A call from a call center asking you to download a software

Discussion in 'Phishing and Scam Calls' started by Billy, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Billy

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    I recently got a call and the caller seemed to be from India because of his accent and I heard some people talking in Kannada at the background which is an Indian language. The caller wanted me to download a software. I really don't know what is the use of that software and when I am asking for details the agent is not answering. The person wanted me to go to a website known as Supremo control.
  2. kamai

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    When agents are not willing to answer then there must be something weird going on. I have never hearf of such site, it might be a good idea to look it up and do research on it. Don't got on the site just google it and read some reviews on it. Be very carefull with such calls you did good not going along with it.
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  3. Nocturnal Writer

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    Let's analyze the situation. You received an unknown caller. He's recommending a software to be download without giving you the details of the said software. Then, he didn't elaborate instead he hanged up the phone. You are one of the many persons who they are calling that day. But you have displayed your unwillingness and you wanted to have a clear info of the said software and the website he's recommending also unknown to you. Whatever it is, you haven't falled to their scamming trick.
  4. Alexandoy

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    For the nth time, I am telling you the advantage of having an answering machine and a caller ID gadget. We never answer the phone anymore unless the caller would identify himself and the nature of his call. Even the telecommunication company here would call us sometime to offer their promo of internet package but we know their number so we do not lift the phone. One time the caller identified himself and talked about the promo. So we now know eh? It is foolish to answer the phone at this era of spammers and scammers.
  5. Billy

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    There is a huge possibility it could be a malware or something. It has been a long time since I got a telemarketer call so i really don't know how did they got my number since my new landline connection is new, it is just a freebie of my Internet connection.