Phone Listings From Area Code 877-919

The phone number appears to be a toll free number. A toll-free telephone number means that the person or company you are calling pays for any fees arising from the phone call.

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877-919-2475: Not a scam. Caller, Jeremy, left a voicemail stating he was with Comcast Customer Operations and they found through a routine check that my cable modem was experiencing poor signal levels. The call quality wasn't great (sounded like he was on a bluetooth or speakerphone), but this made sense since I called last weekend about ongoing slowness with my internet. To be safe, I called the main Comcast Customer Service line (1-800-COMCAST). They pulled up my account and verified there was a note about the call I received. The note said to direct the customer to the same number left on my voicemail to have someone come fix my modem. When I called the number, Jeremy pulled up my account and said there was something preventing the signal from reaching the modem at the correct level. They wanted to send a tech out for free to identify the problem and "balance the levels" to get the signal speed back up to where it should be. They booked an appointment for in a couple days. This definitely seems legit.
877-919-4244: left a message on my daughters phone and also on my ex-husband from 30 years ago about fraudulant activity involving my social security number.
877-919-4277: Debt Collector that violates about every Fair Debt Collection Act law on the books. Do not be intimidated by these folks! Everyone call your Attorney Generals office and report these idiots and get them shut down.
877-919-4277: According to their website they are a law firm that specializes in civil litigation, divorce, Bankruptcy, tax law, and criminal. I just got a call from them requesting for a call back. I don't know if I should. Anybody have any thoughts?
877-919-4277: Someone visited my work and left this number saying it was in regards to a subpena for small claims court. Is this legal?
877-919-4950: Claimed to be Agent Parsley from B&B Processing. Forwarded me to alciia Moore to confirmed identity. Forwarded me to Ms. Palmer, manager, who got mad that I would not confirm my social security. Claims to be NCS Arbitration. Claim to be representing Check N Go about a loan taken out on the internet.
877-919-5945: It is a scam. Called and said they had court papers to serve me and they were looking for me. Funny. I called my county court house and they have no such paper work for me. Ignore this caller. Big time scam, just want to rip people off.
877-919-5948: they try to say you have or will be served. they lie. only a real attorney can do so that is in your state or near by. think they are in new York.