Phone Listings From Area Code 304-241

The area code and prefix 304-241 appears to be a Land Line number from Lumos Network. The area code is located in Morgantown, West Virginia in the United States.

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304-241-0171: I was contacted yesterday by a woman claiming to be Michelle Stevens 888-609-1428. She said she had an affidavit that was going to be filed in two hours for my arrest. I asked what I was being charged with and she said two counts of wire fraud on a financial institution. I assured her it was a mistake to no avail. I was told to call Brookhaven Legal Services @ 304-241-0171. They answer the phone by saying, ’Mediations’. The person who answered said her name was Amy Blair. She transferred me to an attorney named Greg Mansell who said unless I paid 500.00 right now he would not give me a court release number and I would be arrested at my home or place of employment. They knew both my cell number and my work number and work address (scary).

Michelle called me back this morning and said I would be arrested today and I told her, ‘ ok- tell me where to turn myself in’. After putting me on hold for a very long time she told me to go to my county court house. I pressured her further and asked for the exact address. After another extended hold she told me the address and room number. I am sure she didn’t realize I worked for the courts and was familiar with the building.

After further investigation I learned that there were quite a few people online being harassed by the same phone number.

Also, the attorney name they are using is unaware of any of these actions as I called him and told him of his name being used.
304-241-0171: My step-mother received a phone call from Michelle Stevens. She then called me. I spoke with Michelle who gave me the number for Brookhaven Legal Services. I spoke with a Ms. Rossarti who hung up on me when I started asking detailed questions. I then called back and spoke with her "assistant". They put me through to "pay and processing for Advance Cash USA" after "contacting" them to get a settlement amount (that took all of 2 minutes). I asked for them to send me a letter of validation, and she said she couldn't get me a copy of the check, that it was with the county clerk's office but the letter that she emailed me, my daughter could've created in Word. Not on official letterhead, typos. Upon further investigation, if you go to the address on GoogleEarth, it's an empty lot. 48 Donley Street, Morgantown, WV 26501 The person that emailed me is named Amie Blair. So glad I trusted my gut instinct that this was a scam! I also spoke with my local police department and the rep said that they have been getting A LOT of calls about this lately.