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The area code and prefix 250-301 appears to be a Wireless number from Bell Mobility. The area code is located in Prince George, British Columbia in Canada.

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762-332-8139: Third Political Text message today from Democrats with an absurd message and meme on why they think I should vote for Warnock. I have not given my private cell number to any political group, candidate or cause. I wonder how they got my number. I'll be so glad when the runoff election is over. These long, childish, appeal to emotions political texts are annoying.
844-620-4448: Robocaller says: "Calling to inform you that a pre-authorized order has been placed on your name. To authorize the order or to talk to our representative, please press 1 or stay on the line.". Then it places you on hold..Please be safe out there. The scammers are getting bolder and bolder.
403-472-4878: Got a text


[4] pending transactions to process

Reply [V] to view details"
334-788-3429: Called saying it was intended for someone named Katelin and they would be forced to "move forward" if I didn't call them at 894-246-5790.
306-501-3695: Got a scam text just saying


[2] pending transactions to process.

Reply [V} to view details"
905-512-0679: Got a text that just said "Payment Incoming"

I am assuming if you reply, something bad happens.
929-636-9727: Text says my "Package Cannot be delivered due to a wrong address". It says it's from US-PS, not UPS or USPS. I think it's a pfishing scam.
310-422-3417: Caller id comes up David Wright....never leave a message...has called multiple times over several days
267-397-7718: Text: "BREAK THROUGH *** GUMMIES. V I AAGRA SUCKS" (with link of stnut")
877-514-1579: This company is marketing home warranty using scam tactics to frighten people. False information on their mail. No person to contact except through the phone number. Mail fraud. Reporting to elder abuse in Texas.
647-267-2061: Got this text

"hey this is my new number I'm just getting to the office I'll tell payroll to send the transfr!"

321-426-8040: This number 321,426,8040 scammed me and got me for about $200 Canadian was supposed to be a free gift from a youtube channel. Just be more careful than me
254-331-6578: Cares Act employee retention refund due to the COVID-19 Cares Act. Saying I get $26,000 refund from the IRS per employee.
877-799-2026: Caller claims to be from Comcast Xfinity and are offering 50% off on your account.
762-862-2071: Political Text message. I did not sign up for anything party affiliated and guard my cell number like Ft Knox. Yet another vote for Warnock unsolicited text. This is disturbing.
403-879-1659: Said his name was Chad Olsen and he was calling from the University Of Calgary wanting to know who owns and operates the company I work for.
Upon calling the U Of C we discover that this is a scam call.
505-391-1437: Said his name is Robin with a thick East Indian Accent and that he was calling from Adobe.
844-285-2503: Call from BC, Canada impersonating Comcast/Xfinity offering 50% discount on my internet, but really to hijack my account to another ISP.
718-523-1111: Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino

12032 Queens Blvd.
Kew Gardens, NY 11415-1204

(718) 523-1111
510-876-4022: This phone number is also associated with: 510-295-2122, 510-399-1424, 410-439-0646, 510-737-7630, 510-567-4465. All of these phone numbers called me in succession after I had blocked the last one.
365-815-2040: 365-815-2040 MAJOR SCAMMERS on Facebook MarketPlace and kijiji from TOORONTO ONTARIO PIRATED SOFTWARES AND STOLEN LAPTOP SELLER-
855-779-1408: I have an answering machine and everytime I receive a call from a number I don't know I don't answer and wait for the caller to leave a message. When it falls on the answering machine it sounds like if a modem is trying to connect. I think it might be some kind of robot trying to connect through a regular phone line. I had several of these calls all starting with 855 with the same results, except for one that was 800 474-2017 but with the same results when falling on the answering machine.