Phone Listings From Area Code 202-455

The area code and prefix 202-455 appears to be a Land Line number from The area code is located in Washington Zone 1, District of Columbia in the United States.

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202-455-0831: I received several calls from this person at this number. She claimed to work for the US Treasury Department and I had been selected to receive a $9000 grant free and clear. She (Nancy) then said I could get the money by having it deposited into my bank account or having it sent by Western Union. Nancy gave me an authorization # and a phone number to call 202-455-0831 (which answered as a Google account) to give them the # she gave to me for validation and I would be well on my way to 9k. I hung up and then 3 min. later got another call from the same # with the same person who this time said her name was Stella, I asked what the name was Nancy or Stella and was told "Nancy". This didn't phase Nancy/Stella she went into the pitch saying that I needed to call 202 455 0831 because they were waiting on my call. SCAM ALERT!!!!!
202-455-0953: Scam computer generated voice says: Hi, this call is good until you from Legal Affairs at the U. S. Department of Treasury, that is Internal Revenue Service. We were trying to reach you in regards to an important issue, since past months and months. We have legal affidavit concerning tax fraud on your name the direct line Division to reach us out. Is (202) 455-0953. I repeat (202) 455-0953 don't disregard this message and to return the call. If for any reason you are busy to call us back. We would suggest you to have your retained returning to do it for you. Actually I am calling us back might end up into legal mess for you further. We will be forced to contact local authorities, and register this case against you, so I hope that you justify in this matter as quick as possible. Thanks.
202-455-2692: I received a phone call telling me I ordered Chinese food and that it was going to be delivered to my house and I'm not sure if it's a prank call.
202-455-2692: This guy is scamming people. He said I ordered something. Asked for card # etc. Don't respond
202-455-4912: "Chester Hudson", so he called himself, called about a Windows security issue on my PC. This is obviously the phishing scam for Windows support and I reported it to the Police.
202-455-4912: 'Justin Gomez', with Bengali accent, also called about Microsoft Security, asking me to give him access to my pc...
Also reported it to the police
202-455-4912: I received a call from "Nancy" with a brown accent, bengalee or srilankan, im not sure and it does not matter. *** says I need to pay her 20$ so that she can fix a PC security issue. At this point in the conversation she has not given me name of company she is calling from and how she knows if I have or don't have PC issues. Told the *** I would call back and hung up on her. Reported it to the police.
202-455-4912: Yea he me and named himself "officer Steven Hardensen" also had a really strong middle east Asian accent. called claiming he worked for the IRS and said we owed $2864.00 because i havent been paying for my deductable taxes since 2008 the funny thing was that during that time i was under age and was claimed as a dependent, however he said that i needed to pay sum Immediately or else the cops are going to arrest us and send us to Jail. im trying to report this to the police and hopefully they put an end to it.