Phone Listings From Area Code 407-358

The area code and prefix 407-358 appears to be a Land Line number from Verizon Business. The area code is located in Apopka, Florida in the United States.

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407-358-2000: System 2000 Inc
Address: 620 DOUGLAS AVE STE 1312
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714-2546
USA - United States
Phone Number: 407-358-2000
Industry: Business Services (Services)
Business: Custom Computer Programming Services
407-358-2000: Systems 2000
Address: 620 Douglas Ave
Altamonte Spgs, FL 32714
USA - United States
Phone Number: 407-358-2000
Industry: Custom Computer Programming Svcs
Business: Computer Programming Services
407-358-6010: One of those scams where they say your family member is going to jail if you dont call.
407-358-6044: They also have 352-233-4017 (a Belleview FL #) they use for calling people in the Belleview, FL area, hoping as a local call, someone will answer it. This number is based in Apopka, FL for calling people in that area. I forwarded the Apopka number to their Belleview number and their Belleview number to their Apopka number thanks to the VoIP service features I have available. The idiots have not yet realized each time they call they can talk to themselves (hahaha) because either number will ring the other when they call. I do get a log of their attempts though. Considering routing calls coming in from the Apopka number to the Apopka Police Dept and calls from the Belleview number to the Belleview Police Dept since they are only open during business hours. Perhaps if they talk to a real investigator in a real investigations department, they might quit calling. LOL!
407-358-6044: The correct name of the idiots behind 407-358-6044 and 352-233-4017 is Johnson & Moore Associates a Law Firm located in Columbia South Carolina. I know this because I called them this morning to warn them I was going to use inward forwarding on my business lines to redirect the first # (an Apopka FL #) to the Apopka Police Dept and the second (a Belleview FL #) to the Ocala Police Dept, so if they continue to call they will reach a real law enforcement investigator, I am sure after too many calls, the police will stop them. I have confirmed that only the originator # information is passed through the forwarding, not the number that did the forward, so it will show as they called the police directly (ha ha ha) and those business lines are open the same hours these idiots work. I also learned they are highly illegal - they are not registered with the South Carolina Bar, meaning not licensed to practice law in South Carolina and probably not anywhere else either. Guess what!? After warning them this morning, they called my business Orlando # and I am sure they enjoyed talking to the Apopka Police. I did warn them what would happen, that is why I call them idiots.
407-358-6299: This is a local number for Sunrise Credit Services. They are trying to collect a debt.
407-358-6639: I have been getting at least 5 calls a week from this number for the past month. Once I made the mistake of answering the call and it was silent. They never leave a voice message.
407-359-0010: Varalent Online Media
Address: 9600 Tetley Court
USA - United States
Phone Number: 407-359-0010
Business: Advertising, NEC