Burglars Who Will Pretend As Employees Of Your Telecom

Discussion in 'Phishing and Scam Calls' started by Billy, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Billy

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    On a recent news, I saw a very disturbing incident about this Young mother and her baby who received a call from a man who claims to be from her telecoms. The woman who got victimized is alone on her home when it happened. The caller was claiming to be a telecom employee and he is suppose to be someone her husband called so their internet connection will improve. the woman gave the caller her home address so the so called Telecom employee will be able to go to their house and perform the upgrades. Little did she know, this man and his accomplice are actually burglars. They killed the woman and her baby and stole of their money and expensive gadgets. These suspects actually used a stolen ID of an actual telecom employee so they can pretend as telecom technicians. I am still shocked when I saw this news on TV.

    The woman got raped before she got killed by the suspects. I will try to find articles or news clips related to this later.
  2. Nocturnal Writer

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    This could be possible. And I think it was an old news if I remember it right. Anyway the point here is to be extra careful. Let's always be on guards for such dangerous person by not giving to their terms. In case we have received that similar call, let's inform the actual telecom which those dubious persons to verify their identity, than to be sorry later.
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    Oh, that is really horrible. It is an old tactic with a new face I believe. But how can we identify if there is a foul play involved in such scams. I think it would be better if we can recheck it with our partner on the other line before giving any valid information. But what if the scammer has been tapping our telephone conversations for long? They can easily pretend to be anybody based on our conversations. In this particular case the scammer is already armed with a forged ID card. So, it is better to take care of ourselves.

    I think it is better not to let any stranger enter your house when you are alone and if he is already in, keep the doors open. It is a good strategy to keep the neighbors also informed of the situation.
  4. Alexandoy

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    I also saw that on the news. It was really a horrible crime. And to think that the victim even texted her brother about the technicians and the brother said it's okay maybe. What's puzzling is that the victim had called Globe Telecoms for technical support. And when the "tech" arrived, naturally who would think that it was a bogus tech of the telecoms company? It's really sad and I guess the only protection we have from those criminals is not to let them inside the house when we are alone or we seem to be defenseless. It's better safe than to be sorry later.
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    All the news clips about this news were not in English, So I guess I won't be embedding a video anymore but here is an article about it:


    @Alexandoy The possibility of wiretapping seemed to be a possibility because the burglars were able to pretend to be Telecom employees while the victim is actually waiting for actual telecom technicians to fix her internet connection.

    @precaution The Wiretapping possibility is really strong because the suspects arrives with tools of technicians like a router and some wires. There are CCTV footages of them now and they have all of the accessories you expected technicians have.
  6. Ram

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    It is really a very sad and horrible incident. It is true that such incidents can happen to anybody. Not only from Telecom, they can also approach us disguised as technicians from Gas agencies or from Electricity department. I think the only precaution one can take is not to open door for any such persons whenever women are alone at home. There is nothing wrong even if they are the real technicians. Our safety should be the main concern.
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    That is really sad, but what is even sadder is that things like this happen all the time. Maybe not to that extent but still there are people who prey on the innocent and trusting people. You have to be very careful nowadays and not give any information over the phone like that. If they had of been legit, they would not have needed an address from her. They would have had it in their records.
  8. precaution

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    I totally agree with your points. Our safety should be the main concern and let everything else comes only after that. In some incidents these criminals also use some kind of spray which they apply on the face of victim and for the next half an hour or so he will be unconscious, enough time for the robber to escape with valuables.

    But taking somebody’s life is the extreme and I feel sorry for the little kid and his mother. As you already said, I think the only viable option is not to let any stranger enter the house when you are alone. I think in India usually you can see representatives from Gas Agencies who use to visit houses for periodic maintenance checks, but nobody cares to check their identity.
  9. Zeta

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    It is scary and I wouldn't want at this hour (3:40 am) to be digging news about this horrible incident. The last news I heard about it was that the suspect or his cohorts were pointing their fingers at the husband for masterminding the robbery. It was a bizarre twist but I tend to believe the husband's side of the story. What kind of people would kill a one year-old child with a hammer? This tells us all to be always vigilant about our safety.
  10. kamai

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    This is such a scary and sad story. Poor woman had no choice but to actually believe that they wete actualworkers since they did have telecom. Those kinds of people just have no hearts and I wonder how they got their information. Now I'm very afraid to call for any services because something like this can happen to anyone at any time. It would be nice to nice to know who is calling you at all time to prevent these tragedies from happening.