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Phone Number: 888-683-9683
Phone Type: Landline
Phone Company: Toll Free

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Feb 27 11:19AM

I have received several calls from this number. I guess they have obtain my information. I will report to authorities now that I have seen you comments.

Feb 26 4:13PM

2nd day calling and treatening... at 1st it was a little annoying, then we just played there game! Now our day goes by alot better. Thanks Calvin Baker & Scott Ramsey.

Feb 26 11:08AM

Calls everyday, threatening me, with legal action. has my ss# and where I work. they need to stop.

Feb 21 10:21AM

I received 14 calls from this number today on my cell phone and many more on my work phone. They have a Indian accent and they keep stating that they are transferring me to a supervisor and no one answers. They attempted to have me verify my personal information. When I told them to stop calling they would hangup and callback immediately. It was very frustrating. They would not state what they we're call in regards to nod they tried to threaten me on the phone multiple times. This operation needs to be shut down.

Feb 17 4:00PM

I have been receiving threating messages from this phone number,and caller includes my social ssecurity number. I have asked them to stop calling my work number and the person still continues to call. They say they have a warrant for my arrest and that they will come to my work place and take me away to jail. When I asked what the warrant was for, he will just reply that he doesnt have that information. Only a case number. I would then asked them who issued this warrant on me and again he would not give me that information. Just keeps saying that if I dont have legal advice that I can take care of the bill right now and right away. I have blocked the number from my cell phone, but still they continue to call useing different numbers.

Feb 12 10:53AM

They contacted me at work. I told them to never call me and they stated I needed to find a new job because they will take action. They have my social what do i need to do?

Feb 11 5:59PM

This is a terrorist organization. If they have called you then they have already obtained some of your personal information from online websites. They use this information to bully people into give them additional personal information to steal your identity open credit cards and fund terrorist crimes. Report any information to the FBI or DEA.

Feb 11 5:54PM

Hang up & call your local police. Terrorist organization who steals your identity to raise funds for terrorist plans.

Feb 11 5:51PM

This is a terrorist organization who steals your information from online loan application sites. They will call you to get information to steal your identity or have you wire money to them. They tell you that they are presuming legal actions on a loan that you received and never paid back. I've traced the number and it goes to an Iranian person who is on the OFAC list. Do not give them or confirm any of your information with them. They are confirmed terrorist.

Feb 11 12:42PM

Receiving threatening messages from this phone number, and caller includes my SSN.

Feb 11 10:23AM

This number is calling me at work, and needs to stop!

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