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The phone number appears to be a toll free number. A toll-free telephone number means that the person or company you are calling pays for any fees arising from the phone call.

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877-370-0001: First they called and said that the had court papers to serve me. But because the address was a old one that I would have to call this Number. So I called after I checked it out on the internet. They asked me for my ssn, which they had the last 4 already, they asked me if that was right and I told them that i would not confirm or deny that . They said they could not help me unless they knew who they were talking to. I said I guess we are done then and hung up. I have moved from the original address but always put in a forwarding address. So they should have had my address. I kinda though that it was a scam when the phone show unavailable.
877-370-0001: John Doe

Scam Collection Agency who using illegal tactics, need to be shut down by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau... CFPB, go to there website and file a complaint. They are calling on old very old purchased credit card debt, etc. the statue of limitations expired years ago. Empty illegal threats. Don't fall for it. They say Summit Recovery Services, try to get something in writing for address or proper company name so victims can pursue them legally.
877-370-0001: I had the same experience that Pete McDowell had. The person I spoke to, his name was Steve, indicated to me that he was looking to serve papers on me; which I knew was incorrect. Like you he had the last four numbers, but I would not confirm either way. I called back again to do some fishing and they are need to be out of business. Their practices are illegal. I am thinking about sending a letter of intent to them. Tomorrow I will get their address and send them a certified letter from my attorney.
877-370-0001: 7/27/15
Have been calling my family members and now they have gone too far and called my employer. I am going to file complaint. This is a collection agency that uses scare tactics to try and get you to pay on defaulted loans, or in my case a loan that was already paid in full over 5 years ago.
877-370-0001: This is a debt collection agency - Summit Recovery Services. They are incredibly deceptive. They started out by calling my employer and I demanded they stop. They claimed I was being served that day (didn't happen) and that I needed to pay a debt. I spoke with a Derek Chandler. He gave me an account number regarding the debt and I told him I'd look into it. I did and the debt didn't exist anywhere on my credit report from all three agencies. I figured it was a scam and didn't think much else. About a month later in the same day my dad and boyfriend both got a call from them trying to get in touch with me. They told them both I was being sued and that a process server has been trying to find me. They left a number with each person for me to call. I call the number and Derek Chandler answers, "Corporate Office, Hello." I told them I received their number (they acted like I had no reason to have their number) and I was calling to request they stop calling. I told them I was recording the call (they hung up), I called back and said I was recording (they demanded I stop), I told them I'd report them to the FTC if they kept calling me and my family (they said are we just going to argue about everything?) and I said you've been telling people you're trying to sue me and he said "We're not." He also told me my home address, so if they are trying to sue me they're doing a terrible job since they have my address.

They're just an awful company. Report them to the FTC and move on.
877-370-0601: I received a text message saying my credit card on file with Verizon for my cellphone insurance has expired and I need to call this number with my new credit card information. The text comes from [email protected] I don't have insurance on my phone, so I know this is a scam!
877-370-0601: Yeah the same thing happened to me! [email protected] texted me saying "The card on file for your phone's insurance premium has Expired. Call
877-370-0610 to prevent the Diamond Wireless Protection from canceling." But I don't have diamond wireless protection so it's obviously a scam
877-370-0610: Claiming to be a final attempt to reach someone about staying before a grand jury for a criminal offense.