Phone Listings From Area Code 780-887

The area code and prefix 780-887 appears to be a Wireless number from TELUS Mobility. The area code is located in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.

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808-374-0043: I got an email stating
We have found instances of child pornography accessed from your IP address. This is a punishable offence under The Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 . For now we are blacklisting your IP address and if there is any further action from Microsoft you will be informed via email.

If this was not you and you suspect potential hack or id theft contact Microsoft Support Team at +1-808-374-0043

Microsoft Support
904-340-1435: Didn't know the number, didn't answer. They left no message. Now blocked. Do not answer.
876-563-3383: Another "free money" call, supposedly from "The Winners International Company. Note the Jamaica Area Code; caller apparently forgot to mask his number.
876-563-3383: Jamaican scammer who forgot to mask his phone number. Another lottery scam, this time from "Da Winner's International Company".
877-297-2302: It is linked to an unauthorised debit from my ANZ account - "VISA DEBIT PURCHASE CARD nnnn SP4NP.COM 877-297-2302 46.05 USD INC O/S FEE $1.96" which resulted in me losing $67.54 AUD from my account. My Bank data has either been hacked or sold on from a fraudulent 3rd party *** !!!
877-317-0078: I was watching a message on an international BBS. My auto call filter denied the call. I trust the filter.
800-694-1539: Caller asked for Payroll admin. Didn't let me know who she was or what company she was calling from.
Finally told me she wanted to confirm employment for someone and that she was calling from Anderson Law Office.
972-884-0295: A new approach to an old scam: the call was from the Federal Trade Commission notifying me that I had been awarded a "Certified Tax Grant" as a reward for paying my taxes all those years. But, like all the other free money scams, I still had to pay fees in advance ...
800-563-9620: Greetings!

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844-291-7048: Tried calling the number and was greeted by "Thank you for calling customer support. We are currently closed, please call us back weekdays 8 am to 6 pm pacific time and Saturdays 9 am to 5 pm pacific time."
I called at approximately 3:15 pm pacific time on Saturday, Jan 21 and they were closed? Phfishy, Phishy.
850-748-2419: I answered this phone number and they made a really loud high-pitched noise and then hung up.
844-532-2899: said they were from Amazon,
I asked to give me proof they were Amazon and they hung up
844-929-3136: This number appeared on a bill to my Visa card for an unknown purchase of $5.95. It is identified as "CA" on my bill. It does NOT answer calls back to it.
855-792-2883: (Security Warning-6c3t-Contact our 24/7 Support: 8557922883 #) EBT-Card Temporarily Frozen! MessageID for 209768xxxx.
877-861-7762: (Security Warning-4lotgl-Contact our 24/7 Support: 877.861.7762 #) EBT-Card Temporarily Frozen! MessageID for 209768xxxx!
I do not have an EBT card!
847-908-3627: comes up as Publications. Caller didn't want to tell me who he was or why he was calling but said he'd call later.
877-590-8308: I received a text from [email protected] "(Customer notification-j5im-Contact our 24/7 Security-Department: 8775908308 #) EBT-Card Temporarily Frozen! MessageID for 949xxxxxxx!" Scam.
855-242-7136: Called me twice in a row. Didn't leave a message. My phone didn't ring, so I think it was probably spam (my phone screens calls that way). I think that legitimate toll free number callers would leave a message.
819-448-4086: Got a text saying that my credit card will be blocked and to reply for more details.
855-706-0587: Possible scam or spoof number. I called after seeing months ago I spoke to someone at this number for 45 minutes and wanted to see who it was. Well a lady answered claiming it was Monex precious metals, a company i never called before! Looked them up online and they had another number so I called it and it sounded like same lady answered claiming to be MoneX and that they used different numbers.
813-308-5104: "This is Ashley Meyers from the Social Security. Did you got the letters we mailed you?" As usual, in order for me to receive my COLA this year, she needs me to "verify" my information. I told her I was advised to always ask for a callback number when anyone wanted personal information, so she gave me the number from the Caller ID: 813-308-5104 as well as the legitimate toll-free number for the Social Security Administration where it is essentially impossible to actually speak to a live human being. I told her I would call her right back ...
800-772-1213: This is the legitimate toll-free number for the Social Security Administration. HOWEVER, they do NOT call anyone for any reason other than to return a call you made, so it it shows up on your Caller ID, you can bet it's another scam attempt.
805-515-3124: PayPal SCAMMER sent a fake digital invoice from [email protected]
You have successfully sent USD 395.00 to Vintage-Cole INC. Please note that it may take a little while for this payment to appear in the Recent Transaction list on your PayPal Account. In case an issue with this Transaction, You can contact us on 1-805-515-3124
Order NO-BJK78A677TY2-845HJIL89-934PRFJSA789325
Payment Details
Vintage-Cole INC.
Transaction Date
Thursday, 12 January 00:23 Hrs GMT
Total Debit
In Case, You Haven't made this Transaction please call support at 1-805-515-3124
857-557-7088: I don’t normally answer calls from numbers i don't know or recognize, sorry i cant tell you who or what kind of call this is!? If anyone else dare answer, plz let us know who it is. Thank you!
857-557-7088: I don’t normally answer calls from numbers i don't know or recognize, sorry i cant tell you who or what kind of call this is!? If anyone else dare answer, plz let us know who it is. Thank you!
949-482-6744: Said he's calling from a company called Prolapse. Name comes up as Judy Hsu but it's a latino man on the line. Says if he can't speak to someone in accounting they will shut off our services.
877-524-0973: It sounded like a caucAsian American male asking for police union support. I asked for their mailing address and he hung up abruptly.
864-803-5564: Text message saying to contact them as my account has been frozen. No information on what the account or who it is with. did not respond. Deleted it. advise others to do the same