Phone Listings From Area Code 559-514

The area code and prefix 559-514 appears to be a Wireless number from AT&T Mobility. The area code is located in Madera, California in the United States.

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Latest Comments for 559-514 Phone Numbers

559-514-1310: Caller demands to know who is answering the phone. I find this odd that a caller does not know who they are calling. The number attempted several times to call again demanding to know who is on the other line without any purpose of the call. Very strange. I blocked the number.
559-515-4638: This phone number is listed in a fraud scheme. The perpetrator is using our home as belonging to them for sale at a ridiculous low price. They intend to scam someone out of their money.
559-515-8164: Claimed to be calling from Windows Technical Support in Fresno CA. He spoke with a slight accent, perhaps Mideastern. He had my name, phone number and street address. I told him that was readily available on the Internet because I rented vacation property on the web. He said my network generated an error message that I had been hacked. He said he was a Microsoft Certified Support Engineer. I asked if worked for Microsoft and he said his company name was "EZ Tech" or something like that. He could not provide my computer's model, mfg or OS claiming the error came from the network, not the computer. I then asked for my IP address the error was coming from, knowing that ISPs will dynamically assign them so you don't always have the same one. His answer was that he could not give out personal information over the phone. I asked for the specific error and he said it was a general error indicating my IP address was compromised. I then asked for the name of my ISP and he said the error did not provide that. I asked if he needed access to my computer and he said yes. I then asked why and he said to fix the error. Oh, you just told me you can't tell me details about my computer because the problem is with the network but you can fix the network error from my computer even though you do not know the IP address or the ISP? I was able to keep him on the phone for 5 minutes which made me happy that he wasn't scamming other people. In fact I told him just that and I could see via Goggle that his phone number is registered as a likely scam. Now it is definitely a scam Mr. EZ Tech, LOL
559-515-8213: Man on phone kept asking for an employee's work status. When I asked what it was in reference to he asked if the employee still worked for the company. When he refused to answer my question I hung up on him.
559-515-8671: Don't waste your time. This is just another robo caller trying to bother everyone.