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Discussion in 'Debt Collection' started by sheebah7, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. sheebah7

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    I know this is tax season...and I am sure we all are somewhat surprised and hoping for the best in this season. Has anyone ever owed the IRS and did not know this would be the case. Have you ever thought you would have a refund but instead you end up owing them money?
  2. oportosanto

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    Never, I don't want to be in debt with the government because they can surely collect. They can go to our bank account and take all they need, so I prefer to keep my accounts clean and live a life with no worries.
  3. briannagodess

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    We have the BIR here instead of the IRS. And I'm glad I've never had any issue with them. They're quite scary to deal with because they will truly get their way to get your debt paid. I mean, celebrities here in our country are one of the biggest taxpayers. And the BIR comes after them if they didn't pay their taxes right and in public as well. It can be quite humiliating and annoying at the same time.
  4. sheebah7

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    I think anything dealing with government and owing money is absolutely scary. No matter what country you live in the government is going to get their money.
  5. oportosanto

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    You are pretty much right sheebah, we don't want to be messing with the government and taxes. They can make up anything they want to make us pay, but we just have to pay and that's it.
  6. Zeta

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    It's true that when you owe something to government, you're bound to pay it at one point. This is a case where a creditor need not hire a debt collector to collect the amount that is due. Government loans or liabilities aren't soft loans either. The longer you postpone your payment, the bigger the penalty becomes. It's not wise to rely on amnesty or condonation of penalties as this may or may not be forthcoming.
  7. Alexandoy

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    Over here, taxes are automatically deducted from the salaries. And for those not salaried, they have to file their income tax form at the end of the year and that's when the problem arises. Failure to pay the tax is tantamount to tax evasion which can give you a jail sentence so people are careful about their tax payments. I am glad that I didn't experience being hounded by the IRS (our agency here is BIR, bureau of internal revenue) because that would give me sleepless nights.
  8. moondebi

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    Now that most of the tax related transactions are made online, it is unlikely to happen such miscalculations. Few years back though I had got some money back from IT department which was returned to me following a dispute. Other than that, it has been an accurate transaction from both end.