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The area code and prefix 617-841 appears to be a Land Line number from Global Crossing. The area code is located in Winthrop, Massachusetts in the United States.

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617-841-0672: Steve Harrell
Address: 1179 Boylston St Apt 30
Boston, MA 2215
USA - United States
Phone Number: 617-841-0672
Business: Professional Membership Organizations
617-841-2003: Three calls within one hour.all on my cell phone.. Something about a credit card and info..
617-841-2003: My mother got this call stating "an important matter has crossed their desk. To have me or my attorney contact them to resolve this issue." What issue? They left a so-called file number. they said they were Capital services but I could not find any such place associated with this number
617-841-2003: Think. This is a scam. They wanted money from me. Said I owed money cuz I borrowed from a pay advance which I have NEVER done. Then they would not give me any information when I asked them. Total scam!!!
617-841-2003: This number is a scam company. They have misleading information listed for their company and use another company's information illegally as a front. They will call and offer different names (CCR, CRS, CSR, CRX) and state that you have committed fraud by taking out multiple loans with no intention of repayment. They then inform you that they can settle the debt with you or they can send the information to their legal department and you will be summons to court. If you try to ask questions, find out any information, or dispute their claims, they become hostile, telling you that they are not a debt collector (they will not state what type of company they supposedly are), accuse you of being aware of these loans and that they haven't had one person deny having all the aforementioned loans, then they state that you can take up the matter in court. If you agree to pay them they will ask you to send money to them through untraceable methods, such as wire transfers or prepaid cards. If you try to call them back they will threaten you with a harassment lawsuit, refuse to offer and validity to their claims, and repeatedly hang up on you. The best option if you receive a call from this number is to not answer (although they will call you over and over again), or if you do answer to report them to the FTC (
617-841-2003: This number 617-841-2003 has been stalking me the last 2 weeks. No one has ever lest a message. It's a recording stating CRS Solutions with a bogus file number. They are threating to take me to court and or have me arrested for what I do not know. They claim that I have an unsatisfied Advance Pay loan which is not true. Never ever had one of those. They asked me for my banking info so they can start taking out bi-weekly payments of $186 to settle the debt. They said I could also pay by credit card, wire transfer or send American Express pre-paid cards. I asked 4 times for documentation / information on this so called loan info, they have refused to provide me with any info and said that they would find me and have me throw in jail. The person I spoke with REFUSED to give me their name, customer service ID number and would not let me speak with a supervisor / manager. The representative said I was asking far to many questions and I need to just settle this matter. Again I refused and they hung up on me.
617-841-2110: I received 3 calls in one day from this number. The caller refused to identify himself.