Celebrity impersonator scam

Discussion in 'Phishing and Scam Calls' started by Billy, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Billy

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    A friend of mind ends up having his ATM card hacked after he got manipulated by a female caller who sounded exactly like a popular actress. She claimed to be this popular actress he knows and he believed her because he sounded exactly like her. She claimed to be from a new game show from a cable television. My friend have no cable so he cannot make a live broadcast confirmation it's for real. First she was asking him super easy trivia questions that he manages to answer correctly then she asked for his card number so she can send him his cash prize. I think you know what happened next.
  2. Alexandoy

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    I wonder why the need for the card number when you are to receive money. But anyway, it takes 2 to tango, just like saying a scam is only consummated when the scammer lays out the trap and the victim bites the bait. That is the importance of Paypal when it comes to financial transactions online. You can pay using Paypal and you can also receive money using Paypal. So that scammer can deposit the prize in the Paypal account.. if it was not a scam.
  3. Billy

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    This video proves everyone can impersonate celebrities. If you got a phone call from a self proclaimed celebrity, You are most likely talking with someone doing a good impression and all that person wanted is to trick you. Do not get starstrucked by someone claiming to be a famous person.
  4. kalyanign

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    I think that the caller claims to be a celebrity should be enough to raise flags. The celebrities are generally too busy with their own work so we need to stop and think, why would they be calling us at all? Even if it is supposed to be a game show or something? That enough should tell us not to divulge our details to unknown callers.
  5. thisnthat

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    I can see people falling for this type of scam. They are probably so blown away by thinking they are talking to a celebrity that they don't think about what they are actually doing. Celebrities are just people though, so calm down and think.

    Why would anyone need your financial information to send you money? There are so many other ways to get money to you, like Western Union, Paypal, writing an old fashioned check, just to name a few. Don't give out your banking (or credit card) info to anyone. There are few legit reasons to give it out and winning a prize is never one of them.
  6. ray

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    Wow, I never knew you have to give your card number and other details for receiving payment. I thought your account number was sufficient for money transfer purpose. However, if people learn the harder way and then share it with others it is good for the community to stay safe from such scammers.
  7. thisnthat

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    You don't. That's the point. I wouldn't even give out my account number (not my bank account, anyway). There are plenty of other ways for someone to send you money, IF they are legit.

    Yes, sadly, many people have to learn the hard way. They get ripped off and then become cynical in many cases.
  8. ray

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    I don't mind giving my account number to anyone as that is not a secret anyways. Your name and your account number with details like branch codes etc are printed on your cheque leaf which you give to any one without any problem. The problem begins when you give your customer ID and PIN.
  9. moondebi

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    One must have the common sense to distinguish between a spam and a genuine calls. Anything what looks too good to believe, often turns out to be fake. It becomes further fraudulent when someone asks to provide some confidential information. Except to a bank personnel, we generally do not give account information to anyone else, and definitely not to an unknown entity.
  10. mastkesar

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    I always believe in verifying the source of any call or email before responding specially in the money and transaction field because they are the most important. Everyone should do the same.