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This is a number that calls many times a week over a year now Never leave message using 414-8875, 414-8876, 414-8877, 414-8175 and 414-5071 Should be stopped
Reported from Pasadena, California.
Multiple calls from this number does not leave message.
Reported from Pasadena, California.
Spam guessing since I've had the number call before

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This is such a scary and sad story. Poor woman had no choice but to actually believe that they wete actualworkers since they did have telecom. Those kinds of people just have no hearts and I wonder ho...

Fedex delivery

Oct 24, 2016

Did you use their service in the past? If so someone probably got a hold of you email to scam you, if it was sent to third party contacts. To this entire message looks a little too fake just by lookin...
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Is this a huge joke? Unbelievable! Before these notorious sellers rubbish that site and push the reputation to negative a strict measure should be in place to police the activities of sellers and buye...
I usually use Reser Gruppe to book and search for appropriate flights and hotels either for my family or my friends. I think they are working properly and try to update their data very quickly. Also,...