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no message left, I called back and the answering machine message said "Funds Resolution Department" so I'm assuming it's a collection agency looking for my EX daughter in law again... It's not for me that's for sure.
Call came as a Microsoft Tech when N Facebook! I do not know if it is legit!
Reported from Burnaby, British Columbia.
Funeral Coverage on caller ID. Selling insurance or scam? Did not answered and blocked.

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Don't be fooled, Valentine's day is all about love, romance, and scams. Scammers target singles over Facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets. If you are online looking for love then beware o...
Getting lots of phone calls from real estate agents lately. Latest one came from Frank Uccello at Royal LePage. He left a pre-recorded message on the answering machine wanting to sell our house clearl...
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