Phone Listings From Area Code 678-724

The area code and prefix 678-724 appears to be a Land Line number from AT&T. The area code is located in Atlanta South, Georgia in the United States.

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678-724-2368: I was contacted by this person name Komal chaudhry (678-724-2368) from Dalton Georgia this Saturday 10/03/15 and She was crying ,she told me she is orphan, living in the car for couple of days, have not eaten anything and get kicked out of her friends(Ashley) house because (Ashley’s) her father does not like Muslim, her father ripped off her scarf and she is very scared, went to Emory University and got a job in the Kamanos Research Cancer Detroit and have to get at work by 9am Monday, but does not have a gas money to drive to Detroit from Georgia .
She requested to load a Rush Card 4104891190625813 receive code 2495, I gave her gas money through money gram first $31 Dollar (Saturday Night) she told me she reached at Tennessee .
Then next day she needed more money I gave her 233 dollars for gas money (Sunday Morning 10/04/15) now she told me she reached at Cincinnati Ohio. On monday (10/05/15) morning she asked me she needed more gas so I load rush card for 41 dollar. After she reached Detroit she called me from 313-578-4402 and told me she is at karmanos Detroit and need 320 dollars to buy scope and uniform to perform her job she(Komal) needed it by 5:30pm and have not eaten anything for last 2 days I just gave her $350 again through Rush Card.
Then I tried to reach her by phone Monday(10/05/15) night and asked her where she is staying she told me Hilton 351 gratiot st Detroit and told her I need to meet and see whether you are telling me truth or not. She did not picked her phone.
Then Wednesday(10/07/15) night she left the voice mail that she will get terminated if she does not buy the instrument to perform her job it cost $260 and her friend Ashley (706-671-5212) called me and tell me she needed the money immediately. And I refused to pay.
Thursday night(10/08/15) she texted me that she just lost her job ,get terminated and now homeless and jobless in Detroit. I asked her to contact Access at Dearborn for help she said she got a sister at Detroit Mosque and she is going to be okay and do not need any help or anything.
Today I called at Karmanos 313-578-4402 is the same number she called me on Monday (10/05/15) and asked if they know anyone who worked there name Komal Chaudhry and they told me no nobody with this name is in the data base and you been scammed.
678-724-4473: Wachovia Mortgage
Address: 4225 Valley Fair
Simi Valley, CA 93063
USA - United States
Phone Number: 678-724-4473
Business: Title Abstract Offices
678-724-4800: SCM Logistics
Address: 400 Galleria Pkwy SE # 1200
Atlanta, GA 30339-5993
USA - United States
Phone Number: 678-724-4800
Industry: Transportation Services (Services)
Business: Freight Transportation Arrangement
678-725-0561: Williams, Geoffrey
Address: 4931 Bill Cheek Road
Auburn, GA 30011
USA - United States
Phone Number: 678-725-0561
Business: Operative Builders