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  1. Brenda Bivens
    Brenda Bivens
    I have had a hacked device quite some time now n lots of unanswered questions I appreciate feed back Asap please...thanks
  2. biege
    Life if short for you to waste time
  3. ray
    Hi everyone!
    1. Karin
      Jul 20, 2016
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  4. Billy
    I am starting to think people hate me, I now have 5 zero response threads.
    1. Karin
      That's silly. Ignored threads happen to everyone. It's never personal.
      So don't let it discourage you. Keep posting, Billy. c:
      Jul 22, 2016
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  5. RapidBlue
    I don't know maybe I should change something.
  6. mb2590
    Just writing because I love doing it!
  7. Heti Damani
    Heti Damani
    This is going to be interesting. :)
  8. Decentlady
    Most welcomed
  9. Devendra patel
    Devendra patel
    First day and first comment in CWC. I am glad after joining CWC.
  10. blairsstarez
    Well, blazing, glazing stars. What have I stumbled upon here?
  11. Billy
    Billy Scott
    Hi Scott, Please tell the members to try to prioritize making new threads and responding to threads with no responses.
  12. RapidBlue
    Another day, another donut.
  13. bibliomaniac
    Scam Free since '03
  14. tomstrong
    Old and in the way
  15. Nocturnal Writer
    Nocturnal Writer
    It feels better in sharing thoughts and ideas that are helpful to others.
  16. Ram
    Face life as it comes.
  17. Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson
    Can anyone tell me how to upload an image for my avatar for some reason I am not able to upload anything? Any answers are appreciated thanks
    1. Fatigah
      Click on your name and look for "avatar". Select Choose file and proceed to upload your profile picture. Good luck, and let me know if you succeed ;-)
      Feb 16, 2016
  18. Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson
    In my imagination is where I am happiest
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  19. Charlie Black
    Charlie Black
    Love life, live long.
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  20. lilwifi
    Life sure is hard with no WiFi
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