Phone Listings From Area Code 435-562

The area code and prefix 435-562 appears to be a Land Line number from Level 3. The area code is located in Salina, Utah in the United States.

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435-562-0180: This number is linked to an interview scan with StarTouch, Inc. They are not really StarTouch, Inc. but say they are to set up an online interview on Yahoo Messenger IM for a job opening. They will text you from this number or send you an email. They are reviewing resumes that are posted on sites such as Career Builder or AZ Job Connection.
435-562-0180: I received a call from 435-562-0180 today regarding a job with StarTouch Inc. They asked for my info and even went as far as asking direct deposit checks into my bank account. I told them I don't have a bank account. They stated they would mail somethings to me. I am to get in touch with them at 8:00 am 7/23.
435-562-0180: I recieved a text from this number and then directly after a text from a messenging service called text now from a [email protected] They said:
"I am Mr Robert Wayne Ford for StarTouch Inc and I am contacting you in regards of your resume p" (they sent this twice) When I asked how I could help them they wrote:
" The Head Dept of the company has reviewed your resume and we believe you have to required qualifications for the position.

You have"

hope you figure out these sketchy people.
435-562-0773: Total scam. Claimed to be Ken Hart with Lifetime Healthcare contacting me for an Administrative Assistant position I never applied for. Only texted and wanted me to get on Google hangout to contact them further. Number is from nowhere near me. Proceeded to threaten to kill my family when I called them out for being a scam.
435-562-1536: This is a Spoofed number and NOT from Salina, UT. A company that tried to hook you into some type of rewares program has spoofed this number. Call it and you are reaching the spammer.

This number has also been tied to the Fake Google Update folks.
It’s NEVER Google. Google will NEVER, EVER call you. See
These guys want your money and they do NOTHING. But try getting it back, they are out of the country…and no, they do not honor the Do-not-call list, in fact they won’t stop calling.

I have a little fun with these types of calls.
I have VOIPO, inexpensive, but it lets me block several ways. It doesn’t matter how you try to make them stop they won’t because they are Not in the USA and no way anyone can go after them.
So, since they won't stop, I just forward their number right back at them and in some cases it causes their system to go into a Loop. Cool.
See Voipo at