Are you still using a Yahoo email?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Billy, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Billy

    Billy Active Member

    Guess what? 500 Million Yahoo accounts just got hacked and It it is Yahoo themselves who admitted it happen. So if You are using a Yahoo email, Change your password now. I just changed a 12 year old password eventhough it hurts for me because that Password means something to me. Most of the victims are people who uses easy passwords like 12345 or "Password"

  2. Fuzyon

    Fuzyon Member

    I still have a Yahoo account that I use from time to time but it's mostly just for promotional stuff and to redirect the spam, I have a Gmail address that's my main. I just received an e-mail about this breach and they told me my account could've been compromised, I changed my passwords just in case.
  3. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    Yahoo was the very first email address that I ever had, as I'm sure this is the case with a lot of people from back in the day. I haven't used that account in years though to be honest, and while the news that 500 million users have had their information accessed, I think the real shock I felt when reading this story is that so many people are actually still using a Yahoo email address in the first place.
  4. ray

    ray Member

    Yes I am, I am using it right from 1998 and will use it as long as it exists. I do not like its features a bit but I am not ready to surrender my yahoodotcom which very few Indian have. Most of them have yahoodotin. So I am looking forward what and how the new owner has plans for this wonderful email platform.
  5. RapidBlue

    RapidBlue Active Member

    Yes, I am using the Yahoo mail and all of its products and services. In teh fact I was pretty mad when I found out they discontinued a few of their services which I was using.
    I also like tehir Answer community because years back I had a lots of fun there. It was very interesting.
    Yahoo mail service is okay, nothing extraordinary.
  6. kamai

    kamai Member

    Yes I still do and it's my main email since that was the first one I ever got. I have all replies going to that email unfortunately, now I am afraid someone will take important information from there. I will have to make changes and have everything switch up to my gmail instead for safety reasons.
  7. tpicks

    tpicks Member

    Yes, I am still with Yahoo despite what happened. Sad they were hacked, My worry was why didn't they announce this since the time it happened. I have been with Yahoo for over fifteen years. All I did was to change my password as advised by them. I like being with Yahoo, my first email site.
  8. Carmen

    Carmen New Member

    Thanks. I did not know about the hacks. I still have three others that I better change. Yes, I do still live in the dark ages of the Yahoo account. As our society changes so does the latest in this piece of technology, with this new software and that new cell phone. Now instead of Yahoo for your e-mails you have the choices of gmail, ymail, hotmail and so many more. I think I will switch to gmail for all my other business needs.
  9. kingcool52

    kingcool52 Member

    I had a yahoo email ages ago but to be honest I can't remember what it was as I didn't really bother using it. Even if the password did leak they won't find it that useful as I didn't use it for anything important other than probably a few forum registrations. However my mums email was with yahoo and she does use it a lot as it is her main account so we had to change the password on that account. This is the last thing yahoo needed especially considering how many people have moved away from them and how they're struggling at the moment
  10. Nocturnal Writer

    Nocturnal Writer Active Member

    I have still a Yahoo email. I still maintain for more than 5 years already. It's good it's not being hacked. I am extracareful in using that mail. When I received an unknown email, I never ever dare to open it. I delete even it's seemed to be important. Lately, I created a new Yahoo mail. Unexpected I received an email telling me to reset my password. What for for I have just created it? Well, I never mind it.
  11. tpicks

    tpicks Member

    I have been enjoying the services of yahoomail ever since I started using the site many years ago. I just think that this could be one negative challenge that any site may face online. My perception of the services of yahoo site is still positive and unshaken.
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  12. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Member

    The first time I used the internet the very first thing I made is my yahoo email account. Although lately I am not actively using it but still I am maintaining my account because I had some personal messages through emails that being sent to me. That is why in anyways it still important to me.