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The area code and prefix 240-188 appears to not be registered with any phone company.

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240-190-4716: 240-190-4716 called my home phone and did not leave a voice message with the caller id name, ameyo. I looked on the web and found web page,, with the title "Empowering Omnichannel Customer Experience" by a company based in India. Beware!
240-200-1504: This person found me on Facebook had similar name to family members then got weird messenger messenges so blocked them now they are texting from this number in Texas and how they got my number have no clue
240-200-4984: I have received a cal from this number claiming to be from the Baltimore City Office of Compliance. When I called the city government they claimed not to know what this was.
240-200-4984: Same here and they are claiming BS about Bank Fraud. So did they stop calling eventually??
240-200-4984: Anne Arundel Cty ... My case is in litigation and to call the legal dept at some 1-866#
For whatever reason ... How do these people get away with this ***!
240-200-4984: A loud and unprofessional compliance officer by the name of Jessica Jenkins left this number, 866-807-0781, to call if I wanted any further information. She did say she was trying to contact my ex-spouse; that my cell phone & address was listed as an emergency contact for the ex.

She said she didn't like being grilled (asked questions), got loud and hung up the phone. Miss Jenskins then called my cell again leaving the message that if I didn't want to cooperate, that she will have to send an officer to my residence to in fact confirm the ex doesn't reside there, even after I said I have no contact phone #'s for the ex.

She called from the phone #240-200-4984 refusing to advise who she was employed; kept repeating she was "a complaince officer for the state" (would not say which state) and then a subcontractor and that pending charges of fraud were being filed on the ex-spouse. But never answered exactly who she was employed, even though she was asked calmly and repeatedly.

The 866# belongs to Atlantic (that's the full name of the business); a litigation office with several satelite offices throughout the U.S. This ph# reaches the main office in Chicago, Illinois.

The representative there advised she could not advise any further on Jessica Jenkins or who or where she worked. She did advise that the reason for the contact would be that the ex is being sought out for some civil litigation matter.

I made the request to have my information removed from the file and to cease all contact with me in regards to my ex. Any further contact after this discussion would constitute telephone harassment.

Don't let these places (people) or their agents bully you. The faster they talk and the louder they get indicates their frustration and is indicative of some level of deceptionon their part.

You are under no legal obligation to answer their questions or report any information on a former spouse.

Caller: Atlantic; Main office: CHicago, Ill.; litigation office (debt collection)
240-200-4984: These people need to stop calling people and not tell them what they are calling for. I just don't care what they want.

240-200-4984: I got one of these scammer calls today. I hung up as soon as the male caller indicated that I was under investigation for several counts of fraud.

I am a 70 year old woman. I have never committed any crimes, and I am not in default on any financial obligations.

I get calls and emails like these about once a week. This is the first time I've gotten a call from this particular scammer, but the number of scammers out there has increased dramatically in the past few years. In the past, I've attempted to ascertain the names of the companies that I'm alleged to have defrauded -- the scammers don't like to give you this information, because they know you'll check -- and called to make sure that I'm not the victim of identity theft, but I've always learned that I'm in good standing, or that the businesses have no record of any dealings with someone using my name. I've talked to attorneys, and they've told me to just hang up, as soon as I get a call of this sort.

I am disgusted with scammers like these, who prey on people who are elderly, of lower income, or immigrants. These people are the most likely to be frightened of the callers, confused about what they owe, and so on, and to pay the scammers what they claim to owe. I would like to see federal and state authorities pursue the scammers more aggressively.

Meanwhile, if you get one of these calls, let me tell you to hang up as soon as you hear any sort of claim that you have defaulted on a debt and are about to be arrested or sued. Do not attempt to talk to these folks, as you may accidentally reveal even more information about yourself, that they can use for illegal purposes. Do not raise your blood pressure by arguing, cursing, or threatening legal action. If you wish, report the caller (or emailer) to your state attorney general's office, or to the federal Justice Department, giving the phone number of the scammer (often spoofed), the name the caller uses (usually an alias), etc.

If you know that you ARE having difficulty paying your debts, first try to work out a payment plan with the company or companies to which you owe money. If that doesn't work, contact a NONPROFIT consumer credit counseling organization, which can often help you. Bankruptcy should be a last resort, but it can help if you have no other options. NEVER send money to someone who harasses you over the phone or by email; that is not how legitimate collection agencies and attorneys work. Before sending anyone money, be sure that you actually owe what the person claims, and be sure that the person actually represents your creditor.