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They demand your information and give none of theirs. Clearly asking for someone other than myself. Only answer if they are asking directly for you.
I received a text message saying Urgent! Call me back. My friend did a google voice call to check and it was an answer machine . Beware , I blocked this number.
Microsoft Support SCAM text sent from [email protected] Please call us on Toll-Free: +1(844) 283-8539 as soon as possible. We need to talk over the phone. Microsoft Support Team James Brown Toll-Free: +1 (844) 283-8539
East Indian Woman repeatedly asking to speak to some Doctor to invite him to a conference. We are in Canada, not a Doctors office and when I asked her what company she was calling, she said "I don't know". SCAM!
They are taking money out of my checking account. I have not ordered anything. If you call them their mailbox is always full and they hang up
This number is being used on Facebook as a contact number for a scammer selling animals.