Phone Listings From Area Code 865-951

The area code and prefix 865-951 appears to be a Land Line number from Comcast. The area code is located in Knoxville, Tennessee in the United States.

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865-951-0096: I received a call asking for Spanky at 11:40 pm-told the man on the other end it was the wrong # & proceeded to hang up. I then received 3 more calls asking for Spanky, only this time the man blocked his number. The calller exchanged a few choice words with my son who answered the last 3 times. It's been 10 mins since last call & hopefully that will deter the man from calling again.
865-951-7138: Just got a call from this number saying the were with the credit card company (wouldn't say which one) stating that there have been some fradulant charges to my card in Gutamala. $200 some odd dollars and a hotel and 4400 some odd dollars and an exotic pet store. They wouldn't answer any questions they just kept talking. Very annoying and suspicious.
865-951-7138: I didn't recognize the number so I let it go to voicemail but didn't get a message. After reading these comments I know what it is. My girlfriends son is 9 and he was showing me a prank call app on his tablet earlier and it is the same recorded message that I see you all talking about here. Next time I'll answer. It's just a recording.
865-951-7138: A male called me from this number:
Me-may I ask who's calling?
Him-so you're the one who hit my car?
Me-I think you have the wrong number
Him-you left a note on my car with your phone number
Me-you must have dialed it wrong, it certainly wasn't me
Him-stop yapping and listen
At that point I hung up and googled the phone number, which brought me here. The number has yet to call back.
865-951-7138: Apparently I am not the only person receiving calls from this number saying that their car was hit. What a bunch of garbage, wish I had the free time to be a Jack A$$.
865-951-7138: Same thing Sally, it was at like 3:26 a.m. While I was on vacation and I went off on him. I made him hang up on me
865-951-7138: I just got a phone call from this number and the caller said I was using his wi-Fi. I hung up on him.