Phone Listings From Area Code 613-143

The area code and prefix 613-143 appears to not be registered with any phone company.

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734-802-0120: Calling from the Phillipines, said the work for RICOH and want to discuss some new papers
877-858-2534: Calls up asking by first name only. Only scammers do this. Real businesses ask for people by surname.
619-597-3323: Pretended to be someone I work with - I knew the persons number they where saying they were
877-523-0274: I let it ring. The people calling didn't leave a message so assume it is spam, scam, or sales related. If it was legit, they'd leave one related to your account, etc.
855-633-2540: Call back number for what I suspect was an attempted hoax, a claim to have inserted my Mac. Seems confined to Safari.
678-680-4099: SPAM, Caller-ID = "IP Investments", careful this NOT IP Investment Group. I did not answer, call went to voice mail, but no message left. Address of IP Investments is a private residence w/numerous companies "registered" at the address
888-608-3391: Email from "Online Defense Network", William L. Daniels, saying they are taking $354 by direct credit for something I didn't sign for or even hear of.
Their "support #"is (888)|608|3391

866-305-1520: TAX SCAM: it's Sarah I'm calling you from Tax Solution department regarding your fake back income tax debt.
877-868-8046: Confirmation: Your iAppStore Order Submitted. Amount 441.56 USD If Haven't Place This Order Call Support 8778688046
844-887-2041: Confirmation: Your iAppStore Order Submitted. Amount 441.56 USD If Haven't Place This Order Call Support 8778688046
702-738-6572: No message left. Not a known or listed business number. I don't know anyone from that area. Suspect Spam.
828-623-8050: At the very least a recorded message from a telemarketer
or a scammer. I am not going to try to figure out which. Definitely not from my Aunt! HA!
855-549-0723: I am not sure. I was hoping you could tell me if it was a legitimate number.. I received a post card to call the number for a Million dollar prize, if my numbers matched...
647-383-2355: This is Mandarin robocall which translates to "press this number on your dial pad as you have an important package to pick up".
970-921-9846: spoof number 4259006037 who called earlier 2 times just like this spammers /scammers
844-708-9406: This number belongs to Aetna Insurance.If you have it, they will constantly harass you about home visits, etc.
855-736-4844: call back number left by someone claiming to be from comcast. number that called did not match. assume scam
800-535-6363: This phone number called after 10:30 a.m. EST/ 7:30 PST claiming there were fraudulent charges on my credit card from Walmart using a robotic voice.
855-728-3966: Represented themselves as some kid of legal authority stating that a case had been filed against me and I had better call them back ASAP, before it became a matter of public record. Then they said they would be contacting my employer. Very threatening.
763-402-9802: No message. Not a known or listed business number.
I don't know anyone from that area. Suspect Spam. Blocked.
628-207-1541: 628-207-1541 SENT AN UNSOLICITED text to a number on the do not call list about buying a house!
952-219-7836: I am getting daily calls from 952-219- 7844, 7836, 7838, 7843, 7845. When I block one number then another version calls. There is no phone company associated with 952-219 numbers. I don't answer them so I assume they are spam
866-801-0144: Work institute calling to conduct exit interview if you recently left a participating company.
844-760-5907: Bank declined charge of $49.99 against my acct from a HDK Consulting at this number. Stated I was enrolling in a health plan which I did not!!!! Acct frozen and charge declined. Am expecting pkg in and recd notification $ under $2 due on shipping cost before they would send pkg I needed to pay amount up front. BEWARE!!!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!