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We received a call from a lady who didn't have the current management names correct, mentioned a company called "Business Consumer Lines" asked us to call her direct line about an account number I've never heard of. I check on here and see that this...
Reported from New York City, New York.
No one is answering the phone.
Reported from Land O' Lakes, Florida.
are definitely geeksolutions with US address somewhere in the middle of the country. definitely operating out of India. Have been calling at least three times a day over the past two weeks. Last call was on Friday from 888-340-5111. told him that I ...

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Not debt collectors, but I got one of those "free cruise" calls, and played along for a bit as I was bored. Lady asked a few questions,and when she asked for my visa card number, I asked why they need...
READ THIS CLOSELY: I did paid surveys (from 1990s' to early 2010s'). Only from WELL KNOWN Survey Sites. GREENFIELD has been around long before "Al Gore" Created Internet (I always wanted to post tha...