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Would you like to help me to check what kind of the phone no. for ?
They called asking if my name was my name and I don't know if they do it to clarify if it's your name. But when I said 'yup' they hung up... so. If they call you don't answer. Question their motives or something. Honestly what can they take from me I...
This is a Fax Number and it is safe!
Reported from Miami, Florida.

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I have a Fishing Buddy who spent 12 years as a Telemarketer (paid very well). THIS TYPE OF TELEMARKETING IS 100% LEGAL unlike those that's been going around. This might help: 1) You have an account (...
JUST FOR EVERYONE READING THIS... Even if you never applied for such (i.e. - ID Theft, Hacker, Fraud, et al); either the company or someone (specifically like a "upset family/relative", troll (intern...
[SIZE=6][B]HOSPITAL BILL COLLECTOR (This one is a classic!)[/B] [SIZE=5]Bill Collector[/SIZE][/SIZE] Hi! We're calling out of concern that you have an outstanding debt of $403.11. We're so glad you ha...
[B]This post is for those who had "Interesting" experiences with Debt / Bill / Hospital / Student Loan (and all that fun stuff) ... POST COMMENTS ... the strangest / hilarious / things that makes you ...