Phone Listings From Area Code 319-048

The area code and prefix 319-048 appears to not be registered with any phone company.

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321-426-8040: This number 321,426,8040 scammed me and got me for about $200 Canadian was supposed to be a free gift from a youtube channel. Just be more careful than me
877-799-2026: Caller claims to be from Comcast Xfinity and are offering 50% off on your account.
762-862-2071: Political Text message. I did not sign up for anything party affiliated and guard my cell number like Ft Knox. Yet another vote for Warnock unsolicited text. This is disturbing.
403-879-1659: Said his name was Chad Olsen and he was calling from the University Of Calgary wanting to know who owns and operates the company I work for.
Upon calling the U Of C we discover that this is a scam call.
505-391-1437: Said his name is Robin with a thick East Indian Accent and that he was calling from Adobe.
844-285-2503: Call from BC, Canada impersonating Comcast/Xfinity offering 50% discount on my internet, but really to hijack my account to another ISP.
718-523-1111: Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino

12032 Queens Blvd.
Kew Gardens, NY 11415-1204

(718) 523-1111
510-876-4022: This phone number is also associated with: 510-295-2122, 510-399-1424, 410-439-0646, 510-737-7630, 510-567-4465. All of these phone numbers called me in succession after I had blocked the last one.
365-815-2040: 365-815-2040 MAJOR SCAMMERS on Facebook MarketPlace and kijiji from TOORONTO ONTARIO PIRATED SOFTWARES AND STOLEN LAPTOP SELLER-
855-779-1408: I have an answering machine and everytime I receive a call from a number I don't know I don't answer and wait for the caller to leave a message. When it falls on the answering machine it sounds like if a modem is trying to connect. I think it might be some kind of robot trying to connect through a regular phone line. I had several of these calls all starting with 855 with the same results, except for one that was 800 474-2017 but with the same results when falling on the answering machine.
920-477-0429: Says from Santander bank directing to a website that does not load. Can't be reached. No person associated with the number.
775-538-8581: Political TEXT that uses a first name (which was NOT my name) asking for support of GA Candidate for GA Senate Run -off. Texter claims to be named Yvonne. She is in Nevada and texting me using a name that is not mine. Have I entered the twilight zone? How did this random person get my private cell number, I only give to friends, family and colleagues?
509-219-3971: Voicemail. Business loan scammer "Tiffany from Capital Group" (must be an associate of "Kate" and "James").
506-221-0229: Spam message:

RBC: 789546 is your OTP. Never share this code. If you did net initiate this reply "NO"
844-503-3138: Email from Fraudulent pay pal for a send money request - to call this number - scammers. Dangerous!
656-204-8447: It said "due to the lack of the detailed location of the package, please update the location as soon as possible and we wi1l arrange the sh1pment.". Didn't want to click link in case it's a scam.
520-895-3660: Call is for "Joseph Gregg" and message leaves a call back number of 888-721-4199, "or else" they'll file to garnish wages, etc. This has been a repeated attempt from the calling party and I have blocked every other number used. Still, this one left a 1 minute threatening message.
661-486-4984: Bogus claims to be EDD. Bogus site
“ĚĎĎ -Υὸū havě successḟulƚý changed youґ måἰĺіng aďdress, to canċel, ⅴіѕіt if this was you please ignore this ałėrt”