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The area code and prefix 807-695 appears to not be registered with any phone company.

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941-251-1268: says: Hello! We help small business owners, their families, and employees save 20-70% on their healthcare costs and improve coverage through a nationwide Aetna PPO network, If youwill share your age and .....
etc...blah blah. call and get quote...
reply stop if uninterested
844-283-8539: Microsoft Support SCAM text sent from [email protected]
Please call us on Toll-Free: +1(844) 283-8539 as soon as possible.
We need to talk over the phone.
Microsoft Support Team
James Brown
Toll-Free: +1 (844) 283-8539
844-683-9155: They are taking money out of my checking account. I have not ordered anything. If you call them their mailbox is always full and they hang up
844-616-2011: received a text message saying "here is your verification code XXXXXX", and I didn't prompt a verification code from anyone.
877-858-2534: Calls up asking by first name only. Only scammers do this. Real businesses ask for people by surname.
877-523-0274: I let it ring. The people calling didn't leave a message so assume it is spam, scam, or sales related. If it was legit, they'd leave one related to your account, etc.
855-633-2540: Call back number for what I suspect was an attempted hoax, a claim to have inserted my Mac. Seems confined to Safari.
888-608-3391: Email from "Online Defense Network", William L. Daniels, saying they are taking $354 by direct credit for something I didn't sign for or even hear of.
Their "support #"is (888)|608|3391

866-305-1520: TAX SCAM: it's Sarah I'm calling you from Tax Solution department regarding your fake back income tax debt.
877-868-8046: Confirmation: Your iAppStore Order Submitted. Amount 441.56 USD If Haven't Place This Order Call Support 8778688046
844-887-2041: Confirmation: Your iAppStore Order Submitted. Amount 441.56 USD If Haven't Place This Order Call Support 8778688046
828-623-8050: At the very least a recorded message from a telemarketer
or a scammer. I am not going to try to figure out which. Definitely not from my Aunt! HA!
855-549-0723: I am not sure. I was hoping you could tell me if it was a legitimate number.. I received a post card to call the number for a Million dollar prize, if my numbers matched...
970-921-9846: spoof number 4259006037 who called earlier 2 times just like this spammers /scammers
844-708-9406: This number belongs to Aetna Insurance.If you have it, they will constantly harass you about home visits, etc.
855-736-4844: call back number left by someone claiming to be from comcast. number that called did not match. assume scam
855-728-3966: Represented themselves as some kid of legal authority stating that a case had been filed against me and I had better call them back ASAP, before it became a matter of public record. Then they said they would be contacting my employer. Very threatening.
952-219-7836: I am getting daily calls from 952-219- 7844, 7836, 7838, 7843, 7845. When I block one number then another version calls. There is no phone company associated with 952-219 numbers. I don't answer them so I assume they are spam
866-801-0144: Work institute calling to conduct exit interview if you recently left a participating company.
844-760-5907: Bank declined charge of $49.99 against my acct from a HDK Consulting at this number. Stated I was enrolling in a health plan which I did not!!!! Acct frozen and charge declined. Am expecting pkg in and recd notification $ under $2 due on shipping cost before they would send pkg I needed to pay amount up front. BEWARE!!!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!
844-313-6319: Julie Hanan or Henen left message saying she's from City Servers out of my county stating I was ID'd has being sent certified mail to be served. She was stopping by in two days and to call this number if I had questions or to re-schedule and to reference the filing party and reference a number code. Obvious "you are being served scam"
833-856-1731: received text from 3368720356 saying amt of $573 will be auto charged from my account, Contact 18338561731 if you haven't made purchase. When you call the number it is not in service
888-823-5592: Email received asking me to call PayPal re un authorised Bitcoin transaction. Checked my PayPal account no record of transaction, assumed to be a scam.
814-510-0219: It was "Julie from Allstate" just calling to tell me that Allstate has the lowest insurance rates for my car. When I informed her that she was in violation of the DoNotCall law, because I had never done business with Allstate, she said she allowed because she wasn't trying to sell me anything, she was just updating me on the current rates.
888-382-4418: Said they had cancelled my RBC credit card. I checked online and all was good. I called the number they gave and got no answer.
916-340-8276: Answered accidentally when opening phone to make a call myself, a timing error with blue tooth. I do not answer unidentified/unknown numbers. Female voice, only said 'hello', and when I responded with 'hello', disconnected.
866-927-0273: Microsoft Support SCAM sent from [email protected] We have located and reviewed your account and found out Something is going wrong. We need to talk over the phone. Please call us at +1 (866) 927-0237 for immediate assistance. Microsoft Support Team William Smith Toll-Free: +1 (866) 927-0237
858-223-6872: My handset screen showed spam. call went to my voice mail. Caller did not leave any message
844-291-2446: when answer makes a electronic sound and no voice. called early afternoon 1- 1:30 pm
866-927-0237: Microsoft Support SCAM sent from [email protected]
We have located and reviewed your account and found out
Something is going wrong.

