Phone Listings From Area Code 855-834

The phone number appears to be a toll free number. A toll-free telephone number means that the person or company you are calling pays for any fees arising from the phone call.

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855-834-2141: Mediacom Business trying to sell business internet and phone services. I've asked several times to be removed from their phone list with no success.
855-834-2146: I have been receiving 3-5 phone calls a day from this phone # for the past 3 weeks. No one says anything when I answer it. I tried phoning it back but it just rings busy when I do.
855-834-2146: They call me 4-5 times a day. When I pick up there is no one there. It goes on and on, has been for weeks. The company name is S & P Data . They are calling on behalf of Rogers Hamilton. I have called Rogers and they say it will take about 24 hours to get someone to talk to me. I also called the 855 number and you can leave your phone number and it will take 14 days to delete you from their call list. I am aggravated AND furious. I pay for my phone and number and Rogers has no right to use it for their advertising use. I am deducting one day off my bill for everyday I get a phone call. I did not ask for this annoyance. If they do not like it, then I will get a dam antenna, which I am seriously considering. I am NOT paying my phone bill for the days I get the calls. That is how I do business.
855-834-2642: Left a message as to a Costco recall on item #1380260 which doesn't exist. Supposed to have purchased between Sept.29/20 and Jan 15/21.
855-834-3577: ‭ ‭+1 (877) 911-4276‬ this number called me first but I missed it leaves a message that my name was being used needs to contact An officer
A few minutes later This number called from TD Bank.
+(855) 834-3577‬. Which They called me and known my named asked if I have any questions for what? I didn’t inquire from the bank.

This time I received almost everyday a caller. Sometimes it appears different number afterwards a company name Sysco if you search the numbers.

Scammers are using different company phone numbers to scam people.
855-834-4324: Numerous calls, finally answered...a guy with very broken English, says I have issues with my firewall on my computer & he needs to walk me through fixing it. Says I wouldn't know I have an issues.
Call comes up on caller ID as Enid back & says it isn't a working #.