Phone Listings From Area Code 202-754

The area code and prefix 202-754 appears to be a Wireless number from Verizon Wireless. The area code is located in Washington Zone 1, District of Columbia in the United States.

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202-754-0236: Said he was a government representative, I ask which agency, couldn't answer, said the government had $9,000 for me, I said well you have my phone number, so you must have me address, so said just send to that address, and hung up! HOPE I DIDN'T MAKE THEM MAD! WILL BE LOOKING FOR MY MONEY, NOT!
202-754-0236: Called telling me that the US Government was going to give me $9,000. He started asking me questions, so I hung up. He immediately called me back and wanted to know why I hung up. I told him I wasn't interested. He said, and I quote, "*** you, you old lady ***. I want to *** you up the ***, you *** ***." Then he hung up on me.
202-754-0236: Called to say the Government picked me to receive $9000 because I had no criminal history. When I told him I knew this was a scam call he started swearing at me and saying he was going to find me.
202-754-0236: They have called about 100 times. They say I'm eligible for 9000 grant. Have asked repeatedly to be put on dnc list. They said they have to call each number 200 times.
Wish someone would take care of these people.
202-754-0280: My mother has been receiving a recorded message from this number saying that are special agent linda albert calling from the US Treasury tax fraud unit and are investigating tax fraud from her number and address. They have been calling since last week. I told her not answer and let it go to the answering machine. Not a live person calling just a recorded message. sounds suspicious.
202-754-0524: Scammer claiming to be offering $7,000 grants. Sounds like all callers are East Indians or Bangladesh.
202-754-0524: Said my name was in the government system and offered my a $7,000 grant that I didn't need to owe back. Continuously blocked multiple numbers from the same scammer person and keeps calling me from different numbers.
202-754-2055: They called claiming to be the National Treasury department calling from Washington DC. First red flag, VERY LOUD BACKGROUND CHATTER as if there were 50 other callers in the room. They said my name was randomly selected for survey to win $7,000 and immediately I said "Bye, don't call me back."