Phone Listings From Area Code 855-483

The phone number appears to be a toll free number. A toll-free telephone number means that the person or company you are calling pays for any fees arising from the phone call.

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Latest Comments for 855-483 Phone Numbers

855-483-0370: They leave a message saying that a judgement wont be ruled in my favor and call them back.when i call back it gets busy.
855-483-0370: Left a rude message to call their office immediately. Assuming they are a bill collector but I am unsure.
855-483-0370: The number belongs to a debt collection agency. Every person I have talked to has been very rude and refuses to allow me to speak with a manager or "someone else." They speak to you as if you are dumb and don't understand what a collection is.
855-483-0370: There called my home number I did not pickup I don’t know why my number is on ther list if I on no call international. In less that copy from there and paste. I don’t have any debt issues from them to call me. So why there callling me for?
855-483-0370: It call me I did not pickup because I fix issue some time ago I not person there looking for. So I don’t know why sharing my home number to India yet I have no international call on. It looks like this international no call is a no good.
855-483-0370: They called me and didn't say what they were or wanted. A woman McPherson spoke to me said my number was associated with a file in their office. I said I didn't know who they were and I don't think they knew who I was. She didn't want to give me anymore info and just said the call backs would continue and hung up. The number is from the US I don't have any associations with the US I think it is a scam to get info out of you.
855-483-0370: This number just called me twice. Once listed as a Jennifer McPher with a message to contact them over a serious matter. They called again 2 minutes later, same number, but listed as V12908432000006.
855-483-0370: This Number calls daily at all hours. I haven’t answered. Number comes is as unknown.