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Thousands of people visit Check Who Called every day and share information about phone calls they have received in an effort to help everyone determine if that phone call should be answered or not. Knowledge is the only way to protect against phone scammers. If you know the number that called you is a scam then you wont be the next victim.

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The Check Who Called community forum opens up disussions from telemarketers, to phone and email scams. Help protect yourself and others by keeping up to date on the latest scam tactics and there are also a few posts about cute dogs and cats. Visit the Check Who Called Community Forum.

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A big scam. Do not answer or repsond
Reported from Aguanga, California.
this is the biggest disgusting thievery ever
these jerks must be finally stopped
why the heck are regular people victimized by these criminals
Reported from Stamford, Connecticut.
Called twice within 5 hours of each other & answered both times. They hang up as soon as you sat hello.
Reported from Los Angeles, California.

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