Phone Listings From Area Code 213-915

The area code and prefix 213-915 appears to be a Land Line number from tw telecom. The area code is located in Los Angeles, California in the United States.

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213-915-3136: Guy called 7:30 evening, asked my zip code, if I was interested in education. Told me it was being recorded. I had posted my resume on Career Builder, open to all, and that is where he got my number. So when he asked for my email, I refered him right back to the resume. He told me I eas qualified for a program and tried to hand the call to someone else. But I had to go, so I asked them to email me.
213-915-3175: PEOPLE, do not do business with anyone who calls from a fake caller ID number.

In fact, if you haven't called a company, don't do business with anyone that calls you to do business over the phone.

1st, they use a fake number
2nd They violate the do not call list
3rd they use some sort of deception to "re-introduce" themselves (spoke to you and you were busy but said call back ~ left a coupon on your doorstep when we were in the neighborhood ~ you asked us to call you the next time we had a special.... lies)

These are professional liars, designed to separate fools from their money.

If we can't trust them to not violate our preference to not receive these marketing calls, then how can we trust them with our money, our home, our safety, that they are the best option, that they are the best price, that they will do what they say???? WE CAN'T!!!

Besides the people calling are usually telemarketing mills. If you ask for a website, a license, a phone number, or anything that might tie them to a legitimate business, they can't answer because they have not SOLD YOU to anyone yet.

First, they deceive you, then they sell you to the guy who has to live up to their lies. The guy who can't get business without employing these liars.

You've been warned!!!
213-915-3175: I think this is some contractor calling. Heard people talking in the back ground. When you call the number back you get the message number no longer in service.
213-915-6409: Translators Online
Address: 4449 Huntley Ave
Culver City, CA 90230
USA - United States
Phone Number: 213-915-6409
Business: Title Abstract Offices
213-915-8176: Craig's List scammer. Text message BS about being unavailable to come in person and wanting to pay by certified check and have moving guy come pick up.
213-917-1610: LaVelle Visual Imgery
Address: 289 S. Robertson Pmb #233
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
USA - United States
Phone Number: 213-917-1610
Business: Airports, Flying Fields, and Airport Terminal Services