Phone Listings From Area Code 904-691

The area code and prefix 904-691 appears to not be registered with any phone company.

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941-251-1268: says: Hello! We help small business owners, their families, and employees save 20-70% on their healthcare costs and improve coverage through a nationwide Aetna PPO network, If youwill share your age and .....
etc...blah blah. call and get quote...
reply stop if uninterested
970-921-9846: spoof number 4259006037 who called earlier 2 times just like this spammers /scammers
952-219-7836: I am getting daily calls from 952-219- 7844, 7836, 7838, 7843, 7845. When I block one number then another version calls. There is no phone company associated with 952-219 numbers. I don't answer them so I assume they are spam
916-340-8276: Answered accidentally when opening phone to make a call myself, a timing error with blue tooth. I do not answer unidentified/unknown numbers. Female voice, only said 'hello', and when I responded with 'hello', disconnected.
917-730-5012: Caller does not identify. Recorded voice comes on and says "to be taken off our call list press 1"
That's it!
972-688-6874: Have been receiving calls from this telephone number for a few weeks. No messages are ever left. Anonymous callback reaches a general voicemail prompt. Other spam tracking websites list this as a telemarketer.
954-493-1892: If you call back the automated response asks for you to enter a number to be removed from their calling list.
917-410-4425: Called to say one of our VP's gave a thumbs up on his page about a new software program this guy is developing LOL
917-410-4425: Called to say one of our VP's gave a thumbs up on his page about a new software program this guy is developing LOL
972-884-0295: A new approach to an old scam: the call was from the Federal Trade Commission notifying me that I had been awarded a "Certified Tax Grant" as a reward for paying my taxes all those years. But, like all the other free money scams, I still had to pay fees in advance ...
949-482-6744: Said he's calling from a company called Prolapse. Name comes up as Judy Hsu but it's a latino man on the line. Says if he can't speak to someone in accounting they will shut off our services.
905-710-8436: Click 1 will go hangup on you, 2 for Chinese. Targeted Chinese scam only speaks Mandarin.
904-752-9320: 904-752-9320 easy home buyers called for someone else. My number has been on the DO NOT CALL LIST since 2006. This jerk & hundreds of others, call / text my number looking for someone else. For 8+ months it has been unreal!  I've had this number for almost 2 decades.  My family, clients & everyone knows it.  I should not be forced to change my number because of these *** houseflippers. These calls & texts want to buy HIS HOUSE. I RENT! I HATE THESE HOUSE FLIPPER ***!!!
949-237-7359: Voicemail from "Robert" who has me approved for a business loan (Uh huh... I bet he's got a reasonably priced bridge to sell me too).
915-642-7128: Received text from 202-990-1565 with threatening message for Joseph Gregg (not me) and to call 915-642-7128. This is a never-ending robot attempt and has come from voice messages, now text message, and other numbers targeting my cell phone. I have never responded and have blocked every number previously tried, but the system is persistent. Only reference found is TW Telecom; spam/scam/sham.
905-512-0679: Got a text that just said "Payment Incoming"

I am assuming if you reply, something bad happens.
929-636-9727: Text says my "Package Cannot be delivered due to a wrong address". It says it's from US-PS, not UPS or USPS. I think it's a pfishing scam.
920-477-0429: Says from Santander bank directing to a website that does not load. Can't be reached. No person associated with the number.
905-244-3847: 905-244-3847 ---- MAJOR SCAMMERS on Facebook MarketPlace and kijiji from TOORONTO ONTARIO PIRATED SOFTWARES AND STOLEN LAPTOP SELLER-
920-434-1527: Unknown Missed Call_ No message.
Don't know anyone from that area.
Not a known business number.
Suspect Blocked.
919-457-1044: Msg reads: Alert! Your card charged $599.00 for Hover-1 Blackhawk Electric Scooter with LED Headlights, Order-ID: 72BDKMRF on 11-Nov-2022, NOT you? Reach us: +18084521690
952-253-6112: Again, same woman saying someone put in a ticket with Calabrio. Asked for someone that doesn't work here. Then wanted our IT department.
This is not Calabrio.
905-212-7231: Fed-ex scam call. Robo caller in half english half chinese. Got this on a Sunday. Don't reply and just delete.