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Discussion in 'Phishing and Scam Calls' started by tpicks, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. tpicks

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    I just got a text message telling me to call a particular number in the sms to activate my ATM card. I am surprised because I cannot verify whether that number is from the bank or not.

    I want to believe most, if not all, text messages asking you to call a number to carryout any activity on your account are scams. My bank sends emails and hardly texts.
  2. Billy

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    I think you should contact the hotline of your Bank so you will be able to verify if this message is authentic or a fraud. Asking your bank about this would be the safest option because they were the only one with the ability to confirm if this is a scam that will ruin your life or if it's really from them.
  3. mastkesar

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    As Billy said, the best way to verify the number is to contact the official person of your bank. You can also track the number on the various number tracking sites on the Internet. You will not get exact information but you will be able to get approx information like from where the number is coming and what is the location of the number. With the information, you can at least make sure it is legit or not.
  4. tpicks

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    Thanks for the reply, I do not know of any such number tracking sites. I think this a wise step I should take to have a clue about this number that is so strange to me. I'll appreciate if you can help with any of the sites, still going to check from Google anyway.
  5. MrZekrom

    MrZekrom Member

    You could contact your bank in order to confirm this. Seems to be very suspicious and it might be a scam.
  6. mastkesar

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    Well, most of the them are scam and they are only there to scam people. Most of the people are busy in their work and they don't give their details because they think that the email is from a legit number. They do it without finding any information. It's a good idea to call the bank but the problem is that most people don't pay enough attention.
  7. MrZekrom

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    Definitely. That's a problem with most customer care assistance of banks, usually they don't care about the problem.
  8. Decentlady

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    My bank does send sms for relaying offers and important information. These messages aren't displayed via a number directly. They use a code like IM-ICICIB to send such messages. You can not sms back/reply to such messages. A direct display of number usually belongs to a person and not a company/bank. This holds true in my location, however you might need to check it in your location.
  9. Alexandoy

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    I wonder what that text meant by activating. Is it asking for the pin (or password) or is it asking for details. There are so many scam sms and emails that are not clear with its English, obviously they used a translation software. But nevertheless, the flavor of scam is still there although I'm sure that kind of message cannot fool anyone who is in his right mind. Besides, what's the business of the sms with one's ATM? Sometimes you cannot help but roar with laughter.
  10. Binu

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    My bank contacts me through phone calls,text messages and emails. If I apply for ATM card, I have to visit the bank in person. Once I sign the application, I will have t0 wait for a week to get the card. When the card is ready, someone from the bank calls me.I visit the bank and receive the card, My card will be activated in few hours. Thus if anybody sends me a text message to activate the card by calling on a certain number, it clearly is a scam.
  11. vinaya

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    I have never received activate your atm card kind of calls. However, if I ever received such calls, I will term it scam immediately. Usually, the bank where I have account does not call. If it calls, it is always to invite you to the bank to sort our issues. Thus if someone calls and asks you do "this and that" that I will assume it fake.
  12. tpicks

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    The message started by saying the Central Bank has deactivated your ATM card, and ends with to reactivate call .... (a phone number in the sms). Obviously they going to ask for banking details. This I suspect 100% to be fake message not coming from the bank.
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  13. ray

    ray Member

    am not sure if I would even care to look at such a message twice but delete it immediately. Why should a bank send us a message to activate our ATM card unless we have asked them or reported the matter anyways. I have never received such a message so far. To be frank I never open most of the messages from my bank which are mostly promotional and authentic.
  14. RapidBlue

    RapidBlue Active Member

    You have a number of your bank so to spare yourself of any trouble and doubt, just pick up your phone and cal the official number.
    It is always better to be safe than sorry and you can't make a mistake that way.
    If you call that number or even send an sms it can charge you for something you don't even need.
  15. mastkesar

    mastkesar Member

    It's always wise to check the number on the Internet sites because the official number will always be given on the official website of the bank. So, check it before taking any action.
  16. Dev Mehta

    Dev Mehta New Member

    I once received a call from an Unknown number and the person told that my Credit Card has been blocked due to incorrect pin entry. He also said that he would unblock my Card if I were to give him the Verification code that I received which turned out to be an OTP for a transaction of around $280. I knew that this was a Phishing call but I wondered how he managed to get the rest of the details for my Credit Card including my Phone Number. What if he reports that my Phone has been stolen and acquires a duplicate Sim Card for my number. He would be able to access all my Data and my Money.

    I am worried about the safety of these pieces of Magnetic strips which hold so much of our valuable and hard earned money. Is it possible for someone from the bank with access to my account details, to rob me on the Internet?
  17. kalyanign

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    You are right @tpicks, they are all scams and you should never respond to those calls no matter what. Recently, I read on a news link somewhere (I forget where) that just calling that number back will somehow expose all your phone details and with it, the websites you access, the keyboard passwords that you may have typed etc. to the person who you are calling back. So it is better not to respond to those calls. But if you have applied for a card, then it would be prudent to first call your bank and confirm if they have sent such a message or mail.
  18. Zeta

    Zeta Member

    That is obviously a scam. In my country, an atm card is either activated automatically within a certain number of hours/minutes after entering and changing the PIN on an ATM machine. If there's a number to be called, it is usually printed on the atm card as each bank has a dedicated number or hotline. You can't even call the branches to activate and bank staff will simply refer you to their hotlines. Credit cards are also activated by calling the hotline but never another number.
  19. mastkesar

    mastkesar Member

    This is surely a scam. The first thing you should do is to verify the number. Yu should check out the number on the official website of your bank. In most of the cases, they are not legit at all. In my opinion, verification is the most important thing you should do before taking any action.
  20. kamai

    kamai Member

    In these kinds of situations the safe thing do is call your bank right away just to make sure. It doesn't seem safe to text your card number and activate it that way. Usually banks text some promotional offers but never ask to do any kind of movements via text.