Phone Listings From Area Code 888-716

Area Code: 888-716
Phone Type: Landline
Phone Company: Toll Free

Latest Comments for 888-716 Phone Numbers

888-716-0927: Just called, ended call after only one ring. What go does that do them or me?

888-716-3385: This company said they could fix my hotmail account and they took my 250.00 and did nothing! BEWARE

888-716-1908: Public Storage Inc
Address: 7427 Roseville Rd
Sacramento, CA 95842-1659
USA - United States
Phone Number: 888-716-1908
Industry: Motor Freight Transportation (Transportation)
Business: General Warehousing And Storage

888-716-6404: SCAM-- Calls and tells you that you have won 2.5 million dollars and all you have to do is go to walmart, cvs, or walgreens and buy 3 paypal cards totaling 2,700.00 and they will deliver a check to your door for 2 million and cash 500,000. Even go to the extent to give you a phone number for wells fargo to verify the money is in an account under your name. If you tell them you can't afford the 2,700.00 they lower it to 1,700.00. BEWARE--SCAM