Phone Listings From Area Code 780-222

The area code and prefix 780-222 appears to be a Wireless number from TELUS Mobility. The area code is located in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.

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866-914-5806: Warning: This seems to possibly be an attempt to see if the phone number they are calling is active.
818-395-1917: Claims to be from USPS with a link to “correct “ address for delivery. Phishing possible.
866-291-8377: Pom hub SCAM text sent from [email protected]***
Product Purchase Details
3-Year Membership with Pom hub premium
A charge of *597USD will appear on your statement as NB-PROBILER,COM/690335
If you didn't place the order get in touch with us @ 1(866) 291-8377
780-264-7397: guy got a new n u m b e r which has been b l a c k l i s t e d over f o r t y times
844-780-2893: Claiming to be serving a urgent document that needs to be signed, then in voicemail, they leave this number that can't be traced to any agency that's authorized to serve court docs. The "case number" isn't turning any publicly available results, either.
850-753-9919: Anna Smith, thick east Indian Accent. Admin Assistant to Loren Meiners, the baseball player
888-910-1182: Windows Defender cost trap SCAM text sent from [email protected]***

Invoice No: ABHG6-N148
Product: FailsafeGuard.
Duration: 3 Years
Amount: $501.01
Payment: Online

DO YOU NEED A HELP? Once you've ensured that this email is clear of errors, please contact us. Call the toll-free number +1-888-910-1182 to speak with a member of our executive team about problems relating to your account, payments, orders, or refunds.
902-215-0820: Will stay past time. Shorten time upon showing up then stay the original time amount. Required full amount at time of booking and be ware of time.
844-780-2893: This is a debt collection agency. They buy old credit card debt then try to bully people into paying them.
905-244-3847: 905-244-3847 ---- MAJOR SCAMMERS on Facebook MarketPlace and kijiji from TOORONTO ONTARIO PIRATED SOFTWARES AND STOLEN LAPTOP SELLER-
844-678-1385: I answered the call put it on speaker phone, it was a live voice and she knew my first name. I don’t say anything or answer any questions. I figure if I waste there time there not calling YOU.
877-478-8925: Cathy Smith is Comcast Xfinity cost trap SCAMMER offering 50% off subscription.
Caller Type: Scam
844-542-2321: I was on the internetand al of a sudden my computer talked LOUDLY that my computer was disabled.Do NOT restart or use your computer. Please call MICROSOFT. PLEASE CONTACT US immediately. CONTACT WINDOWS SUPPORT 1-844-542-2321. Windows Defender Security Center. App: Adsfinancetrack(2). Threat detected: Trojan Spyware
All this time my computer was talking loudly. Danger. Your computer has been attacked. I turned off computer. Restarted it and the same screaming: Danger computer blocked. Second time I turned off computer & restarted it.. my computer was back to normal. Thank God!!!
844-287-1856: Robo caller stated ATT equipment needed to be returned. Already returned. This is what happens when ATT uses offshore trouble tech. They steal your information the harass you non stop.
866-679-9742: They called my wife and brother in law saying that a process server was trying to reach her to serve her papers using her maiden name which is decades old. Its a scam. If you call them, they make it sound like a legit law office but it is not.
844-861-8669: Clicked a link online. Computer locked up. A message on the screen said to call this number to get it unlocked and avoid data loss. I restarted computer and closed that window. I have no problem so far.
800-762-2035: Ronniece Clayton, PNC BANK SCAMMER sending a cost trap SCAM text from [email protected]
We're letting you know your Online Banking trying to login with a wrong password for more times on 11/12/2022.
So, if you don't recognize this transaction of your account activity and If you believe someone is fraudulently trying to access your account, go to to verification, your security is our top priority.
This mailbox is not monitored. Please do not reply. If you would like to speak to Customer Service, please call 1-800-762-2035; Monday through Friday 7 am to 10pm, Saturday and Sunday 8 am to 5 pm ET.