Phone Listings From Area Code 619-378

The area code and prefix 619-378 appears to be a Land Line number from Level 3. The area code is located in Campo, California in the United States.

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619-378-0706: 21 Cfr Consulting, LLC
Address: 1437 Dale St
San Diego, CA 92102
USA - United States
Phone Number: 619-378-0706
Business: Electronics-Consultants
619-378-0814: Got a text from this number wanting to buy drugs. Either was looking for a previous owner of my cell or finger-fudged the text. Naughty, naughty!
619-378-1130: The caller asked for me by name - told me where she was from but I could not understand her, then she told me that this was a way for me to make extra money. I told her to take my name off the list and not to call me again - she hung up.
619-378-1899: i received a call from this number, I tried to call him back but it rings 1 or 2 times and then my call is diconnected
619-378-1899: this is a number trying to check on you when you answer a call from this number and i am trying to call back it will hang your call right away.
619-378-1987: This number called me posing as Medicare, said I would be receiving my new card, gave my street address and zip code and asked if they were correct. He then asked for the claim number below my name so he could activate my new card. Knowing that number is my SSN I would not give it to him. I really hate that I didn't think fast enough to give him a fake number!
619-378-1987: This is yet again another company who preys upon the elderly. They convince you that they are calling from "Medicare" simply by telling you your name and home address, making it seem like they are legit! Luckily, just as my 80 y.o. father was about to read off his Medicare ID # to the guy on the phone, I walked in the room and asked him who he was talking to. As soon as he said "Medicare is calling me to send me a new Medicare ID card", I stopped him just in time! I explained to him that Medicare and the Social Security Administration does not randomly call people, and if he needed a new Medicare card, he'd have to request it himself. To others out there....if you have elderly family members, PLEASE let them know that there are all sorts of fraudsters out there, hoping to pull the wool over their eyes, and to NEVER ever give out any personal info to anyone over the phone! Both of my parents fell victim to the Tech Support scam on 2 separate occasions, to the tune of $900 total. I was not about to let my Dad become a victim again by reading off his SS# to the fake Medicare people!