Phone Listings From Area Code 866-894

The phone number appears to be a toll free number. A toll-free telephone number means that the person or company you are calling pays for any fees arising from the phone call.

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866-914-5806: Warning: This seems to possibly be an attempt to see if the phone number they are calling is active.
888-910-1182: Windows Defender cost trap SCAM text sent from [email protected]***

Invoice No: ABHG6-N148
Product: FailsafeGuard.
Duration: 3 Years
Amount: $501.01
Payment: Online

DO YOU NEED A HELP? Once you've ensured that this email is clear of errors, please contact us. Call the toll-free number +1-888-910-1182 to speak with a member of our executive team about problems relating to your account, payments, orders, or refunds.
902-215-0820: Will stay past time. Shorten time upon showing up then stay the original time amount. Required full amount at time of booking and be ware of time.
905-244-3847: 905-244-3847 ---- MAJOR SCAMMERS on Facebook MarketPlace and kijiji from TOORONTO ONTARIO PIRATED SOFTWARES AND STOLEN LAPTOP SELLER-
877-478-8925: Cathy Smith is Comcast Xfinity cost trap SCAMMER offering 50% off subscription.
Caller Type: Scam
902-859-3394: friends at work have been dreaming for. This kind of details on this website is truely great and helpful and will help my kids and I in our studies quite a bit. It shows that everyone here has a large amount of info regarding subjects on the site and other subjects and information definitely show it. I am not browsing websites all of the time although when I drinking a beer I am usually avidly hunting for this sort of information or stuff closely related to it. When someone gets a chance, take a look at my website: biomedical writer in around near, close to, about, located in, from Ames, Iowa
920-434-1527: Unknown Missed Call_ No message.
Don't know anyone from that area.
Not a known business number.
Suspect Blocked.
919-457-1044: Msg reads: Alert! Your card charged $599.00 for Hover-1 Blackhawk Electric Scooter with LED Headlights, Order-ID: 72BDKMRF on 11-Nov-2022, NOT you? Reach us: +18084521690
952-253-6112: Again, same woman saying someone put in a ticket with Calabrio. Asked for someone that doesn't work here. Then wanted our IT department.
This is not Calabrio.
888-246-7822: I didn't answer this call because I didn't recognize the number. No message was left. Blacklisted this number on my cell phone.
877-424-0190: HealthIQ constant nuisance calls from different toll free numbers...I block them then they change their number to anther toll free..
877-358-3787: Firm hired by Kaiser Permanente to do a customer satisfaction survey. Call during business hours, if you decline they just keep calling. Tell them you're not interested, they just keep calling. Even on Sunday morning.
888-417-4925: Norton SCAMMER sending SCAM text from [email protected]
Dear subscriber,
Your purchase with ®Norton will renew today. Amount will be debit from your Bank Account
If you are happy with the ®Norton Lifelock services. Don't forget to give a feedback.
Product: Norton Internet Security
Quantity: 1
Tenure: 5 Years
Payment method: Direct debit
Renewal amount: 749.99usd
Invoice total: 749.99usd
If you want to cancel the order, get in touch with support team: @ 1(888)-417-4925
877-839-7958: I received the same message. It was
(Call 8778397958 Now! 709#) Your Debit.Card have been locked! Account-ID: your phone number!
The Accout ID was the phone number the 877 number sent the text to. You call the number and it says
(Hello. Thank you for calling our 24 hour security department. Your card is temporarily locked. To reactivate your card please press 1. To leave press 2.)

The answer machine fails to tell you identify yhe company your calling, and restricts you to only pressing the 1 or 2 button, with no option on talking to a representative.
877-839-7958: text telling me to call this number that my debit card was locked and to enter my phone number as the account ID
877-354-7094: Microsoft account SCAM sent from [email protected]
We have located and reviewed your account and found out
Something is going wrong.
We need to talk over the phone.
Please call us at +1 (877) 354-7094 for immediate assistance.
Microsoft Support Team
William Smith
905-212-7231: Fed-ex scam call. Robo caller in half english half chinese. Got this on a Sunday. Don't reply and just delete.
877-559-8005: An "unknonwn caller" text comes in saying that "Your Debit Card have been locked! Account ID- (your phone Number) and demands that you call 877-559-8005 now!"
877-319-3867: Fake PayPal order scam. Sent an email saying you were charged via PayPal (I don't have a paypal account) and to call the number to get a refund. They will try to get your bank account number and take your money.
954-376-5559: Dana Segal is sending text SCAM
Trust Wallet: Reactivate your wallet with your recovery phrase at within 4 hours to avoid loss of asset.
888-687-3083: Calls as many as 3 times a night. Messages left to take us off their lists are ignored. They are trying to conduct a survey of a local election; first they say if you are under 18 hang up... then they call back. No way to stop them, and they gabble their web site name. been calling now for two months.
956-527-4104: This number keeps calling saying they are Cisco. They are not. When you question them about why they are calling they hang up.
925-608-1799: Claimed to be Court Investigator for conservatorship. Courts check in every 2 years and later can charge you for the investigation about $800. Said he would drop by to check out living situation for a brief 10 minutes. Knew all our info. Unfortunately I answered phone and verified info. If some tries to come by to “look at living condition”. They will not be let in.
910-906-2140: Voicemail from "Kate", the business loan scammer (from one of her many, many, MANY phone numbers).
941-251-1268: "Hi! Tired of being taken advantage of and overcharged for healthcare? Let our independent agency help you save 30-70% on your healthcare costs and improve your coverage on a nationwide PPO network. Simply share your age and zip code by responding to this text message and we will provide you with a confidential quote within 24 hours. If not interested, respond STOP and you will never hear from us again. Goodwin Insurance Advisors"
918-946-6721: Pretending to be from my health insurance company, but doesn't even know my name. This is an obvious scam. Probably a spoofed caller ID.
918-942-9923: Claims to be "Max" from "Diabetic Health". Asks for private information. REPORTED TO FCC/FTC.
888-839-3087: Asked to speak with person in charge of business banking. Wanted to get thoughts on our bank's service. Gave a reference number to use.
877-355-0833: This is the call back number for the scammer "Julie" (government loan fraudster) who called from 531-206-3324.
877-402-7530: Apparent spam. Left voicemail claiming our "new" account had problems!! NO new accounts for over 10 yrs!