Phone Listings From Area Code 865-365

The area code and prefix 865-365 appears to be a Land Line number from Deltacom. The area code is located in Sevierville, Tennessee in the United States.

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865-365-0037: Sunshyne Video
Address: 1887 Dripping Springs Rd
Seymour, TN 37865-7107
USA - United States
Phone Number: 865-365-0037
Industry: Motion Pictures (Entertainment)
Business: Video Tape Rental
865-365-0400: River Bend Inn
Address: 2350 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863-3253
USA - United States
Phone Number: 865-365-0400
Industry: Camps, Rooming Houses, Hotels and Other Lodging Places (Lodging)
Business: Hotels And Motels
865-365-0425: Smoky Mountain Property Mgmt
Address: 100 E Main St
Sevierville, TN 37862-3514
USA - United States
Phone Number: 865-365-0425
Industry: Real Estate (Housing)
Business: Real Estate Agents And Managers
865-366-0488: I'm the type that returns most call I receive. I realize some are robo type. But old age makes me wonder whether or not it's important.
I know that's not best.
865-366-4871: Threatens to rape my sister.

Just got a call from this number. Man with good english but not a native accent, identified himself as "Pastor Smith" to my sister. He proceeded to ask her about her age and whether her dad was home. No. Mom? No. Was she alone? No. I took the phone at this point and asked him his name. He gave me I name I instantly forgot because it wasn't a english name and came out fast.

He told me he was gonna refund me for the service we bought for our computer. Supposedly his company had sold us a Windows computer service that had errors and they were refunding us out of their generosity.
He made the assumition I didn't remember. Of course not, it's bull. I would see how he was gonna try and scam me into giving information to him, so I went along.

He told me to look on my keyboard for C T R L key. CTRL? Yeah. Now what key is next to it? I know he is expecting me to be on a Windows computer even though we only have Macs. "The Windows key"
"Right. Hold that down and hit R as in..."

I tell him I did it and he proceeds to ask what I see. I repeat that I did it, not knowing what I would see if I had actually done it on a Windows computer. He asks again what I see and I ask what should I see. He asks again and I repeat my answer. He says I should see a red box and I say I see it.

Musta been a trap.

"okay good. Glad you see it now *** of you *** ***. Get the ***... you know what I want to *** your sister you ***. You know that *** her. I'll *** her. She's 11 right? She has a pretty voice. I want to *** her."

*end phone call chime*

Might be calling the police.
865-368-0165: Prime Ventures
Address: 222 Sugar Hollow Rd
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863-3271
USA - United States
Phone Number: 865-368-0165
Industry: Wood and Lumber Products other than Furniture (Products)
Business: Prefabricated Wood Buildings
865-368-0329: Menard Remodeling
Address: 818 Springtime Trl
Seymour, TN 37865-3253
USA - United States
Phone Number: 865-368-0329
Industry: Building Construction - Operative Builders and General Contractors (Construction)
Business: Single-Family Housing Construction
865-368-0358: Bailey's Painting
Knoxville, TN 37931
USA - United States
Phone Number: 865-368-0358
Industry: Construction - Special Trade Contractors (Construction)
Business: Painting And Paper Hanging
865-368-0708: Johnson's Landscaping & Lawn
Knoxville, TN 37920
USA - United States
Phone Number: 865-368-0708
Industry: Agricultural Services (Services)
Business: Lawn And Garden Services