Phone Listings From Area Code 949-666

The area code and prefix 949-666 appears to be a Land Line number from Pac-West Telecomm. The area code is located in Trabuco Canyon, California in the United States.

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972-884-0295: A new approach to an old scam: the call was from the Federal Trade Commission notifying me that I had been awarded a "Certified Tax Grant" as a reward for paying my taxes all those years. But, like all the other free money scams, I still had to pay fees in advance ...
952-253-6112: Again, same woman saying someone put in a ticket with Calabrio. Asked for someone that doesn't work here. Then wanted our IT department.
This is not Calabrio.
954-376-5559: Dana Segal is sending text SCAM
Trust Wallet: Reactivate your wallet with your recovery phrase at within 4 hours to avoid loss of asset.
956-527-4104: This number keeps calling saying they are Cisco. They are not. When you question them about why they are calling they hang up.
973-607-4718: Scam text w/a suspicious link, pretending it's confirming a Microsoft Office order.
954-579-7462: claims to be FPL billing and will disconnect if immediate payment is not made, speaks Spansh with a Dominican accent. 2 men working together, you can hear them both during the call
985-570-3966: Interesting since this is my number and I don’t call anyone! I don’t even know where half those places are!
979-217-1074: Left message claiming to be New York police but using a Wallis Tx phone number. Fishy. Not safe to answer
954-766-1558: 954-766-1558 is an unassigned phone number. It does not belong to any individual or business. This is an obvious scam. Do not answer a call from this number.
985-516-9297: A miss dial from a gentleman trying to contact a wedding client.. he flipped the last 2 digits of the phone number he was calling and got me. Very nice and apologetic for mis dialing. No spam just wanted to put it in the record that it'd a safe number.
954-869-1035: 954-869-1035 has not been assigned to any individual or business, so this is obviously a scam. Don't answer this number.
980-206-2004: The keep calling me stating that there has been a complaint filed against me in General District Court. I barely get out of my house and I am a Senior citizen. This is another scam that targets people who are gullible enough to fall for it.
982-784-1101: +1(982)784-1101 High Risk Terrorist
Reported for Financial Fraud and Credit Card Scams.
Active on the Internet (Reported to FTC)
#Crimestoppers USA 2022
979-413-4939: Microsoft Technology again. Going through a list of people they want to speak with.
978-243-0103: A man named Frank, talks romance then tries by begging in the name of God for money. For any and all situations. Pathetic,,doesn’t speak English the best has a daughter somewhere. Divorced she cheated with his friend. Smooth talker. Watch out!
971-299-7992: Text mssg. "Hello there Frederick!"
Total SPAM - I never go by 'Frederick'
These people are morons.....
970-684-6521: Purports to be A call from Citizens Bank regarding unauthorized activity on my bank account and contains the link https/ for verification
951-444-8054: Robocall Warranty Scam as follows: "Hi, this is Jennifer from Dealer Servicing. Your file just came across my desk and it looks like your vehicle may be at risk of losing coverage. In order to prevent your extended warranty from expiring, I am giving you a courtesy follow-up call before I close out your file. Please press 1 to speak to a specialist now or press 2 to decline coverage opportunities". Then it hangs up without repeating the message.
971-426-2592: I searched this number online and found it is not assigned to any phone carrier.

Didn't answer. No message, no text.
989-773-7909: I could not understand anything some woman said. When I called the number back it said it was the Social Security Administration. I don't know whether it is a safe call or not.
986-300-5694: Recording asking for you to donate to the fallen police officers fund. Sounds like a phishing scam for credit card info.
979-413-4939: This number has called 5 times today. All rude East Indian men telling me to put them through to staff members. They keep saying they are calling from Microsoft.
949-683-3765: Left a message saying that there was an Amazon purchase of an iPhone using my account which is false. Called number back and just rings once and goes silent. This is a scam.
985-509-0798: I don't know anyone in Morgan City Louisiana. My phone company marked it as potential spam.
984-884-5010: Armand Jeffries calling saying he works with some of our staff but doesn't have any direct phone numbers. He calls weekly and it's always the same thing. Very rude also.
949-668-1349: Robocall telemarketing SCAM offering non-existent, counterfeit, or unreasonably priced products.
989-267-2377: Just this morning his person tried solicit then sexually soliciting me through texts pretending that she must have texted the wrong person but that didnt stop her sexually intended actions. She sent completely naked pics of herself to me & kept asking me if I would hook up with her today. I am reporting her number to police because she never once asked my age or anything but sent total full body naked pics to me so incase she is trying to solicit children im reporting her to authorities. Beware of this number!
989-250-0996: they call several times a day, day after day. i block the number they call again on a different number i block those numbers, they have several. never leave a message, i don't answer these calls. STOP!!!!
971-412-2156: Claims to be a female looking for a hookup but is a man requesting money to come to me
954-529-4987: Tried to FaceTime. Caller registered in Fort Lauderdale but located in Georgia. No idea who FaceTimes a business.
952-253-6112: She said she was calling from Calabrio and asked for someone that doesn't work at our company, It was regarding a technical ticket that was opened.
985-348-9072: I did not answer unknown number. Caller did not leave message. Area Code and Exchange Code is Hammond, Louisiana...