Phone Listings From Area Code 508-812

The area code and prefix 508-812 appears to be a Land Line number from Level 3. The area code is located in North Swansea, Massachusetts in the United States.

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508-812-0233: I got a text saying a few curse words and for me to take their picture off of Facebook. I don't have any pics up of people who would act like this. The text included a hyperlink which I did not click on.
508-812-0801: I received numerous texts for similar numbers. They go through this dialogue of wanting to know the cost of training their group in self defense. I go through my screening process to determine if it is legit or not, and then tell them they are a scam, because all of their answers to my questions conflict with the truth and what they should know without asking. And, at the writing of this message, they have not responded to my last screening question and comment.
508-812-7353: I keep getting calls from this number at my office.
The robo voice is "Olivia" but it always hangs up before the message
508-812-7358: I don't answer calls that I do not recognize. They will continue to call 3 times in a row, never leave a message. Absolutely ridiculous!!
508-812-7361: This number is listed as Swansea Ma and calls my cell phone everyday and I block the number. The next day the same call comes in with a different last four digits and no one answers when I try to tell them NOT to call my house again. I have over 50 calls from them in the last two weeks. Anyone out here that can help me figure out how to report this as harassment? I just want them to STOP calling ....that's it.
508-812-7364: someone from this # calls me daily 3x in a row.. I never answer it though because I just know it's a spam caller and I don't have time to deal with it especially while I am trying to work. why don't they give up when we don't answer it the first time/day? frustrating for sure.
508-812-7364: To say this caller is annoying is an understatement. My phone rings constantly with this # showing up on the caller I'd. It's undoubtedly a scammer or phishing scheme.
508-812-9038: Call on 2/26/2015 at 11:40 eastern. When call was answered, only dead air.

I've tried to return call several times on various days/times - always a busy phone number.
508-813-3892: Thomas Tanguay
Address: 104 Charles Eldridge Rd
Lakeville, MA 02347-1388
USA - United States
Phone Number: 508-813-3892
Industry: Social Services (Services)
Business: Individual And Family Services