Complaint
You can file a complaint by e-mail (, telephone 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY, by fax to 1-866-418-0232, via our electronic complaint form at, or mail.

Jun 9 8:29AM

I am not in debt or owe them money. They call me too. Have had this cell number for many years. Don't know who had it before me. I answered it a couple of times and can not understand the foreign accent. Also, my cell number is on our state's DO NOT CALL list.

May 26 3:08PM

They (Midland Credit Management) called me about a hundred times, at every hour of the day or night. They never leave a message. Then there was a short break with no calls. However, they now have switched numbers, and today alone they have called more than seven times, again never leaving a message. This is harassment, plain and simple, and the FTC needs to get involved to stop this crap...

May 22 12:18PM

This comment has been removed.

May 21 11:43PM

I don't work for this company, but I get calls from them. Here is thee information from their website:

Who is calling me from 877-237-0512?

Midland Credit Management communicates with our customers via letters and phone calls. If you received a phone call from 1-877-237-0512, 1-800-265-8825, 1-877-822-9054, 1-877-822-9054, 1-877-236-7498 or 1-877-411-5551 MCM is trying to contact you regarding a personal business matter. Please call us back at your earliest convenience or register for online account management.

May 21 5:38PM

they call my cellphone everyday 5 or 6 times a day.I don't answer thm , they never leave a message.

May 20 11:51AM

These people call 10 times day. I am getting to report to file a POLICE REPORT AGAINST THIS NUMBER FOR HARASSING ME DAILY.

May 17 4:26PM

Started receiving calls this morning. No message.

May 14 10:03PM

How can we stop them calling our Number?

May 11 9:48AM

I receive calls from the same number several times a day even today...Sunday and Mothers Day. No message and I never answer them.

May 8 5:09PM

they have called me NO LESS than 6 times a day, 7 days a week, for about 2 months now.

May 6 3:38PM

They call never leave message. I don' t answer if I don' know the number

May 6 11:26AM

They called me today from this number. I have no idea who they are. I blocked the number from calling me again. These people harass us by calling every day.

May 5 12:30PM

received 4 calls from them already today (12:30pm now). I don't pick up any calls if I don't know the caller

May 4 8:50AM

Definitely Midland Credit Collectors.

Apr 30 1:54PM

Like Laura I have been getting phone calls from both numbers on my cell phone and I wish they would stop.

Apr 28 1:35PM

They call my cell up to eight times per day, everyday. I've asked them to stop calling, but they continue. This is harassment and completely inapproriate.

Apr 26 9:00PM

They call every single day, and not just one time. I get at least three calls per day. I don't know what to do anymore, I am stressed out about this please help! !!!

Apr 23 9:27AM

I had been bully for the past 2 years by debt collectors looking for some guy. I already explain that I am a woman, who is unrelated to the man in question (actually, I have never met the man), and suggested that they contact the phone company in order to verify that my name is not Richard, but they keep calling.

Apr 22 9:54PM

They call me two to three times a day. Never leave messages.

Apr 13 9:04AM

Calls during the most inopportune times. They almost seem to know when I have just fallen asleep, gone to thebathroom, sat down at the table for a mall, etc. NEVER leave any message. They are simply annoying in the extreme!

Apr 11 12:53PM

Call said " Please hold we have a call for you." music then played . No-one came on.
My guess, it is some phone scam to run up charges .

Apr 8 6:38PM

Wilford Taylor and son from Mesa ,Az 480-985-4445 is other number

Apr 7 8:39AM

Calls two to three times a day.
they dont leave messages
they have called from several numbers
going to block .

Apr 7 1:09AM

Tell them because of all of the debt collector calls, you've hired a LAWYER WHO SPECIALIZES IN SKIP TRACING..... If they would just give yourTHEIR COMPANY info, your lawyer will contact them for more info about the person they are having trouble finding.

If they haven't hung up, tell them wrong number but if they do make the mistake of calling you, your lawyer will find them and call them anyway.

Apr 6 11:44PM

Get calls 6-8 times a day. Recording claims to be Midland Credit. Since I know I don't have any defaulted debt, must be scammers. Looked up Midland Credit which appears to be legitimate website (who knows for sure), but different phone number. I'm blocking it.

Apr 6 3:03PM

have been getting calls from this number as well as 877-237-0512 which seem to be coming from the same people. I never answer, and they don't ever leave a message.

Apr 4 8:25AM

Unwanted phone calls. Numerous calls on my cell phone from unknown.

Apr 3 11:08AM

Midland Credit. Debt Collection Agency.

Apr 3 10:24AM

Getting calls from this number two and three times a day. I answer the call with no one on the other end to say who they are etc. This is total nuisance.

Apr 3 10:06AM

Unwanted phone #.
Calling at least three times a day.

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