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The phone number appears to be a toll free number. A toll-free telephone number means that the person or company you are calling pays for any fees arising from the phone call.

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844-704-1800: I received a call that directed me to respond to a legal matter that has been resubmitted under my name. The call I received was from my local area code and directed me without any additional information to call this mobile number. They are calling my work desk phone number. I have received several calls about this but no one ever gives any more information as to the cause or source of an alleged debt due to a pay-day loan 'failure to pay'. I am told to send money without any proof being provided. Can this be legal in any sense?
844-704-1800: Lori
I received a message call from a Paris Jones at my job who says she needs to speak with my manager about claims being filed against me. This lady Paris spoke so loudly I had to turn the volume down on the phone. I don't think is the appropriate way to contact someone and leave messages. I'm contacting the State Attorney about these fraudelent debt collection practices.
844-704-1800: I just received a similar call to my work...I have contacted my attorney...

It's illegal anyway to call someone's work place about personal reason's
844-704-4348: I purchased a trial of a great face cream " BISOU" then to stop their auto ship there wasn't a way to reach them. My BANK called me to ask as it looked SCAM-LIKE to them. They "my bank" gave me this # which was the only thing listed. No name, so we cancelled it! TY
844-704-5172: I received a call from this number yesterday where the gentleman claimed to be a detective from the Birmingham Police Department. He proceeded to threaten me that if I didn't pay $730 they were going to put out a bench warrant for my arrest and send child protective services to get my children. He also kept asking for my address and wanting me to confirm mine and my husband's social security numbers. I asked his name and he told me his name was Earl Montgomery later on after an internet search I discovered that is a character in a movie called National Security. I immediately hung up and proceeded to call the Birmingham Police Department only to find out they had no detectives by that name. I also placed a call to my local sheriff's department and they sent an officer to my home and I filed a police report. The officer that came to my house actually called this number back to question them about the phone call that was made to my home and was told that I wasn't in their database at all. The officer believes this is a scam and warned me to be wary of having any interaction with them in the future. The officer told them to take my number out of their system because supposedly it was linked to another person with whom I don't know but in all honesty I'm not sure they care if they will impersonate police officers I'm not sure they actually care about anything the law says. Just beware that they will use whatever means and threats necessary to get what they want.