We need to talk over the phone.
Please call us at +1 (866) 927-0237 for immediate assistance.
Microsoft Support Team
William Smith
Toll-Free: +1 (866) 927-0237
844-395-8182: Suspicious. the recording said Wells Fargo bank and they wanted my card information
877-754-6206: I was transferred to this number when I called this number in response to an email from Jonas Colbert from Norton Pro describing an invoice for an item I did not order. I was transferred to a coustomer service man who identified himself as Alex Lartin Badge number Alex B 404. He told me my identity information was being used to make credit card purchases in my name and he would help me cancel my order. When I asked him to tell me which credit card had been used, he said he did ot have that information. I discovered charges in excess of $1,000 had been charged. When I looked at the email again today, I saw something I had missed.
the email addressed me ad "Dear Customer". Had I paid the email more carefully, I would have deleted it, as I know that is a scammer's technique.
877-835-5582: it appears on my credit card as Optical flash Tech
person could describe the product
855-478-4023: There is a charge on my credit card that shows this phone number. When called, all they could say is they are a third party and won't give the name of the company they supposedly represent. I did not order anything from them. A second charge, bigger, was done 5 days later.
855-498-5718: Fake Microsoft support scam sent from [email protected]


Please call us on Toll-Free: +1 (855) 498-5718 as soon as possible.
We need to talk over the phone.

Microsoft Support Team
William Smith
Toll-Free: +1 (855) 498-5718
855-202-6278: i received an email with this phone number as the call back number stating i had purchased a Cordless barcode scanner for 983.00. This number was provided as the call back number but when i call it, it disconnects immediately. I certainly didnt order this item. Also, in the email, the phone number is written #+13v28553v22023v26278 with the 3v2 in very small letters. i think this is a scam. Anyone else received this email from William B Johnson [email protected]?
876-310-4822: Caller claimed to be from Publishers Clearing House. When told that the person he wanted wasn't home, he left this Jamaica phone number so they could call him back.
844-429-5635: This phony person claimed to be with T-Mobile and offered me a free brand new iPhone 14 Pro if I answered some questions in a survey about my to my experience with T-Mobile and their service. I then paid shipping for close to nine dollars now she has some of my personal information or it or whoever they are? Scandalous!
917-730-5012: Caller does not identify. Recorded voice comes on and says "to be taken off our call list press 1"
That's it!
972-688-6874: Have been receiving calls from this telephone number for a few weeks. No messages are ever left. Anonymous callback reaches a general voicemail prompt. Other spam tracking websites list this as a telemarketer.
844-427-8811: We had a lady who kept coming by wanting to talk to
Us from out of state about medical questions.
Now I'm getting text from this number. MEPS
Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. Idk
855-658-2886: Reference the ever popular JOSEPH GREGG spam. This number is a call back: "It is imperative that you contact my office at 855-658-2886." Hell no!
855-475-1557: Voicemail was left saying it's automated from Scotia Bank and to call to prrvent automated calls. I can't find this number associated with Scotia Bank, so I'm assuming it's phishing.
877-308-7995: Claimed to be from Apple, told me my Ipad had been infected with a virus and personal information was subject to being stolen if i did not let them intervene'
954-493-1892: If you call back the automated response asks for you to enter a number to be removed from their calling list.
844-381-3055: Called, accused me of 2 debts,would say what, wouldn't let me speak to a police officer, claimed I did something bad, claimed it was a wrong call, never asked my identity, repeatedly hung up when I wanted to know why they'd called and several other questions, generally kept hanging up on me and I was in no way rude. Went by the name Paar & Associates, but said it fast, wouldn't repeat it when asked, and tried to garble how it was spoken. 2 different agents, one twice.
888-506-6333: Called my mom said DOJ had her go to Walmart kept her on the line told her not to tell anyone what was going on. Sham in y’all ***. I hope your dock rots of and is eaten by the rats that employ you.
856-213-8416: Good day, I’m Brittany Rector Am contacting you in regards to your resume reviewed by our company (Cintas Company )from

We’re excited to invite you to interview for the position of a Remote Data Entry Analyst, working from home with a pay of $30 per hour. We would like to know if you’re Interested?
917-410-4425: Called to say one of our VP's gave a thumbs up on his page about a new software program this guy is developing LOL