Big money in wait in Africa

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  1. Alexandoy

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    Dear Beloved,

    Please kindly pardon me for any inconvenience this letter may cost you because I know it may come to you as a surprise as we have no previous correspondence. I am Mrs. Elza Tamara Lugard, and I have been suffering from ovarian cancer disease and the doctor says that I have just few days to leave. I am from (Paris) France, but based in Africa Burkina Faso since eight years ago as a business woman dealing with gold exportation and Sales.

    Now that I am about to end the race like this, without any family members and no child. I have $3.1 Million US DOLLARS in ECONOMIC BANK OF AFRICA (ECO BANK) Burkina Faso which I instructed the bank to give St Andrews Missionary Home in Burkina Faso. But my mind is not at rest because I am writing this letter now through the help of my computer beside my sick bed.

    I also have $7.9 Million US Dollars at African Development-Bank (A.D.B) there in Burkina Faso and i instructed the bank to transfer the fund to you as a foreigner that will apply to the bank after I have gone, that they should release the fund to him/her, but you will assure me that you will take 50% of the fund and give 50% to the orphanages home in your country for my heart to rest.

    Respond to me immediately for further details since I have just few days to end my life due to the ovarian cancer disease, hoping you will understand my point

    Yours fairly friend,
    Mrs.Elza Tamara Lugard.
  2. ray

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    I don't understand why all the big money is always there in Africa and that too in a few selected countries (I won't name though) Also why thy select only Yahoo mail and why they consider me the right person that can handle all their problems? Thanks for your trust in me but sorry I would not be able to handle such kind of money.
  3. kamai

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    Typical scam email with people pretending to be someone rich. If this was the case why didn't she donate all her money to the many poor families who are in desperate need right there in Africa so her heart may really rest in peace. Like @ray said, why are only some countries selected and only Yahoo?
  4. Billy

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    Would have been more realistic if they said they were from Europe or an Oil rich middle eastern country. If I am from Africa and I have millions of dollars, I will use that money to help Africans due to all the poverty going on. Why would a rich African give money to an American with internet connection instead of the dying children in Africa.
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    That's a dumbest letter I have ever read. The writer tries to evoke empathy in the reader by saying she has cancer, but fails to do so. Furthermore, she tries to assure the reader that she is not African, but rather a European, however, there is no proof. The letter looks like a scam offer that we get one in a while from African scammer.
  6. ray

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    I have been reading such emails for more than 15 years now. Previously they were on Yahoo mail only but now they use PM facility available on different writing sites too. Their modus operandi is always the same- they want to leave the country because they inherited a fat amount and people are after them.
  7. moondebi

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    I have received such mails and SMS as well. The difference is, in my case the money was from UK. I wonder if such spammers had ever been successful in achieving their mission. Greed prevails but, I believe, people won't be that greedy to believe in such vague stories. Anyway, spam mails have many faces, and this is one of them.
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    If I receive long emails from unknown sender I will not bother to read it. Sometimes I read short emails though. After reading I dispose it immediately. However, I read the entire content of the email posted above. The letter show clear signs of scam. Why would anyone give free money to the strangers.