Phone Listings From Area Code 888-732

The phone number appears to be a toll free number. A toll-free telephone number means that the person or company you are calling pays for any fees arising from the phone call.

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888-732-0144: Got a txt message saying "Your e-payment has been received in your acct. To view your new balance and initiate a withdrawal request visit > < optout: end"
Didn't click on the link cuz I didn't pay anything online jus now.
888-732-0174: I keep receiving calls from a private number who leaves a voicemail saying there's a pending case against me and to call this number with a case number. They don't leave any specific information other than they know my name. They say that someone will be out to my residence or place of employment and that I should be available with ID. Their wording leads me to believe that they are scammers similar to the old IRS scam. I've been ignoring the calls so far, but it's pretty annoying. In the second voicemail they seemed angry and spoke in a threatening tone. They've also called my parents house, though only once so far.
888-732-0174: They are also calling my dads house for me. With the same messages as you got. I have a friend who is a process server. And he said you will never be warned that you are going to be served. Unless it is a law enforcement officer trying to find you to serve papers.
888-732-0174: got the call today...wanted me to "verify" my SSN # and DOB I said "go ahead" they said "you tell us" I said "No" they threaten to "send someone to your house" I said "OK then I know who to sue or call the police on". The also called my cell, my house and my parents house. Got my parent upset. I'm reporting them as scammers.
888-732-0224: Telemarketing company selling vacations to Cancun Mexico. They are a SCAM and I informed the 'sales manager' that they are in breach of several federal laws by violating the Do Not Call List. If you get this call, report them to your Federal authorities.
888-732-0254: I received a call from this # this morning, and 1st you can not understand half of what they are saying, and 2nd this is a SCAM. They called me 2 years ago with the same thing. Wanting my attorneys info, and threating to come to my home. They are a company that buys your info from loans companies and try to scare you into paying them. Call the Mesa, AZ police dept. fraud hotline @ 480-644-2345. It will be the first thing on the list of fraud going around.

Just for giggles I called them back after listening to the same message from 2 years ago of a choppy recording. I asked the girl the name of the company, and she said Brook stone Dispute Resolutions. Same company that called me 2 years ago. After I told her that company was fraud she yelled at me and hung up.
Call the Mesa, AZ police dept. fraud hotline @ 480-644-2345. It will be the first thing on the list of fraud going around.